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Kind of similar to destroying a shelf, where you just keep hitting it until it disappears, there is no sound or animation? Also, big grouper. CreatureLocationBehaviorDamageHealthReward SardineSardines are a small sized fish commonly found near shallow waters surrounding Islands.

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Sardines will try to avoid the player and due to their small size they can be difficult to spear but are a safer alternative to larger fish swimming in deeper waters. They will attempt to avoid the player and due to their speed they can be difficult to spear.

When skinned it gives the player a single chunk of Small Meat. 0 2 1 Small Meat Cod Cod are only found in Deep ocean waters.

They will avoid the player and despite their relatively large size they can be difficult to spear due to their speed. Deep sea spear fishing can be dangerous due to the risk of a Shark encounter but can produce a good reward.

0 2 2 Medium Meat (On Console) Giant Grouper Fish A very large fish often found around shipwrecks Passive, can be easily killed with one jab of a spear. 0 2 2 Medium Meat Clown Fishbowl fish are found swimming in shallow waters, same as sardines.

0 1 1 Small Meat Tiny Fish Small fish are found swimming in schools near Island reef waters. 0 1 Cannot be killed Crabgrass are found exploring very shallow waters and Island shorelines.

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Crabs will avoid the player but will attack if provoked or stepped on. Seagulls can be hard to kill when flying but will occasionally land on various objects including the Bird Snare which can be an effective hunting alternative.

Waiting for a seagull to land is a prime opportunity to fire a projectile at it. Bats can be hard to kill when flying but will occasionally land on various objects such as trees which can be a prime hunting opportunity.

Boars are extremely agile and fast, making them very difficult to spear or shoot and almost impossible to melee. Boars will always flee from the player and make unpredictable zigzag movements.

Approaching Boars from a distance while they are foraging is an effecting hunting technique when using projectiles. If you become within the Snakes proximity it will hold its ground, rearing its head, making a warning rattle noise.

Due to the snakes camouflage they can be extremely hard to spot, listening for the warning rattle is vital for survival. The biggest threat from Night Snakes is the Poison effect inflicted when bitten.

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Once a lionfish is killed it is still able to inflict poison if stepped on while on the ground before skinning. Poison effect 1 Health Point Used for Repellent Sea SnakeS ea Snakes can be found swimming near Islands in relatively shallow water.

Poison effect Cannot be killed Cannot be killed Sea UrchinS ea Urchins are spiky creatures found on the ocean floor, or ocean objects such as Shipwrecks Sea Urchins do not move but are highly toxic. They deal no damage but inflict Poison when the player comes into contact with them.

Poison Effect Cannot be killed Cannot be killed Crown of Thorns StarfishCrown of Thorns Starfish are spiky creatures found on the beaches, in shallow waters, and sometimes on coral and rocks. When stepped on they deal no damage, but will inflict Poison on the player.

Poison Effect Cannot be killed Cannot be killed StarfishStarfish are creatures found on the ocean floor, or ocean objects such as Shipwrecks Starfish are decoration creatures that cannot be interacted with. Reef Hardbound exploring shallow island waters.

Reef Sharks are found swimming in shallow Island waters. Tiger Shakier Sharks can commonly be found swimming in shallow Island waters.

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Tiger Sharks have also been rarely spotted in deep ocean waters. Tiger Sharks are a curious and aggressive creature which will circle targets for long periods of time.

Tiger Sharks can attack rafts, attempting to throw you into the water. Hammerhead Shark Spawns in deep ocean or shallow waters.

200 Health points. Possibly bleeding effect make sure to bring bandages 3 Large Meat 3 Raw Hide. Great White Shark's main attack is powerful bite.

Great White Sharks can attack rafts, attempting to throw you into the water. MarlinMarlins are a rare creature found exploring deep ocean waters.

They are extremely fast and do not hang around long, making them a very hard catch. Whales love to interact with you, performing flips, dives, and tails splashes for a brief period before swimming away.

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If a whale is on the surface, be wary, as it can easily flip or even take down your raft. Bethe Boss Eel is a story creature found sleeping within the Submarine Wreck.

Quite Boss Squid is a large story creature found hanging onto the Ocean Buoy chain. A medium-sized fish found in Reefs that can be caught using a Crude Spear.

It is hard to reach for most without the help of an Air Tank, but when caught and cooked it replenishes your hunger by 4. It takes 30 minutes in game time (or 30 seconds) to cook on a campfire.

So I was wondering if anybody else is like me in that I prefer to swim between islands early on in order to hold out for better raft materials. It’s faster than the life raft and I usually luck out and don’t run into any sharks, although my first encounter with a goblin shark did have me meeting my demise on day 2 just a single time.

Sub for StrandedDeep on console since the PC version is somewhat different and been out for years longer. Put tips, ask for help and guidance or just general stuff relating only to the game.

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If you do, there’s a good chance your raft will float off into the sunset along with all your precious emergency food rations. Health, Hunger, Thirst, and Sunstroke; manage and monitor these vitals through an interactive survival watch.

Cure poisons, heal broken bones, and bandage bleeding to stay alive. Your survival watch is your best friend and regularly checking it will ensure you stay on top.

The ‘Crown of Thorns’ Starfish, Snakes, and Lionfish, will absolutely wreck your week and could cost you your life… If you do get poisoned try to ride it out by keeping your thirst and hunger up, or at later levels craft an Antidote.

You're starting yellow dingy will do the job, albeit slowly, so work on construction a real raft with a sail, and rudder, or even a boat motor if toucan find all the parts! Toucan even decorate your own home with the objects you find, crafted furniture, animals, containers, and even trophies.

If setting down roots and ruling the Pacific just isn’t for you then take on the ‘End Game.’ Discover the means to escape the Pacific by completing a set of objectives which include taking on three epic creatures that rule the waters! Compare your escape time with your friends through the interactive leaderboards, or become the perfect survivor by unlocking all the games trophies and achievements.

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StrandedDeep offers a unique gaming experience that for some, may find an initial challenge that results in many deaths. If you are still finding it too difficult then try adjusting the difficulty settings and remember to frequently save your game at any shelter or bed.

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