Can You Group Echo And Sonos Together

Maria Garcia
• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
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The good news is that creating these groups also prevents the annoying situation of your Sonos speakers are muted in the whole house, when an Alexa command is made in another room. Using the Alexa app, youcangroup your Sonos products and your Alexa-enabled devices together.

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This article will guide you through setting up an Alexa Group and selecting one of your Sonos products as a Preferred Speaker. With Alexa's Preferred Speaker feature, you can put multiple Sonos products together in one Alexa Group, like “downstairs” or “outside,” then play music to all of them with a single voice command.

Note: If your Alexa-enabled device is not in a group, the volume will not lower on any Sonos speakers. Choose the Alexa-enabled devices and Sonos speakers you want to have in this group, then tap Save at the bottom.

First this is not a request to support grouping Sonos with Sonos speakers for particular rooms, rather this is a request or an inquiry to find out if there are any plans (or rather that there should be plans) to support “grouping” of Alexa Echo Speakers with Sonos Speakers. In my opinion, if the desire is to be truly agnostic of AI (Alexa, Google Home, Siri, etc.) Then supporting other speakers (third parties or by Amazon, Google, or Apple) in unison is a must.

If I am Sonos owner it is obvious I want to use more Sonos products together because they are truly sound (no pun intended) and quality speakers, however if I want an AI in my house (Alexei for instance) I want it to be supported everywhere even if I invested in an Alexa Echo Plus (for instance). OK Sorry, our virus scanner detected that this file isn't safe to download.

The Echo devices have become immensely popular due to the convenience they offer to the users. In this article, we will tell you how to connect your Echo and Sonos devices and play your music seamlessly across both systems.

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You have found your way to the right place to know how to do this, so without further ado, let us dive into the processes that toucan follow to get the best music listening experience in your home by combining the smartness of Alexa using your Echo device with the best quality of sound offered by the Sonos sound systems. The first step in playing music on these two systems is to group them using the Alexa App.

Select the Devices icon and then find a + sign which you should be able to locate on the right-hand side corner at the top of your screen. It is at this point that you need to add the Echo devices and Sonos speakers to this newly created group.

At first, you must select the Echo devices that you intend to use to give commands for playing your choice of music. Select it, and you will be displayed the list of speakers you had previously added to the group.

Tap on one or more speakers you want to make as the default option for playing music every time. So just click the Save button, and that’s it; you are done with setting up your Echo and Sonos devices to play music together.

There are some standard issues that you face when there are conflicting commands that are present in the Alexa system. This is because these issues are not specific to playing music together on the Echo and Sonos but needs to be followed nonetheless to get the best experience.

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This situation results in the muting of the Sonos speakers across all the spots in your home. It does not matter where you place your Sonos speaker in your home, close to the Echo receiving your command or at a distance from it.

You will notice that all your Sonos speakers’ output gets reduced drastically, and toucan feel that it is almost as if it is on mute. Suppose you have set up the speakers, as explained in the above section, to play music.

You will notice that while Alexa provides you with an answer, the sound on the Sonos speakers playing the music got turned down automatically to a very low level. Creating a group and then selecting your Sonos speakers as default music players is just the first step in this process.

You must toil through the process of grouping all the speakers and renaming them to avoid this ducking situation. Simultaneously, the sound on the Sonos speakers in the adjacent room does not get affected.

The best solution to this problem is by creating a group in which all Echo devices are added, which were previously left ungrouped. You can also go for grouping for every room where one or more Sonos speakers are present, but the Echo is absent.

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You can also go for grouping all the Sonos speakers that you do not want to connect with the Echo and want to play the music separately. I write dozens of helpful informational articles based on topics that I have identified again and again throughout my research and work experience.

But it probably looks like a better idea to buy the Google Max speaker or wait and see if the new Echos have decent enough sound'm not following how the inability to mix and match echo and Sonos speakers means that people would be better served with a Google max. Peron sally, I opted for echo dots, because I never ended to use them as speakers with decent sound quality.

I did get full size echos for my kids room where I had little use for syncing audio with the rest of the house. For rooms where sound quality isn't as important, nor is multiroom (with the Sonos part of the house), then use echos.

If they don’t and google or Amazon improve the quality of their speakers then Sonos is dead But since it's still in Beta right now, and very early in its use, it's a little complicated, but can be done. First, everyone needs to continue to submit comments, suggestions, and everything to both the SONOS support group, and the Amazon support group to make sure both are always on top of things to better the entire service for all.

The only thing I can say that is the negative in this process (since we're mixing services), is that toucan 't add SONOS to the Everywhere group. I was excited to receive my Sonos One on the 24th, but if I can ’t do multiroom audio with it AND my existing echos together it’s getting returned.

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Currently, the integration is disappointing, it basically makes your echo redundant as a speaker. Would be great to have full integration, and be able to sync Sonos and echo speakers.

Adam, I don't think that's a solution to what other's wanted, which was to have their echo speakers and Sonos speaker all play in sync. First's and Fire tablets are also Alexa enabled devices, and they will not play in sync with your echo's, even though they are all Amazon products.

I already have my house full of them, and was hoping the new Sonos could be added to that group to give me great sound there, but I’m not going to add an incompatible device to the mix, or trash what I have and go all in on Sonos. I personally never listen to music on my Echo ; compared to even the smallest Sonos, the sound is terrible.

If sound quality isn't that important to you, and whole house audio on a budget is your priority, then going all echo's is probably the right choice for you. And that completely makes sense regarding wanting to maintain your existing system. Not having the ability to put the Sonos One and the Echos into the same group is a deal breaker.

Sonos should quickly state their intention to provide having the One and Echos in the same group. With Amazon just recently adding the multi-room music made it likely people will assume the One can go into a group.

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I received my Sonos one today and can confirm you cannot add it to the Everywhere group in Alexa app. I received my Sonos one today and can confirm you cannot add it to the Everywhere group in Alexa app.

Very disappointed and will likely return the One. It's not possible with any 3rd party speakers until Amazon releases the SDK with this functionality early next year. Grouping all your speakers and controlling them with Alexa can actually be done but requires a Harmony hub and remote (at least it’s the only way I know of).

This is not perfect and commands are limited so I am really looking forward to Sonos ’s ultimate solution but it’s better than nothing.

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