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The state of Florida defines spearfishing as the catching of a fish through either a hand or mechanically propelled spear. The spear may be barbed or even barbless and must be done by a person swimming on the surface of the water, or just below.

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Tarpon Billfish Sturgeon Sharks Manta Ray Bone fish Spotted Eagle Ray Blue Crab Shook Ornamental Reef Fish Stone Crab Goliath Grouper Lobster Pompano Weakfish The final restriction of the rules and regulations is to not be within 100 feet from any jetty or sandbar.

Spearfishing is quite the experience in and of itself but adding diving into the mix transforms it into the ultimate adventure. It’s recommended that you start with spearfishing while close to shore, first, before venturing into deeper waters.

A great choice for anyone visiting Florida is to head out on a spearfishing charter. Oftentimes, these helpful and experienced Spears will have gear for you to rent, will train you how to use the equipment and what to do in the water, and take you to the best spots.

The gulf is on one side of the state, the Atlantic Ocean on the other, and to the south is the Caribbean. A wide variety of habitats exist to find something to fit everyone’s ability level.

One of the best locations for beginner Spears is the city of Destiny in Florida ’s northwest. Lying on the Gulf of Mexico, Destiny offers a wide range of options for a spearfishing expedition.

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Boasting a large beach area that allows Spears to fish directly offshore makes it a great choice for families. The jetties near the Noriega Point area is a common location to spearfish.

Just west of Destiny, along the Gulf of Mexico, you ’ll find the coastal city of Pensacola. In this area alone, there are over a thousand artificial reefs creating habitats for fish just off the coast.

One thing that sets Miami apart from other spearfishing destinations is that they have an abundance of lobster. Many Spears will dive, use their hunting tool to coax them out of the holes and catch them.

On the southwest coast of Florida, on the gulf side, lies the affluent city of Naples. Take a drive down the street and you ’ll see a million dollar mansions and $100,000 luxury vehicles.

Deeper waters with artificial reefs allow for more challenging hunting with bigger prey and larger rewards. It’s important that you take safety precautions when fishing in Florida ’s waterways specifically.

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With the proper training and preparation, you ’ll have a phenomenal time on the water. The experience is worth it and chances are, you ’ll be coming home with dinner.

People come from all over the world to fish its seemingly unlimited waterways to find everything from octopus to tuna to grouper and most everything in between. Visit any marina area and you ’ll discover dozens of fishing charters but recently, one type of charter has been emerging as a hot new trend–spearfishing. Florida is home to the best spearfishing in America and here are the best locations for you to plan your next trip around.

A: Toucan thank or blame Collier County voters nearly 60 years ago for approving the spearfishing ban, which prohibits spearing fish in the county, as well as within state waters off Collier's shores ? The referendum was on the November 1956 ballot after the County Commission in 1955 approved 'an act to prohibit spear fishing in all the waters of Collier County,' immediately effective upon voter approval at the next general election.

Even though a Florida law, effective Oct. 1, 1973, eventually made it legal to spearfish in nearly all salt waters in the state, Collier County's stricter regulations remained on the books, and still are enforced today. Bob Marvin, with the Collier County Sheriff's Office Marine Bureau, said violators will receive a citation to appear in court.

Fines vary depending on the type, size and number of fish speared. Divers wishing to avoid a fine for undersized catch are advised to keep in mind that objects underwater usually appear larger than actual size.

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Spear fishermen are bound by the same restraints as other saltwater fishermen, including fish length, types of species and bag limits. Even in areas of Florida where spearfishing is permitted, many fish are still on a statewide no-take list.

Although it is against the law to take Goliath grouper by any means anywhere off Florida, it also is illegal to spear many kinds of fish, including billfish, sharks, shook, redfish, permit, pompano, tarpon, bone fish, some rays and crabs, ornamental fish and many other species. The law addressed the abundant spearing of shook off Collier beaches, wrecks and fish-spawning mangroves in the 1950s, Cpl.

'We have not been requested to remove the rule,' said Amanda Valley, a spokeswoman for FCC. In 1983, the Florida Legislature actually did repeal the Collier spearfishing laws, but the regulations were carried forward as administrative rules of the newly created Marine Fisheries Commission, and are still in effect under the FCC.

Citizens are understandably confused by local fishing and diving regulations, said Kevin Sweeney, owner of SCUBAdventures, which sells a lot of speargun ? Sweeney notifies spearfishes about Collier's ban and provides them with a sheet of rules.

Because nearshore diving is limited anyway because of low visibility, Sweeney said he is puzzled by Collier's special exemption for spearfishing. Spearfishing regulations in the Keys are even more convoluted to navigate, especially with additional federal restrictions.

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In or on anybody of water under the jurisdiction of the Division of Recreation and Parks of the Department of Environmental Protection. Within state waters, power heads and bang sticks can be used for personal protection only, and cannot be used to harvest any species.

Even if it is legal are there places close to shore where good catches can be taken. I've looked at the rules at the FCC site and can 't find anything about distances from shore.

I live just north of Orlando, but am I planning on making trips to Tampa and south Florida. Even if it is legal are there places close to shore where good catches can be taken.

I've looked at the rules at the FCC site and can 't find anything about distances from shore. I live just north of Orlando, but am I planning on making trips to Tampa and south Florida.

The size of the fish you are permitted to take may change and you should update your information yearly. If you are 16 or older (up to 65 I believe) you must have a saltwater permit harvesting (catch) fish... spear or hook and line.

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Certain species of creatures require additional permits or stamps, i.e., lobster, shook, etc. Generally, “game fish” are prohibited and specifically, you may not takes nook, ever, with a spear.

There are seasons and catch limits for lobster and stone crab. You may not take any shells, even if there is no live animal, you cannot spear turtles or even bother them and you may not take marine mammals.

There are limitations as to where you may spearfish....generally imposed by the city or county you are diving in. Technically, you cannot even have a spear or speargun in the car or boat if you are in this area.

In some parts of Miami-Dade County, you have to stay away from docks and marinas. Most sea walls are private property and diving for lobster would be trespassing.

For reasons that I cannot fathom, I can only catch a limited number of “legal” snapper on a given day but some guy in a boat can get into a school of dolphin (fish) and take all he wants......hmm mm..... Ask and ye shall receive: http://myfwc.com/marine/spearing.htm For local regulations, you must contact the Marine Patrol office for the region.

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