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WhatsApp is a great way to stay in contact with people, regardless of what smartphone they use. On Android, tap the Menu icon and then New group.

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Luckily for us, WhatsApp lets you create group chats and broadcast lists so toucan do just that! Source: more Tap the camera if you want to add a picture for the group.

Broadcast lists let you send messages to multiple contacts at once, without starting a communal group chat! This way, toucan send the same message out to multiple people, without having to create a group chat that everyone can see.

Now toucan type messages like normal to the contacts in your broadcast list. Each contact will receive any messages you send, but to them, it will just look like you're carrying on your private conversation.

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Video besties You don't need to buy expensive video-editing software to get the job done. If your group chat has eight or fewer participants, tap Video call.

Make a group video call from an individual chat Open the WhatsApp chat with one of the contacts you want to video call. Once the contact accepts the call, tap Add participant.

Note : Make sure you and your contacts have strong internet connections when placing or receiving group video calls. The quality of the video call will depend on the contact with the weakest connection.

You can 't remove a contact during a group video call. The contact would need to hang up their phone to disconnect from the call.

Video calling is only available on Android phones running 4.1 or newer. Now that government officials are closing restaurants and urging everyone to practice social distancing, chances are you aren't going out with your friends any time soon.

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Of course, that doesn't mean toucan 't stay in close contact with the people you love, thanks to various video calling services out there such as FaceTime. While there are a bunch of video calling options out there, FaceTime is built right into your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or Mac, which makes it easy to use and convenient for talking to people who have those devices.

Enabling FaceTime allows you make calls with both your Apple ID and your phone number, just like toucan with Messages. The relatively new Group FaceTime feature lets you virtually hang with your friends fairly seamlessly.

But that doesn't mean it'll be a calm and orderly experience free of people trying to talk over one another, so maybe maxing out the call isn't a great idea if you're just hoping to hang out for a bit. Toucan also Group FaceTime from your MacBook or Mac desktop computer, but you'll need macOS Mojave 10.14.3 or later for it to work.

There are additional camera effects, as well, so toucan add filters, text, and shapes while on Group FaceTime. In fact, some platforms with video call features like Facebook Messenger are seeing upticks in usage now that social distancing is keeping people apart IRL.

Check out our list of several additional group video call apps toucan used to stay connected. WhatsApp the world’s most popular messaging app now supports group and video calls online.

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Toucan adjust volume, switch from front to back camera and mute the video during the call. WhatsApp lets you connect to multiple callers worldwide for free.

(Image: GETTY)To start a group call, fire up a conversation on your WhatsApp and click the phone icon in the top right of the screen. Toucan now make video calls to your contacts using your Wi-Fi or data on WhatsApp.

Video calling can drain your data package, so if you are tight on data, make sure you are connected to a Wi-Fi connection to get the full benefit of conference video calls. Luckily, we can assure our readers that group voice and video calls are now active on WhatsApp.

Of course, to use this new feature, you need to have the latest beta version of the messaging app installed, 2.18.162, which toucan already download from Uptown. When you tap it, you ’ll access your contacts where toucan select a new person you want to add to the group call.

Also, if one of the participants leaves the conversation, the call will continue until only one person is left connected. When you ’re connected, tap the new icon in the upper right part of the screen.

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The quality of the video call depends a lot on the device and the connection of each of the participants, although in general, we haven’t noticed any significant glitches in our conversations. Just remember, you have to have the WhatsApp beta version 2.18.162 to enjoy this new feature.

WhatsApp is an instant messaging software that allows you to send text, images, video and audio for free; you will need Internet to use it. The first step to create a chat group on your iPhone is to log into WhatsApp on your phone.

Here you have to write what you consider is the adequate subject for this chat group. The following step is to add all the people you'd like to include in the chat, as it says on “Participants”.

On this option you'll be able to write members' names yourself and their names will appear according to the letters you've written, or toucan search for them clicking on the “+” sign on the right, your contact list will show up and you'll be able to choose them one by one. Next, you need to press “Ok” and the group will be provisionally created until the rest of the people accept the request that will be sent.

If you want to read similar articles to How to create a group on WhatsApp on iPhone, we recommend you visit our Internet category. The chat client introduced this group calling feature like a dose of salts.

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Now, iPhone and Android users can make group calling in WhatsApp. To make group calling on iPhone and Android, users need to update their devices to the latest WhatsApp version.

In a few simple steps, toucan add three persons to the group calling. Thus, four persons can talk to each other by using group calling feature on their iPhone or Android devices.

Remember, toucan make group audio and video calls on your device. In the middle of the call, toucan also switch to audio or video mode.

Note: Since this is a common feature for iOS and Android, steps remains same for both the devices. Next, select a single contact and tap on audio or video call icon from the top right corner.

Following the above steps, toucan add one more participant (4 in total) to your group calling. WhatsApp has always been a dynamic chat client as it has introduced user-friendly features at regular intervals.

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WhatsApp stops working on phones that are running on Android version older than 4.0.3. Some Android phones that still run on old OS include HTC Desire, LG Optimum Black, Motorola Droid Razor, and the Samsung Galaxy S2.

Exactly the reason why it sees loads of messages, photos, videos, and more being exchanged on a daily basis. This is another reason our WhatsApp storage gets filled up too quick, giving rise to the routine process of clearing up smartphone space so that the daily usage takes place with convenience.

Open the WhatsApp app Head to the Settings section Select the Storage and Data option We hope the aforementioned steps helped you figure out how toucan manage storage on WhatsApp with ease and save some time.

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