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• Sunday, 15 November, 2020
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So in case you are quarantined at home and need to urgently place a group video call from your Android ? Let’s begin this list with Skype because it is probably the oldest app in the world to support group video calls.

What makes Skype popular is that it is available not only on mobile platforms but also PC, Macs, browsers, and PlayStation. Toucan make a group call with up to 10 people but Skype says the number varies.

If the participants in the group call don’t have Android or iOS with them, they can also chat from the Skype Web. A free chat messaging app that supports group video calling on different devices and platforms including Android.

While WhatsApp works on numbers saved on your phone, Hangouts is connected to your Gmail ID. Moreover, toucan record your Hangouts group video calls and publish them directly on your YouTube channel.

Due to the current lockdown, Google Duo has expanded its group calling limit from 8 to 12. Houseparty is the currently #1 trending app with millions of downloads in a couple of weeks and it’s pretty legit.

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Houseparty, on top of this, provides a bunch of games that can be played while you are in the group video chat. This is affecting the volume on its servers and you could feel connection drops occasionally in the video call.

App hasn’t been updated in over a year Occasional call drops even on Wi-Fi Duo is Google’s replacement for Hangouts and it is the most seamless integrated video calling app.

One of the recent updates was group video calls on Android and iOS. WhatsApp, recently increased the maximum video call limit to 8 people.

Easy to add people in a group video call The Highest number of user database compared to other apps Facebook Messenger Lite doesn’t support group video call.

Facebook, like WhatsApp, enjoys a large user base which puts Messenger in an ideal position. Sadly, Messenger fails to attract the kind of love and attention it should have received.

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The group video call option is not pretty evident because, hey it’s Instagram ! So, if most of your friends are on Instagram toucan quickly initiate a group video call through the DM section.

Stalk is relatively not so popular as some behemoths mentioned in this list, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth taking notice of. The app is a wonderful alternative for making group video calls on Android.

Discord, basically, functions somewhat similar to Reddit (but for gamers), where toucan join multiple gaming servers (i.e. Subreddits) and have one-to-one conversations. To initiate a group video call, the said people need to add each other and be on a Discord server.

Quick toggle to switch the audio output from the headphone to the speaker Multiple apps for different platforms Unlimited messaging and video calls In case you are looking to record your video calls with ease, Stalk has a better solution because they offer this feature right inside the app.

If you need an app that works with 2G/3G data or you have a slow Internet connection, IMO is a better solution but with few features. For a more informal setup, WhatsApp video call and Google Duo is the easiest of the lot to use based due to the design and adaptability rate.

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Nobody can deny the fact that smartphones are the most incredible part of our daily life. A chat message can now be added with doodles, audio, video, photograph and even files too.

It is not just about the text, but all your audio, video, photo, GIF and other multimedia elements can be sent at once through it. EzTalks Meetings is also one superb app that provides Android group chat with iPhone.

This app makes it easy for you to share data with any number of people anywhere. EzTalks Meetings is specialized in video calls, cloud conferencing and group chat option designated mainly for online meeting, webinar, online presentation, Internet training and more.

Bringing the traditional SMS system almost to halt, this app has changed the history of messaging. Started with alluring features like text messages, photo, smileys, doodles, it has now provided video calling as well.

Toucan form different groups, add any number of people and can share anything with them. It is very simple, but with the most advanced features to provide an effective group chat with iPhone and Android.

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This unique app not only adds the Facebook contact but allows you to send a request to non-contact as well. Start a video call, share multimedia contact and send messaging request.

All this makes this app a full-fledged messaging platform for group chat between Android and iPhone. It is an instant messaging app that works across many platforms, including smartphones and PCs.

It allows iPhone group chat with Android devices as well as empower you to share messages, photo, music etc. Skype is a multi-platform app available for Android, iPhone, iPad, tablets, Mac, and Window operating system.

In all, with Skype, toucan easily have iPhone group chat on Android devices. With them, companies can easily share information and do group chat between iPhone and Android devices.

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