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Although Québec’s diverse range of fish is a renewable natural resource, its balance is nevertheless fragile. As a result, there are a number of rules that you must follow before fishing, to ensure the sustainability of this collective wealth.

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Québec’s territory is divided into 29 fishing zones that take species distribution into account. If you fail to comply with any of the rules governing fishing, you may be liable to a fine that will vary according to the type of offense you commit.

Rules may also differ from those of the zone in certain specific territories (Zeus, outfitters, wildlife reserves, etc.). Make sure you have the landowner’s permission if you must cross privately-owned land to access the site at which you would like to fish.

See our fact sheets on the main species fished in Québec for details of their principal characteristics, and to learn how to recognize them. Whitefish, rainbow smelt, turbot, mollusks and crustaceans: Particular types of fishing are authorized for these species, in very specific situations.

An initial management plan was tabled in 2011, and since then length limits have been introduced to protect the yellow walleye from overfishing. Recreational fishing for saltwater species such as captain, cod and so on, is managed by Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Close a body of water in order to avoid overfishing of a particular species; change catch limits based on a salmon run; open local water bodies to winter fishing ; change fishing practices in a given sector following an agreement with an Aboriginal nation or band council. Before planning your fishing activity, we invite you to consult our Latest News page for information on these changes.

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If you are new to fishing, we have worked with our partners to create a unique Web platform containing a host of information that will guide you through the discovery of your new hobby. If you would like to discover fishing, learn the basics or try it out, visit the campaign website La peace, c'est simple, c'est pas complete (French only).

You must carry the license with you when you fish, and be able to show it immediately when asked to do so by a wildlife protection officer or assistant. Annual licenses are valid from April 1 to March 31 of the following year.

The fees include all taxes and a contribution to the Foundation de la Fauna du Québec. A resident holding and carrying a “Peace en here” or a “Relieve DE la peace” license may fish for salmon, but with mandatory release.

However, you may purchase a new thready license valid from the day after your first three-day license expires if your annual catch and keep limit of four salmon has not been reached and toucan relate to one of the following situations: You have placed the tag from your three day license on a small salmon, but your annual catch and keep limit of four salmon has not been reached; The period indicated on your license has expired, but your annual catch and keep limit of four salmon has not been reached.

Under exceptional cases you may use the general sport fishing license during a salmon fishing period on the western portion of Riviera aux Rockers, downstream of the boulevard DES Miles bridge in PortCartier, to the mouth of the river (Petite Quiet sector, part of zone19 south). Present your hunter’s or trapper’s certificate or complete an identification card if you do not have one.

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If your first name, surname, address or date of birth is not shown on the back of the license, or if the information shown is inaccurate, you must add or correct it by hand. In this case, this person, the owner, must sign it upon receipt from the buyer and ensure that the information on the back is accurate for this permit to be valid.

Present the hunter’s or trapper’s certificate that you used to purchase the original license; or provide the client number of the lost, stolen or damaged license. This is the number shown in the upper right-hand corner of the client card given to you when you purchased your license.

Tip The client card not only entitles you to pay the replacement fee, it also avoids the need for you to complete an identification card every time you buy a fishing license. Toucan simply use the client number shown on the card.

Your license is not valid until it has been signed by both you and the sales agent who sold it to you. Except in certain particular situations, each person benefiting from your license is entitled to his or her own line.

Anglers wishing to take advantage of the licenceSport fishing license (for species other than Atlantic salmon) and turbot fishing licenceAtlantic salmon sport fishing licenceYour spouse Yes, if he or she is in your presence or in possession of your licenceNoYour children (and those of your spouse) who are under 18years of Angeles, if they are in your presence or in possession of your licensees, if they are fishing under your supervision or under your spouse's, who is in possession of your licenceYour children (and those of your spouse) who are between 18and 24years of age and who have a valid student card in their possessions, if they are in possession of your license AND a valid student cardies, if they are in possession of your license AND a valid student carding person under 18years of Angeles, if they are fishing under the supervision of the license holder or his or her spouses, if they are fishing under the supervision of the license holder or his or her spouse student between 18and 24years of age who has a valid student card in his or her possessions, if they are fishing under the supervision of the license holder or his or her spouses, if they are fishing under the supervision of the license holder or his or her spouse However, you must still respect the fishing periods and authorized quotas for the chosen body of water.

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If you are under 18 years of age and have in your possession a Peace en here or Relieve à la peace certificate issued after an introduction to fishing activity. If you fish for any species other than salmon in zone 21 (St. Lawrence River) and in the river portion of zone 1 located downstream from route 132, except for the section between Saint Fla vie and Matapédia.

If you fish for rainbow smelt and Atlantic tom cod in the St. Lawrence River and its tributaries downstream from the Marionette bridge (Trios Rivieras). Anglers from New Brunswick The holder of a New Brunswick sport fishing license is considered to be the holder of a Québec sport fishing license when line fishing in the Paramedic (zone 2) and Ristigouche (zones 1 and 2) salmon rivers.

Trout, walleye and northern pike are the most sought after fish species. The more remote you get, stops in small town grocery stores or gas stations will sometimes present a small language barrier but nothing that should prevent anyone from a fishing trip to the beautiful remote regions of Quebec.

Do you want fish multi-species including bass (large mouth and small mouth), walleye, northern pike, muskie or sturgeon? Guide Mark Carrie will fish this area of Quebec with you out of his well-equipped Range multi-species boat.

Camp Bonaventure is an American Plan lodge that caters to those coming to the province in search of the mighty salmon. Toucan stay at their main lodge, which has four guest rooms accommodating up to 8 people.

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Toucan rent their private guest house, which has two bedrooms and can accommodate up to four people. Regardless of the length of your trip, you should definitely consider Camp Bonaventure for a Quebec salmon fishing adventure.

La Reserve Beaches should be on the bucket list of anyone who loves Northern fishing. La Reserve Beaches is located in Quebec near the town of Misnaming.

From everything we have researched this is an amazing combination of luxury accommodations with a fishing focus. This fishing resort provides American Plan and Housekeeping (European) lodging.

Their main fishing season runs from Early May through the month of September. Choice of accommodations range from lodge rooms to chalets to outpost cabins to a quiet campground.

We have to be honest and say that this isn't the least expensive place in our directory but from what we have been told you more than get what you pay for when visiting La Reserve Beaches. Located approximately 5 hours northwest of Quebec City, this outfitter has exclusive rights to over 100 lakes and nearly 60,000 acres of land.

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The main lodge, outpost camps and many lakes and ponds can be easily driven to and are only fished by these outfitters customers. All fishing packages are European (housekeeping) plans in the remote, well-equipped, outpost camps.

Separate licenses are required for Atlantic salmon, for other sport fishing not including Atlantic salmon and for turbot fishing in lac Saint-Jean, which is north-northwest of Quebec City. Licenses are usually sold in convenience, hardware and sporting goods stores.

If you want a federal migratory bird hunting license, you must buy one at a post office. Prices vary according to game, resident status, zone and type of weapon, but some licenses are not available to non-residents.

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