Can You Group Apps On Apple Watch

Carole Stephens
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
• 9 min read

On your Apple Watch, press the Digital Crown to go to the Home Screen. Press the Digital Crown, touch and hold an app until they all jiggle, then drag it to a new location.

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Touch and hold an app icon, then drag it to a new location. Note: In list view, apps are always arranged in alphabetical order.

List view: Swipe the app left, then tap to remove it from your Apple Watch. Or open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, tap My Watch, then go to General > Usage.

The screen is so small that there's no room to show all the apps with their names, at least not in the default Grid View. Tap on the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch to segue to the Home screen.

Yes, you have to swipe down a sometimes long alphabetical list of apps until you find the one you want. Maybe you prefer Grid View but want to better organize your apps so you know where to find each one.

Keep moving the icons this way until you achieve a layout you prefer. You'll probably find it easier and quicker to use your iPhone to redecorate your watch's Home screen.

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Toucan 't get rid of built-in apps such as Email, Photos, Music, or Settings. Finally, toucan easily remove AppleWatchapps using your iPhone.

Again, open the Watch app on your iPhone and swipe down to the section for “Installed on Apple Watch.” Then turn off the button to Show App on Apple Watch.

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Blood Oxygen (not available in all regions, Apple Watch Series 6 only) Look for this icon for references to relevant settings throughout the guide.

Photo: Jim Merit hew/Cult of Mac Photo: Jim Merit hew/Cult of Mac The Apple Watch ’s tiny screen has already proven to be a boundless landscape for creatively organizing app icons, but one obsessive Reddit user has created the most scientifically convenient app layout we’ve seen yet. “I don’t have fat fingers, but I found myself tapping the wrong app constantly,” he said.

The circle approach makes getting to apps a lot quicker than forming a giant line of icons or some other weird shape. Another plus is that you ’ll significantly cut back on the risk of tapping the wrong icon by mistake.

“Once you get used to aiming for the app you want but on the side that’s facing the space, you ’ll pretty much eliminate most accidental taps,” he said. Building out horizontally could work, too, but he found that diagonally felt more natural to his finger.

I guess my question is more related to multiple people in the same challenge group. Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch.

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Can Joe and Mike see Sean's progress, or just mine since I was the person who invited them. After you start sharing your activity, toucan check on your friends and help motivate them to meet their goals.

When you get a notification about a friend's activity, toucan reply with preset smack talk or encouragement. And, when your friend closes all three rings or earns certain achievements, toucan challenge them to a competition directly from the notification.

The BA Apple Watch app will provide you with gate details, whether the plane is on time and what the status of the flight is. City mapper's approach to its Apple Watch app is to let you quickly see the status of nearby public transport at the press of a few buttons.

The translate app will translate the words spoken into it when the microphone is pressed into the language you request at the bottom. Pocket-lint If you remember and loved Casio's calculator watch, Call is a must-have app for the Apple Watch.

It's nice and simple, allowing you to add, subtract, divide and multiply, as well as calculate percentages directly from your wrist. The Time Tag feature is brilliant for pinpointing the more exciting parts of a recording so toucan access it quickly later on your iPhone.

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The app follows the Apple Ring look, showing you how close you are to completing your To-Dos for that day. Pacemaker is a very basic DJ app that creates music mixes automatically from your iPhone and then allows you to add effects via four preset options on your watch.

It's simple but fun and paired with a Bluetooth speaker makes things even more interesting. Pocket-lint There are numerous appsyoucan downloads for the Apple Watch when it comes to weather, but we found the native Apple weather app was perfectly adequate at providing quick and easy information on our wrist.

For each place you have set up on the iPhone, the Apple Watch weather app will show you the hourly expected outlook. It offers access to current, hourly and daily forecasts but it delivers them with dialogue and characters, making things much more interesting.

The list is pretty comprehensive with everything from ATMs and cafés to beauty salons and book stores. You hear a track, fumble for your phone, and try to tap listen before the song finishes.

With the Shazam Apple Watch app, toucan simply slide up from a Glance, press the listen button and you're capturing the tune before you know it. The Apple Watch app then gives you the option to buy the track on iTunes using Apple's Han doff feature.

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Just point your Apple Watch at the sky and it will direct you to it, after which toucan explore the object in AR on your iPhone. One football allows you to follow thousands of teams and hundreds of leagues and competitions worldwide.

Toucan select your favorite players, clubs, national teams and leagues to get instant content and scores that matter to you when they happen. Like One football, toucan personalize the app to get alerts for your favorite teams and leagues.

Yelp is a local guide to helps you find restaurants, bars, salons, coffee shops and plenty more nearby. You'll be able to see reviews, price range, opening hours and the address directly from your wrist.

Pocket-lint Fit lets you stream hundreds of workouts, with options including HIIT, strength training, kettle bell, dumbbell, yoga, postnatal recovery and more. Signing up to a membership (£20/month) gives you unlimited access to 10, 25 and 40 minutes classes with personal trainers, whenever you want.

Start a workout on your iPhone and you'll see your heart rate come up on your Apple Watch, along with a leaderboard on the next screen. Once you've started running toucan check a number of stats, including overall time, distance covered and pace.

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It will then offer time, splits, distance and heart rate on your wrist during the workout. All data is transferred to the iPhone app following a workout so toucan see more detail.

The Symbolic Workout Tracker uses AR to create an avatar, which toucan then change to represent your gender, height and body fat percentage. During a workout, you'll see various stats, including reps, weight, heart rate and calories, alongside your avatar.

It allows you to start a running, cycling or walking workout without touching your iPhone. Fantastic allows you to track various activities from running to biking, see a brief history of your previous workouts and monitor your stats from your wrist.

A picture of the exercise you need to perform appears on the watch face, surrounded by a countdown circle. You'll need to start a round on your iPhone after which the Watch will take the information and deliver it to you when you need it, such as distances and the par of the hole.

Pocket-lint No list of apps would be complete without a couple of games and Trivia Crack is one of our favorites. It's a very basic version of Trivial Pursuit but if you're any good at general knowledge, it's a great app to try.

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Answers are multiple choice, which you select on your wrist and you don't even need to get your iPhone out to start a game. The games include memorizing and tapping dice, choosing the correct number to complete a math equation and matching pairs of identical cards.

There are different levels, comprising beginner, expert or timeless and the game includes a daily brain workout mini-game for the Apple Watch. Like the iPhone version, it provides easy access to boarding passes, tickets and cards you've registered to Apple Pay.

IFTTT (If This Then That) is compatible with over 600 apps from Twitter and Instagram to Nest and Hive. Toucan 't get the NATO robot to return to the dock or anything from your wrist so its basic functionality, but it's still a useful app to start that quick clean.

You'll be able to reply with stickers, or a voice recording or a pre-written message so toucan stay in touch without having to get your phone out at all. The app allows you to browse your timeline, lists, like and retweet things.

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