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DMD Team USA Flex fit Hat During a difficult time in our lives, we were in the kitchen making our favorite... deer meat for dinner.

meat dinner deer grouper
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Made in the USA the 24” x 48” plank is sure to be a favorite from boat dock to deer camp and beyond. Many people who cook deer meat use a soaking of some sort before getting into the actual preparation.

Common soaking liquids include saltwater, milk, buttermilk, vinegar, or lemon juice. Venison is a very lean meat and as it is low in fat content, it tends to dry out rather quickly.

… Some say the Gama taste in wild venison results from improper handling in the field or the deer ’s diet. But no matter the cause, soaking venison in milk or buttermilk reduces the Gama flavor.

Bay, juniper berries, rosemary, sage, savory, and sweet marjoram all pair well with venison, as well as many other wild game meats. For whole pieces of meat like steaks and roasts, you’ve got 3-5 days of freshness if you refrigerate.

Open bag, pour in half can of Coca-Cola and marinate overnight. Acid in coke breaks down some collagen, tastes great and a wonderful tenderizer.

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Freshly-ground venison tastes best and you can make your own at home by following these whitetail deer grinding tips. Print Recipe For whitetail deer hunters, grinding venison is one of the best and easiest ways to utilize this wild game meat.

But for the trophy hunter, grinding older, tougher whitetail bucks is probably the best way to eat it. For example, a fillet knife designed for processing fish would be much too flexible for getting around a deer ’s thick bones and joints.

Many people skip this step, but I find that removing it creates a better product in the end. I’ve also found that too much silver skin can prevent your ground venison from binding together for recipes such as burgers and meatballs.

Also, venison fat is the kind that unpleasantly coats your palate with a waxy texture. Place meat pieces onto a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper, making sure they don’t touch.

Chill chunks of venison on a cookie sheet for 30 minutes in your freezer before adding the meat to the grinder. (Jenny Nguyen-Wheatley photo) Depending on what you’re planning to cook, you may want to add fat to your ground venison.

meat deer dinner
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To add fat to venison, cut it up into pieces and chill in the freezer as described in the previous section. Fit the grinder with the coarse ground die, and once ready, add the chilled wild game and fat into the tray and grind together.

I rarely use the fine die, unless if I plan on making ravioli filling or something that requires a smoother texture. This ensures that I’m cooking with freshly ground meat every single time, especially since I enjoy my burgers on the rarer side.

As mentioned previously, grinding meat creates lots of surface area where bacteria can attach and grow. Another trick I’ve learned to grind small batches of venison is to use a food processor.

Follow the previous steps, except cut venison into smaller pieces than normal, and pulse the semi-frozen meat (and fat, if desired) in small batches to prevent overwhelming the machine. For small batches of ground venison, this method works very well and can be utilized for all kinds of meat.

While you are preparing the meal you should put in a good CD (I chose The Gypsy Kings) and have a beer or a glass of wine. I have a wife who does not like “Gama” tasting deer meat and I promised that I would find a way that she would eat the meat.

deer dinner meat deermeatfordinner thank welcome support site cutting
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I modified the recipe a little because I added a slice of onion in the preparation and instead of tooth picks I just put the poppers on a nabob skewer. I complimented the poppers with a side dish comprised of heated Caned Corn Black Beans red onions and Avocado as well as a baked potato.

Everything was perfect along with a beer for me and a glass of Shiraz for my wife. I would suggest any more subtle marinade than Italian dressing.

I cut it in chunks taking off all of that “white stuff”. I used Wish-Bone Robust Italian dressing in a couple squirts of A1 Chicago Steakhouse liquid marinade as I did not have “steak seasoning” on hand.

Have made it for 2 different gatherings and both times they were gobbled up in a matter of minutes. I also used with elk and made some with bell peppers for those who were worried about the heat of the jalapenos.

Everyone loved it and wanted the recipe... even people that do not like wild game. They couldn't tell the difference and said they would make it anyways because they were so good.

meat deer dinner
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Even my hunter fiancée who does not eat venison ate them every time he went into the kitchen. I usually make a stew or just cut it up and stir-fry it on the stove top for wraps.

I Wanted to grill it and found this recipe and since my garden is overrun with jalapeños I gave it a try. I cut my meat into 2 by 3 inch chunks and marinated them for about ten hours.

I used the exact marinade and spices except I also used a few dashes of Teriyaki sauce. I used a whole piece of bacon to wrap with and put a jalapeño slice on one side of the meat and on the other a slice of sweet onion and wrapped tightly pretty much covering the whole chunk of meat.

Turn these constantly while cooking and be careful because bacon drippings will send up some flames once in a while. Once the bacon was pretty crispy and even getting a bit blackened we removed them from the heat.

It took about 20 – 30 minutes for each over medium high coals to cook depending on their size. Oh, wow... were these ever tender and tasty and even the bacon was cooked to perfection.

dinner deer meat
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We served this with Coleslaw with a kick here on AR was a perfect match together. I served these at a party and everyone ate them(not knowing what they were) when I told them they were astounded and all wanted the recipe.

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