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Situated within The Ritz-Carlton, Millennia Singapore, this classy restaurant is one for special family celebrations. No Cantonese meal is complete without fish, so get the Sautéed DongXingGrouper Fillet ($16 per 100g), which comes slicked in soy sauce.

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Highly sought after fish. We supply freshly caught Coral Grouper daily direct from fishing boat and packed air freight directly to you within 24 hours, well packed with ice to keep its freshness. Our business is related to Food & Beverage industry, and we specifically deal in phone gas.

I dined there on several occasions in 2014, and the dim sum and à la carte dishes were always consistently delicious. When Mr. King, Little K (my toddler son) and I visited Summer Pavilion in its new splendor, we were captivated by the contemporary, yet elegant decor.

One of the features that didn’t change after the renovation was the floor-to-ceiling glass windows that allow natural light in from the courtyard gardens. The other reason is that Summer Pavilion is very child-friendly; they even have a customized white leather high chair (very comfy for the little ones).

Even the Lazy Suzy turntable is unusual, in gold ceramic tableware was exquisite, customized “Oriented Italian” hand-painted porcelain by Richard Minor of Italy. The pastel blue, pink, yellow and black and white porcelain were mixed and matched, creating a whimsical look, which seemed unusual for a traditional Chinese restaurant.

Spotted Coral Grouper /Coral Trout Plectropomus maculate (Bloch, 1790) Mandarin: (Shi ban you), (QI XING ban), (Tai XING ban) Malay: Iran Seraph sun oh pi sang, Seraph Bar Teacher/Tolkien: Ang Gas, Groupers are highly prized food fish especially at seafood restaurants where they are often seen swimming in tanks.

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My wallet had its first brush with a live grouper almost 20 years ago when I just graduated from medical school. After I got my first pay-check, I treated my family to a seafood dinner at one of the Cantonese restaurants in Sydney.

Others maintain that it is because the fish gropes around the nooks and crannies in the coral reefs looking for food. In Singapore, you will frequently find table sized groupers swimming in tanks in live seafood restaurants.

Magnate Tailpiece are generally two types of red groupers seen at the wet market. Their colors can range from olive green to reddish brown depending on where the fish are caught.

The bluish spots on the Coral Trout, p lectropomus maculate are larger and oval. There is also a blue ring around the eye and the tail fin is described as marginate meaning that it is con caved in shaped but not definitely forked.

The ones from Indonesia tend to be more intensely orange-red while the ones from the local waters are pale orange. Olive colored coral leopard grouper These fish can grow to a length of 120 cm but the larger specimens are usually around 70 cm at the market.

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Larger sized fish are usually cheaper and their meat is usually sliced and used for soups and stir fries. The cross-section of the body is also rounder than the similarly spotted relate and dusky tail groupers which means that the flesh tends to be thicker.

Relate Grouper Scientific Name: Epimetheus afflatus (Formal, 1775) Mandarin: (Shi ban you), Malay: Seraph KOR Putin, Seraph Batik Blat Teacher/Tolkien: Hay Gas Cantonese: Deck Pan Dusky tail Grouper Epimetheus sleeker (Gallant, 1878) Mandarin: (Shi ban you), (Hong Dan you ban) Malay: Iran Seraph KOR Gelcap Teacher/Tolkien: Hay GAO Cantonese: Deck Pan, Hong Kong: Cheung Six Ma Hung Plan.

It is a superb eating fish and is highly prized in Hong Kong and is second only to the Sew Ma or Napoleon Wrasse. The color ranges from greenish white to light greenish brown with large widely spaced black polka dots all over the body, and so they are sometimes also known as Polka dot cod.

Giant Grouper, Giant Sea bass Epimetheus lanceolatus (Bloch, 1790) Mandarin: (Long Dan) Malay :Iran Erlang, Seraph Per tang Teacher/Tolkien/Cantonese: Long Dan Young specimens such as the one above have dark brown backs and light yellow undersides.

The owner of Grouper King, Johnny Tan was the one who is believed to have started the trend of eating the giants back in the 1990’s. The value of the fish lies in the large amount of collagen found in its skin, head and fins.

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This grouper is almost entirely covered by large hexagonal patches of dark reddish-brown color in a honeycomb pattern. There are oblique dark bands just below and slightly in front of pectoral fin base and these are characteristic of this grouper.

Six bar grouper /Six band rock cod Epimetheus sexfasciatus Malay: Seraph been Tolkien: Kay key Cantonese: Deck pan This is a small grouper that grows to 26 cm and distinguished by combination of bars on sides and spotted tail.

This fish is similar in shape to the Leopard Grouper but not as commonly found in the wet market. The color is whitish beige to pale gray with numerous blue spots with dark edges on head, body and fins.

This photo was taken at a live seafood restaurant and is a fish that has been caught in local waters. Since they will need to hide in the seagrass bed as well as tidal pool for protection until they are more mature.

They will also need to eat small microorganism inside the seawater such as micro algae, plankton, and even crustaceans. Then for adult grouper fish habitat, they will choose to live in the bottom area of the sea.

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In their natural habitat they are able to find various fish that they feed on such as wrasse, parrot fish, snapper and dam selfish. Besides those fishes the adult grouper will also eat various other sea creatures such as crustaceans, octopus, lobster, and crab.

When it comes to their habitat, the grouper fish will stay in the same place for a long time. They will lie hidden in a place where they will wait, so they can ambush their prey that comes near into their hiding spot since their jaws are fast and powerful to do this method.

This grouper fish has form a habit to follow down an ell when they go foraging in the reef. Besides hiding, turns out grouper fish also have unique ability that allows them to change their body coloration which will give them a lot of advantage.

Another unique thing that also happens inside the grouper fish habitat is when their reproduction period arrive which usually in the full moon of winter season. However, during their reproduction period, then they will form very large school which may even consist of 100,000 grouper fish at once.

The reason why they gather in large number like this is because they want to increase the probability for their mating to be successful. Furthermore, when large amount of grouper fish spawn in the same time, then they will also have higher chance for survive.

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This grouper fish is also able to control the population of other sea creature inside their habitat so it would not overpopulate the area where they live in. This is why; it is important to maintain the grouper fish population in that area and also to protect their habitat so there is no bad thing happens that can damage the entire ecosystem.

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