Can You Kill The Grouper In Stranded Deep

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Kind of similar to destroying a shelf, where you just keep hitting it until it disappears, there is no sound or animation? Also, big grouper. CreatureLocationBehaviorDamageHealthReward SardineSardines are a small sized fish commonly found near shallow waters surrounding Islands.

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Sardines will try to avoid the player and due to their small size they can be difficult to spear but are a safer alternative to larger fish swimming in deeper waters. They will attempt to avoid the player and due to their speed they can be difficult to spear.

When skinned it gives the player a single chunk of Small Meat. 0 2 1 Small Meat Cod Cod are only found in Deep ocean waters.

They will avoid the player and despite their relatively large size they can be difficult to spear due to their speed. Deep sea spear fishing can be dangerous due to the risk of a Shark encounter but can produce a good reward.

0 2 2 Medium Meat (On Console) Giant Grouper Fish A very large fish often found around shipwrecks Passive, can be easily killed with one jab of a spear. 0 2 2 Medium Meat Clown Fishbowl fish are found swimming in shallow waters, same as sardines.

0 1 1 Small Meat Tiny Fish Small fish are found swimming in schools near Island reef waters. 0 1 Cannot be killed Crabgrass are found exploring very shallow waters and Island shorelines.

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Crabs will avoid the player but will attack if provoked or stepped on. Seagulls can be hard to kill when flying but will occasionally land on various objects including the Bird Snare which can be an effective hunting alternative.

Waiting for a seagull to land is a prime opportunity to fire a projectile at it. Bats can be hard to kill when flying but will occasionally land on various objects such as trees which can be a prime hunting opportunity.

Boars are extremely agile and fast, making them very difficult to spear or shoot and almost impossible to melee. Boars will always flee from the player and make unpredictable zigzag movements.

Approaching Boars from a distance while they are foraging is an effecting hunting technique when using projectiles. If you become within the Snakes proximity it will hold its ground, rearing its head, making a warning rattle noise.

Due to the snakes camouflage they can be extremely hard to spot, listening for the warning rattle is vital for survival. The biggest threat from Night Snakes is the Poison effect inflicted when bitten.

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Once a lionfish is killed it is still able to inflict poison if stepped on while on the ground before skinning. Poison effect 1 Health Point Used for Repellent Sea SnakeS ea Snakes can be found swimming near Islands in relatively shallow water.

Poison effect Cannot be killed Cannot be killed Sea UrchinS ea Urchins are spiky creatures found on the ocean floor, or ocean objects such as Shipwrecks Sea Urchins do not move but are highly toxic. They deal no damage but inflict Poison when the player comes into contact with them.

Poison Effect Cannot be killed Cannot be killed Crown of Thorns StarfishCrown of Thorns Starfish are spiky creatures found on the beaches, in shallow waters, and sometimes on coral and rocks. Poison Effect Cannot be killed Cannot be killed StarfishStarfish are creatures found on the ocean floor, or ocean objects such as Shipwrecks Starfish are decoration creatures that cannot be interacted with.

Tiger Shakier Sharks can commonly be found swimming in shallow Island waters. Tiger Sharks have also been rarely spotted in deep ocean waters.

Tiger Sharks are a curious and aggressive creature which will circle targets for long periods of time. Tiger Sharks can attack rafts, attempting to throw you into the water.

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Hammerhead Shark Spawns in deep ocean or shallow waters. 200 Health points. Possibly bleeding effect make sure to bring bandages 3 Large Meat 3 Raw Hide.

Great White Shark's main attack is powerful bite. Great White Sharks can attack rafts, attempting to throw you into the water.

MarlinMarlins are a rare creature found exploring deep ocean waters. They are extremely fast and do not hang around long, making them a very hard catch.

Whales love to interact with you, performing flips, dives, and tails splashes for a brief period before swimming away. If a whale is on the surface, be wary, as it can easily flip or even take down your raft.

Bethe Boss Eel is a story creature found sleeping within the Submarine Wreck. Quite Boss Squid is a large story creature found hanging onto the Ocean Buoy chain.

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A medium-sized fish found in Reefs that can be caught using a Crude Spear. Fronts is a medium-sized fish that can be found around Reefs.

It is hard to reach for most without the help of an Air Tank, but when caught and cooked it replenishes your hunger by 4. It takes 30 minutes in game time (or 30 seconds) to cook on a campfire.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts I don't know if any devs from the game are watching this, but I went to all the trouble to find the leaves, use them to make lashing, and then decide to use them to make a Tool Belt.

Which makes ZERO f# King sense because the stuff is kept in your BACKPACK! To any new players who might come across this chat, don't bother making the Tool Belt on PC.

So I was wondering if anybody else is like me in that I prefer to swim between islands early on in order to hold out for better raft materials. It’s faster than the life raft and I usually luck out and don’t run into any sharks, although my first encounter with a goblin shark did have me meeting my demise on day 2 just a single time.

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Put tips, ask for help and guidance or just general stuff relating only to the game. Talk to him to learn about search, and he will mention the 6 puzzles you have to solve in order to gain access to the Secret Library.

Talk to Charles in Port Hope and ask him for a shortcut passage, say yes and then select between Enron, Thais, Liberty Bay or Malabar. The first time you take the shortcut, you'll be sent to the correct island, west of Melina.

Upon arriving at the island, go northwest, down the stairs and pick up the Sealed Scroll from the Brass-Shod Chest. Go back to the south shore and use the Ship's Telescope to get navigation orientations.

Add a photo to this gallery The first puzzle consists of walking an invisible path around a room towards a quest door, starting at the carpet. If you take a wrong step, Red Musical Notes will appear on your character and you'll have to start over.

After crossing the door, pick up the Ritual Stone Tablet in the Brass-Shod Chest north of the room. After going around the passage, you will find yourself back in the build and receive a quest log update.

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After going through the quest door, walk west around the building and go down the stairs to the north, here. This puzzle requires you to step on the colored carpets the correct amount of times and order, as shown just north of the lava pool.

Enter the teleport to cross the lava and take the Ritual Sword from the chest. Add a photo to this gallery From the lava room, leave to the north, follow east and then south.

You'll find yourself in a room with 4 Bone lord Statues, the northern one having a glowing eye. Here, you'll need 3 units of Food (e.g. Ham, Meat, Apples or Brown Mushrooms) to please the statues.

Place the food on top of the tree southern Stone Blocks (the corresponding statue's eye should light up) and run to the sealed door to the east, where you will find a Ritual Figurine. Add a photo to this gallery After finishing all puzzles and obtaining all 4 ritual items, go back to the entrance at the upper floor and go up the long stairs west.

This video was recorded before the Undead Elite Gladiators received the ability to walk over Energy Fields. To use this strategy the last bomb must be Poison otherwise the Gladiators will walk over the energy fields.

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Skeleton Elite Warriors walk over Poison so you still have to use Energy Bombs as well. Add a photo to this gallery Go to the Death lings Sunken Temple north of Danuta, here.

Jump in the water vortex, go up the stairs and then fight your way to the center room of the lower floor. You should receive a quest log update after seeing the Large Seashell Book in the room and learning about the Death lings plans.

Your task is to help the Deep lings by restoring 9 Broken Idols you'll find around this area (just use them). Toucan follow the map below to circle around the 2 floors fixing the Broken Idols.

Add a photo to this gallery After doing that, you'll gain the right to fight the Death lings boss Broke with a team of up to 5 players. Noted : Once you start fighting Broke, a number of Neutral Deep ling Warriors will spawn in the room.

Find a Wall Mirror (Quest) in the first floor of the Palace, here, and use it to access the secret basement. Walk all the way east, fall some cracks and pick up the Lotus Key.

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Go back where you came from, then follow the hallway south, fall down the cracks and get the Strand of Hair. Use the Lotus Key to unlock the door further south and follow east.

Equip a non-metal red armor (for example, Fire mind Raiment or a Doublet), and enter the portal to fight The Diamond Blossom. Equip the Silver Chimes (as a Shield) and enter the portal to fight The Blazing Rose.

Go to the Purple Portal and use the Bone Fiddle in front of it (make sure you receive a Quest Log update, otherwise it did not work!). To remove the curse, go back to Port Hope and find Gail above the depot (she's the missing girl's mother).

Ask her about her daughter and by telling her about the story of his mother the curse will be lifted. Finally, go back to the Aura Palace, to the second floor of the quest area and play the Bone Fiddle in front of it again.

Inside, there will be 5 True Sure in the room, which is related to Bathroom's plans. Walk in front of the Writing Desk north to receive a Secret Map.

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Levitate up (facing south at the south-east corner), and then go up the stairs to access the Falcon Outpost. Pick up the Page from a Mystic Book in the chest, which has the instructions of the ritual you must perform to access the Falcon Bastion.

Use the Bucket Filled with Chalk (Fine) and you'll be teleported to the Falcon Castle. Use the bucket filled with chalk on the highlighted tile which is the upper right square of the painted symbol.

Inside the castle, you'll find several chests, corpses and furniture in which you'll be able to take valuable items, a Can of Grease (which you need to open the gate downstairs), the Key 0909, and 9 documents that talk about The Grand Master of Verbal Debate (keep these documents because they are a valuable reference for killing the final boss). Your mission here consists on fighting 4 minibosses to gain access to certain quest doors.

Make sure everyone in the team deals considerable damage to the minibosses too (players must receive the message Your deeds have been noticed. Be careful specially when going up or down stairs since toucan be surrounded by Falcon Knights and Paladins.

To the east, you'll find Preceptor Lazier in a small room north of the monks. Go down two floors, past the quest door and then go to the large room north to fight the Grand Chaplain Launder, here.

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Use it to travel to an island to the north where you will find the Grand Canon Do minus. After killing all the minibosses toucan enter the room that connects with the underground area.

Note : Once you reach the first floor, make sure to leave the castle to the north, walk around it west and enter the swimming area. South of it, you'll find a small boat (toucan also reach this area by unlocking the door from the castle using the Key 0909).

Once this is done, toucan travel to the castle by using the boat northeast of the Zoo Steppe, here. Once you reach the underground area, you'll first have to defeat another miniboss northwest, a Dazed Leaf Golem, here.

During the battle, once the boss reaches red health, he will summon a Falcon Knight or a Falcon Paladin and heal completely, also he will keep healing for every amount of damage you deal to him and will start arguing with you, popping up an orange message until someone speaks in local chat, then he will stop talking and become vulnerable again. For each time he gets to red hp and heals there will be a different message from him, and in order to defeat him is replying with the correct argument.

Behind this door there is a Fire Portal that leads to The Extension Site, where you will find Floating Savants, Retching Horrors, Furies and Hellhounds Head to the west and then follow the hall to the north until you find a big Bone Lever and a sealed door, here.

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Note: The Bone Lever takes a few seconds to switch back to the default position. If your team has multiple players doing this access it's better to do the final step a few seconds apart to make sure the lever will be on the right position.

After doing that you'll be granted access to the Sealed Doors south of the Bone Levers to the lower floor. After going down the stairs, walk around the water to the northeast and pick up the Bony Rod here.

On this floor you have to mine the blue Crystals toucan find around the room, using a Pick or a Secret Service tool. Since they disappear about one minute after being mined, it's better to focus on one color at a time near its respective basin.

If toucan 't handle the spawn alone, a good strategy is splitting the team so all 3 basins are covered while every member of the party checks if the access was obtained successfully. Add a photo to this gallery For this seal, you'll need the Bony Rod you found previously.

Use it to receive a Ruby Fire Contemplate:Link and immediately use it on the Bony Rod or it will vanish. Your objective is to use this rod on an empty basin on the other side of the room, however, it will lose its charge unless you constantly recharge it.

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It's recommended that you do this part without killing the monsters, run through the south corridor and recharge the rod on every basin you find. At the eastern part of the floor, use the charged Bony Rod on the empty basin to be able to go through the door.

There is a 2 minutes cool down on that, from the moment you picked up the last one. Note²: To open the chest near the door you need a Sample of Monster Blood, which toucan get on the first floor, here. Use the vial on the skull near the chest (the one without blood) and then enter the door south of it to receive a Broken Compass.

As soon as you enter the teleport after completing the previous seal you'll be greeted by 10+ Lava Golems. If you want to avoid the fight, toucan stand on Energy Bombs since the Lava Golems don't walk over them.

Be very careful when walking around this place as some stronger creatures of Tibia reside here, sometimes in large packs. Battle recommendations: From the entrance, go to the Energy Section and go all the way west before the hunting area where you'll find a teleport.

A few moments later, the team will be sent to the center of the room with the invincible boss and trapped by Force Fields (they look like Magic Walls). At this moment, the team should all focus on the same magic wall and kill it as soon as possible to leave the trap, because moments after the trap Locator will use an ultimate explosion that deals massive Death Damage.

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After leaving the trap, a Dark Knowledge (gray book) will spawn north of it. Use it on the Writing Desk (Quest) on the west side of the room and then use the desk, it will throw a Death Beam that destroys the remaining Force Fields and sets Locator free, allowing the team to attack it for a few rounds.

Shortly after, the players will be trapped in the center of the room again and repeat the previous steps until the boss has been killed. Time is of utmost importance in this fight, and losing one turn may be decisive for a failure.

It's recommended to select a Force Field that is not near any Knowledge Raider as they can move towards into the square and re-create the trap. Usually the team will destroy a Force Field north of the boss, leave the trap and move to the left by the desk, while the Knight stays near the Book.

With this strategy any remaining summons should be left of the trap, lowering the risk of them taking the Force Field position. The Force Fields deal Damage Reflection, and thus area attacks should be avoided at all costs, specially Ultimate spells which can be fatal for the mage casting it.

It's recommended to use Might Ring and even SSAS since the boss also deals constant Death Damage on all players. When killing the Dark Knowledge, have one player stay by the desk and then when it dies someone throws him the corpse in a predefined spot (e.g. under the character), so it's quickly used and no time is wasted doing this.

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Battle recommendations: Go to the Earth Section and downstairs here (south of the Biting Books), then walk north to find a teleport. This hit, however, can be avoided entirely, and to do so players must step on the existing vortexes to gain the appearance of a Knowledge Elemental.

This fight can go bad very easily if the team starts taking the Energy UE. A possible strategy is this: the blocker stays with Mazzini near the center of the room, and the shooters spread around them.

Everyone should attack with Stone Shower Runes at this area, hitting multiple Wild Knowledge. When there are plenty of vortexes on the floor and/or no Wild Knowledge, the team can use these turns to single target Mazzini.

Avoid moving around too much as you may end up stepping on a vortex by mistake and become unable to reset the transformation in time. Watch out for Wild Knowledge that are about to die and try to avoid killing them above an existing vortex, otherwise you'll “waste” it.

After being transformed, keep attacking with AOE damage so you clear the summons for another player or for the next round. Battle recommendations: Before going into the library, make sure to bring a Depth Gala or Helmet of the Deep, as it will be very important against this boss.

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First, destroy The Book of Death that spawns north of the room to release a Concentrated Death (it's advised that you initially attack the Book until it's on red HP first and then just finish it when required). To control it, it's recommended that the knight challenges it and forces it to one of the wall corners.

Then, Magic Wall Runes and Wild Growth Runes can be used to prevent the Death gaze from walking to the sides, and another player should bring the Concentrated Death in front of the Death gaze, as shown below. The Concentrated Death dies rather quickly by players and summons attacks, so make sure not to damage it yourself.

The first two times that the Death gaze hits the Concentrated Death, it will immediately disappear and Gaulish will spawn back. Battle recommendations: From the entrance, go to the Fire Section, then all the way east and then south where you'll find the teleport.

To do so, start by attacking the Stolen Tome of Portals north of the room (toucan ignore the Malicious and Mean Minions for now). Each team member will be sent to a small room with a Malicious Minion and another book that is responsible for one of the boss' abilities or strengths.

Together they can deal significant damage, so it's better to use Avalanche Runes on them to clear the room, specially from the Malicious Minions which die faster. Repeat this process until all 5 books are dead and the boss weakened, and at this point all you'll have to do is attack Grinder until it dies.

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During that time it's recommended that the shooters stay near the left wall of the room to avoid the Stolen Tome's Death spell around itself. When the boss steps on the correct vortex, it changes to a light gray color and becomes vulnerable.

Add a photo to this gallery After another minute killing the raid, the southeastern wing will be opened: You should not kill the Spawns of Havoc (Fire Elementals), since when they die they will explode and deal 1000+ damage to all players around it.

In the central chamber, you will face The Scourge of Oblivion, which will constantly change between three stages. The boss will change to a dark red color and reflect all damage it takes, so everyone should stop attacking it immediately.

The boss will change into light blue color and shoot 4 very strong beams towards all directions (north, south, east and west) that can deal massive damage. While the boss is invulnerable, the shooters shoot attack the surrounding summons that will keep spawning at the center of the room during the fight.

The Scourge of Oblivion in its shielded form that reflects and increases all damage dealt to it. The Scourge of Oblivion in its invulnerable form casting the strong Death Damage beams.

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Player: problem Gareth: Well, the situation is this: We have explored a portal, I would say a very aggressive, capriciously and dangerous one. Through this gate monsters entered the construction site and attacked our workers.

Several years ago I have read some books dealing with strange locking mechanisms. The tibia nus cipher was used: ... Gareth: Those who are accorded the honor to visit this exclusive place will smash their blindness and face the truth.

... Gareth: Astonishingly, Fedoras from Cormack has recently asked me for these kinds of inscriptions. Player: search Fedoras: I gathered some lore on my own, but I desperately need more information that you might provide me.

... Fedoras: My leads are the museum in Thais, something strange in the Kardashian desert, rumors about fishmen, an ancient order, the mysterious sure, or a lost isle ? Most of them vanished a long time ago but only few under such mysterious circumstances as the Order of the Falcon.

... Fedoras: This noble alliance of honorable knights once resided in Enron to serve the king. Player: sure Fedoras: There's a beautiful but very dangerous palace in the Tijuana jungle.

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The young women who live there are actually demons, and they are luring unsuspecting mortals in there. ... Fedoras: A lucky survivor told me about a portal at the very top of the palace that may lead to another sure hideout.

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