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• Sunday, 01 November, 2020
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A Loop Knot can be tied very easily under various circumstances, and attached to swivel and hook. One of the most basic knots for adding end tackle, such as hooks, lures, or swivels.

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Tie an Overhand Knot in the doubled line, letting the hook hang loose. Pull the end of loop down, passing it completely over the hook.

Put the end of the double line through the eye of the swivel. Use the left hand to rotate the swivel through both loops 6 times or more.

Pull on the swivel and loops of line will start to form. Holding the swivel with pliers, or (better still) attaching it with a short length of line to the rigging, push the loop down towards the eye while keeping pressure on the double line.

Loops are made for the purpose of attaching leaders, traces or other terminal tackle. Take the end of the line and double it to form a loop of the required size.

Tie an Overhand Knot at the desired point, leaving the loop open. Hold the line and the end part together, and pull the loop to form a knot.

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Another end loop can be tied quickly and easily using the Blood Bight Knot. Double the line back to make a loop of the size desired.

The Blood Bight Knot is often used for attaching a dropper when fishing deep water with several hooks. The loops can be made long enough to have a hook set on them, but that isn't necessarily the best presentation for many fish.

Take hold of the other side of the loop, and pull it through the center opening. Pull gently on both ends of the line, making the turns gather and pack down on either side of the loop.

The turns will make the loop stand at right angles to the line. It is not an especially compact not, but has a very strong attachment, which cannot be said for the more aesthetically pleasing Perfection Loop.

Make a Blood Bight (see above) at the end of the backing line. Pass it through the Blood Bight and make a simple Sheet Bend.

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Now pass the end of the tapered line back through the closed loop of the Sheet Bend. Hold both ends of the tapered line to tighten and draw into shape.

This knot will move readily over the rod guides, but grip a monofilament nylon so tightly that it will not slide over the line. At least consider using the double turtle trick listed below to enhance it, if you choose this simple knot.

Carry the end of the line on to make a Simple Overhand Knot upon the loop. Pass both of these loops over the hook or swivel.

Pull on both parts of the line to draw the knot up into shape against the eye of the hook or swivel. For years knot strength has been the reason that most fishermen lose fish.

It’s not the hook, not the line, not other terminal tackle, it’s the knot. Under electron microscope this knot seems to deliver stress more evenly than any other fishing knot.

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The breaking strength is for the Trident fishing knot is close to 100% for most lines and diameters. A fishing knot that’s easy to tie and has a good breaking strength of over 90%.

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