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Daniel Armendariz, 23, of Cape Coral, and Sam Harmon, 24, of Texas but a former Lee County resident, were fishing early Tuesday morning in a Cape Coral canal not far from the Midpoint Bridge and the Caloosahatchee River when they passed what they thought was a manatee. In the back of his mind, Armendariz was thinking the recent release of millions of gallons of nutrient-laden freshwater from Lake Okeechobee down the Caloosahatchee might have had something to do with the dead grouper.

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However, Armendariz said, in the 13 to 14 years he's been fishing Southwest Florida waters, every time there's a significant release the effects downriver are what he termed “devastating.” It had to have died between 24 and 48 hours,” he said, and pointed to the lack of smell and the firm, white meat seen when sample cuts were taken.

Frank McCoy, a spokesman for the FCC at its St. Petersburg research institute, said that skin and tissue samples were taken by the commission's fish kill coordinator. Armendariz is involved with the SWL Clean Water Movement, a group looking to promote the negative effect of Lake Okeechobee water coursing down the Caloosahatchee, and he hopes the news of the grouper's death will help raise awareness.

Smaller individuals of less than three feet long are more decorative, with three or four faint vertical bars on their sides. The Atlantic Goliath grouper (Epimetheus Tamara) is one of the largest members of the sea bass family.

A Florida fisherman and a friend from Texas are hoping that the remains of a nearly 500-pound Goliath grouper they pulled from a Cape Coral canal will help promote awareness about the negative impact of water released from Lake Okeechobee. White Grouper Fish Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock're currently using an older browser and your experience may not be optimal.

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As a result, Goliath grouper (the continental U.S. distinct population segment) was removed from the species of concern list (71 FR 61022). Scientists from our Southeast Fisheries Science Center are working to understand the changes that have occurred in coral reef ecosystems following the loss of top predators, such as groupers.

From 1997-2005, our researchers collaborated with Florida State University's Institute for Fishery Resource Ecology (Dr. Chris Koenig and Dr. Felicia Coleman) to monitor the status and recovery of Goliath grouper. This Goliath grouper research program investigated juvenile and adult Jewish abundance, distribution and migration patterns; their age and growth; and their habitat utilization.

With the help of Don Maria we have tagged over 1,000 adult Jewish and have observed aggregations of Goliath grouper in both the Gulf of Mexico and more recently, the South Atlantic. Posters created by the Center of Marine Conservation help disseminate information about our project and its requirements, highlighting our tagging study and the morphology of Goliath grouper.

Given that these groupers were afforded protected status, researchers worked to utilize and develop novel non-lethal techniques to procure and analyze biological samples for life history information. Researchers have also determined that soft dorsal rays hold promise for aging older fish (Marie et al., 2008).

These casualties, resulting from red tide, gave our biologists a unique opportunity to collect a multitude of biological samples, without having to sacrifice healthy animals. From these decomposing carcasses, biologists were able to record length for use in an age/length relationship, and were able to extract monoliths and remove dorsal spines and rays for comparison of hard parts in age and growth analysis.

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Tissue samples were also removed and sent to the Florida Marine Research Institute, so they could evaluate the level of red tide toxin. The sampling trip gave these biologists an opportunity to educate the curious beach goers about red tide and Goliath grouper (a few of which had been misidentified as baby manatees).

Attempts to evaluate the data needed to assess the status of these depleted stocks and develop rebuilding plans present unique challenges. In 2010, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and NOAA Fisheries convened a benchmark Goliath grouper assessment for the continental U.S. population.

This project would not have been possible without ongoing collaboration with researchers from Florida State University, Everglades National Park, and the recreational fishing and SCUBA diving communities. Lineages is a free, community built, aftermarket firmware distribution of Android 8.1.0 (Oreo), which is designed to increase performance and reliability over stock Android for your device.

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Meme Status Submission Type: Exploitable Year Unknown Origin Unknown Tags Pepe the frog, twitter, exploitable, new right, wrong think, big dog grouper, savings, depressing midget, that_groyper, Nicholas j. Fuentes, charlie Kirk, Benny Johnson, edwardbchang Additional References Twitter Grouper refers to an exploitable illustration of Pepe the Frog resting his chin on interlinked hands, variations of which are commonly used as profile avatars among the alt-right and new right on Twitter and the alternative social networking service Wrongdoing. The earliest known variation of the Pepe illustration was submitted to a thread on 4chan's /v/ board on March 25th, 2016 (shown below).

On July 28th, YouTuber Savings uploaded a video titled “Grouper Mesmerizes you to sleep.” Editor depressing midget posted a variation of Grouper merged with the character Kojak to /r/Kojak (shown below, left).

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That month, the that_grouper Twitter feed was launched, which highlights exploitable variations of the illustration (shown below, middle, right). Over the next month, Twitter accounts appearing to post content in favor of the alt-right began using photoshop variations of the Pepe illustration as their profile avatar.

Those targeted, mocked and/or trolled by the group include Ben Shapiro, Charlie Kirk, Dan Crenshaw, Trump Jr. and an American conservative nonprofit organization Turning Point USA. On October 29th, 2019, a Turning Point USA event at the Ohio State University was sabotaged by a several attendee who asked Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk provocative, anti-Israel, racist and homophobic questions, including a question referencing Dancing Israelis.

On the same day, Turning Point USA CCO Benny Johnson tweeted about the trolling questions (shown below, left), with Groupers leader Nicholas J. Fuentes responding on Twitter (shown below, right). On October 30th, 2019, Twitter user @EdwardBChang made the first tweet referring to this and previous actions taken by Groupers against TP USA as “Grouper War”, with the tweet receiving over 60 retweets and 460 likes.

In the following days, more Twitter accounts associated with the movement made tweets referring to Grouper Army's actions against TS UPA as “Grouper War” including tweets by the movement leader Nicholas J. Fuentes. Background informationBirth name Elizabeth Anne Harris Born (1980-07-15) July 15, 1980 (age 40) West Marin, California, U.S. Origin Astoria, Oregon Occupation(s)Musician, singer-songwriter, producerYears active2005–presentLabelsYELLOWELECTRIC, Root Strata, West 25th, Peak Oil, Cranky Associated acts Mirroring, Slow Walkers, RAM, Xiu, Ilya Ahmed, Inca Ore, Roy Montgomery, Helen, Niche Grouper is the solo project of American musician, artist and producer Liz Harris (born July 15, 1980).

Grouper released the critically acclaimed Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill in 2008, followed by five more records, including a two-part album, A A, and the piano-led album Ruins. Harris was born July 15, 1980, in Northern California and grew up around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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She grew up in a Fourth Way commune there which was inspired by the philosophy of George Gurdjieff. The community was known as “The Group”, which would later serve as some inspiration for the moniker Grouper.

According to Harris, the kids called each other and the parents 'groupers' sort of as a defiance. She says: “It was us making our own identities inside a pretty controlled environment, and sort of lashing back maybe...

According to her, she “felt like the music was at its barest just a grouping of sounds, and I was just the grouper.” After finishing college, Harris briefly moved to Los Angeles, where she worked with Mayo Thompson at Patrick Painter.

Harris’ first album was 2005 ’s Grouper, a self-released full-length CD-R, followed later that year by Way Their Crept on Free Porcupine (re-released in 2007 on Type Records). Harris made available new material steadily through the years, and continued to collaborate with various artists such as Roy Montgomery and Bela.

Pitchfork gave it 8.2 stars calling the work “an arresting album of pastoral psychedelic pop”. Early in 2012, Grouper performed Violet Replacement in the UK and Europe, a pair of long form tape collage pieces which originally took shape for commissioned performances in New York and Berkeley.

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Besides, she collaborated with Jess Fortin of Tiny Vipers to release an album Foreign Body under their common moniker Mirroring. At Berlin's Club Transmediale festival in early February 2012 Harris performed Circular Veil in collaboration with Were Cantu-Ledesma.

Somewhere between an installation and a performance, it found her extending her more concise music outward into eight hours of music, designed to mimic one full sleep cycle. Grouper's studio album titled Ruins was released on October 31, 2014.

The album is relatively stripped-down; piano, voice and field recordings. The majority of the album was recorded in Alter, Portugal in 2011, while Harris was on a residency set up by Valeria He dos Boys.

That same year she appeared on The Bug'album providing vocals for the track “Void”. In 2015, Grouper collaborated with an independent filmmaker Paul Clip son on the film Hypnosis Display, commissioned by Leeds Opera North.

In 2017, Grouper was one of the curators for the 11th edition of the Dutch Le Guess Who? Her curated program included films La Double Vie DE Véronique by Krzysztof Kielowski and Lighthouse by Paul Clip son and music performances from artists Marisa Anderson, William Basin ski, Marcia Bassett & Samara Labels duo, Boltzmann/Leigh, Skin Film, Meiji Having, Roy Montgomery, Coby SEY, Tiny Vipers, Wolfgang Vogt and Richard Young's.

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During her days as a part of a Fourth Way commune, Harris' primary sources for discovering music were limited. With a little help from her parents, whose musical tastes were eccentric and divergent, she discovered Eastern European folk and American avant-pop.

Through her father, who himself was a composer, she would later discover contemporary classical and early music. In 2008, when she released Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill, Pitchfork compared it to classic ethereal releases from the British label 4AD, drawing comparisons to Cocteau Twins and early His Name Is Alive.

The Portland Mercury described some songs from the album, such as “Wind and Snow” and “Stuck”, sonically reminiscent of the Renaissance period composers Geraldo and Monteverdi. Collaboration with Jorge Behring er under the artist name “Flashlights" (2006) Visitor,, 10" vinyl.

Collaboration with Ilya Ahmed (2011) Foreign Body, vinyl and CD. Collaboration with Tiny Vipers under the artist name “Mirroring” (2012) Slow Walkers, vinyl.

Collaboration with Lawrence English under the artist name “Slow Walkers” (2013) The Event of Your Leaving, vinyl. Collaboration with Were Cantu-Ledesma under the artist name “RAM" (2013) Felt This Way/Dying All The Time, 7" Vinyl.

(Source: rumble.com)

Collaboration with Jed Lineman and Scott Simmons under the artist name “Helen” (2013) Void and Black Wasp (taken from Angels and Devils and Exit EP), vinyl. Collaboration with The Bug (2014) The Original Faces, CD and LP.

Collaboration with Jed Lineman and Scott Simmons under the artist name “Helen” (2015) ^ Harris revealed her birthdate in a post via her official Instagram account, which reads: “Two months I squealed my way into the world on Ian Curtis birthday” (Curtis was born July 15, 1956).

Two months later I squealed my way into the world on Ian Curtis' birthday, who died two weeks after the eruption”. ^ “Listening & Playing Alone: The Strange World Of Grouper ".

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