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The process of waiting for a fish to bite includes patience, attention to the task at hand and a small dose of luck. Fish can be caught just as readily in small, shallow, and/or player-created pools, both above ground and underground.

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The player must wait for a random period between 5 and 30 seconds before the hook catches something. Each level of Lure enchantment on the fishing rod subtracts 5 seconds from the wait time.

If the bomber is not directly exposed to sun or moonlight, the wait time is approximately doubled (each tick has a 50% chance of not decrementing the count). For direct exposure, all blocks above the bomber must be transparent to sunlight, such as glass and tripwire, but not leaves.

If the bomber's block is being rained on, the wait time is reduced by about 20% (each tick has a 25% chance of counting down 2 instead of 1). After a period of waiting, a trail of water particles appears a short distance from the bomber and heads toward the bomber (provided that the Particles Video Setting is not set to Minimal).

When the particle trail reaches the bomber, it dips below the surface and the player must immediately use the rod again to reel in the line. The window for reeling in when the bomber submerges is about half a second .

Normally, the item flies directly to the player's position, but if there are blocks in the way, it may hit those and bounce off at an angle. If the player wanders more than 32 blocks away from the bomber, or if the player stops holding a fishing rod, the bomber and fishing line disappear with no durability reduction to the rod.

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The bomber floats up to the water's surface even if the fishing rod is used from underwater unless it hooks onto a mob such as squid or is obstructed by a block. Reeling in the fishing rod costs durability, although this can vary depending on the circumstances; see below.

If the player is fishing without skylight access, the wait time is doubled on average. After the waiting time has passed, fishing particles appear, approaching the bomber in a serpentine path.

After 1 to 4 seconds the particles reach the bomber and the player has a half-second to reel in the line before the waiting time resets. Removing the bomber from water during this interval secures the caught item on the line.

In order to catch items in the treasure category, the bomber must be in open water. These conditions are checked every tick to determine if the player is eligible to receive treasure from a fishing attempt.

a b c d Bows and Fishing Rods caught from the Treasure category are enchanted at a random level between 22-30, but also badly damaged. a b c d Fishing Rods and Leather Boots caught from the Junk category are 10%–100% damaged, and always enchanted.

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The percentages for Enchanted chance and Luck of the Sea of Junk item may be inaccurate. In Bedrock Edition, the player can catch only cod and salmon while fishing in jungle biomes and variants.

Reeling in and successfully catching fish, junk or treasure costs 1 durability. The rod incrementally repairs itself using the experience gained each time a player reels in a fish, even if starting from nearly 0% durability.

This section is missing information about the chance to get leather pants instead of boots when fishing ; when this was the case and when was it changed in pocket/bedrock edition. 1.915w43c The Lure enchantment no longer affects the chances of catching things, only the delay.

The Luck of the Sea enchantment is broken due to a typo in the new fishing loot table. Fished junk is now less damaged (0%–90% durability remaining) while treasure is more damaged (0%–25% durability remaining). Ink sacs can now be caught singly with weight 10 (formerly a stack of 10 with weight 1). 1.1318w15a Added nautilus shells, obtainable as a treasure item when fishing.

1.1418w43a Added bamboo, obtainable as a junk item when fishing in jungles. Bubble columns and lily pads both invalidate open water.

Pocket Edition Alpha March 13, 2015Daniel Wustenhoff tweets an image of the player fishing. Bedrock Edition1.4.0beta Added nautilus shells, obtainable as a treasure item when fishing.

The player can obtain the achievement 'Cow Tipper' from reeling in leather . Players are more likely to catch a fish faster when it's raining (20% more) or by using an enchanted fishing rod (which can be found in the spoils of sunken ships) with an enchantment called, Lure.

Cod and salmon can both be cooked, whereas a puffer fish can be used in Brewing. Tropical fish and Puffer fish can 't be cooked and can only be eaten raw, with the latter always giving you the poison, nausea, and hunger effect when consumed.

Many enchantments can be applied to the fishing rod, exclusively: Luck of the Sea and Lure. Lure increases the speed at which fish will be attracted to the rod, whereas Luck of the Sea increases the probability of finding fish or treasure rather than junk.

Once the float has risen to the water's surface, watch for some bubble particles that will move towards the float and make it go underwater when they reach it. As soon as it “bobs” underwater, right-click again, and a fish or item should fly out of the water towards the player's feet.

The fish or item will not always land at one's feet, as it will sometimes fall short or even fly over a player. Wait for the bubble particles to move toward the bomber.

This was often exploited to make “The AFK Fish Farm” (Outdated in 1.16). In Console Editions, if you fish in a water block at Y=256, the block of water turns black and you can 't take the fishing rod out.

The String on the Fishing Rod becomes an entity when the line is cast out. Toucan get string by killing spiders, or by exploring underground mine shafts.

The red and white float (or “bomber”) will bob slightly on the water. When a fish bites, you will see the float move violently and hear a splashing sound.

Depending on your graphics settings, you may see a trail of a fish moving towards your hook just before the bite, as in the picture above. They can be eaten raw but that just makes you feel bad about eating Nemo.

In addition to fish toucan catch all sorts of other things, from enchanted items to old boots. Two enchantments are available for Fishing rods: Lure, which decreases the length of time it takes for a fish to bite, and Luck of the Sea which makes it less likely that you will catch junk.

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