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• Monday, 12 October, 2020
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The FCC’s Fish|Hunt FL app makes it easy to ensure you are never without your fishing and hunting licenses and permits. There are also a variety of other offerings on the app like Harvest Reporting, fishing and hunting regulations, sunrise/sunset times, feeding times, MA brochures, etc.

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Commissioners did point out that things could change if we see a local spike in COVID-19 cases, and they will discuss the issue again at their next meeting on May the 19th. There are several fully equipped marinas, which cater to boaters and fishermen that visit the area.

Angling possibilities abound and charter boats are readily available for offshore or bay fishing. Or, you may wish to head upriver where even a novice angler can find plenty of action.

Before heading into the water, Annabelle is an excellent place to have some work done on your vessel with facilities and trained individuals available for any marine services. Boat launch fees will be enforced by the City of Annabelle Police Department.

Boat launch facilities will be overseen by the Annabelle Dock Master. Unwanted or damaged line should be stored away until it can be placed in a recycling bin.

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Fishing line recycling bins are located at 10-foot hole in Apalachicola, both sides of the old St. George Island fishing piers, at the St. George Island State Park and at the River walk in Annabelle. If you see discarded monofilament line while you are out, pick it up, secure it and dispose of it appropriately.

Buying a Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FCC) license has never been easier or more convenient with the new FISH-Hunt-FL application for Android, Apple and Windows smartphone devices. Sgt. Peterson Inshore/Offshore Charter Fishing Experience of a Lifetime with USCG Captain Tim “SGT” Peterson.

Fisherman's Choice We carry everything you need for a fun family outing: Bait, Tackle, Seafood, FishingLicense, Hunting Supplies, Feed, Apparel Cos... Grit water Outfitters USA Shelling, Island Tours, Near and Inshore Fishing.

MS Dockside Marina, L C Full service marina with 60 ton travel lift, wet slips, dry storage, ship store, working yard, and mechanics on duty. The Annabelle Boat Club Association Updated operational hours as of April 30, 2021.

You are dying to drop a line in the famed Gulf Coast waters of Florida. We're answering some of the most frequently asked questions about fishing on the Gulf Coast.

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Both Indian Rocks Beach vacation rentals and Indian Shore condos offer close and convenient access to the Gulf of Mexico and Intracoastal Waterway. Not to mention the local piers, inshore and offshore fishing, and Tampa Bay.

Whether you choose a Gulf front rental or one on the Intracoastal side, either way you're close to the water and ready for some fishing adventures whenever you want them. Florida fishing is fast and furious all year long on the Gulf Coast.

Take a look at the Seasonal Fishing Chart from the Florida Wildlife Commission to see the best times to catch your favorites or see what's biting during your Gulf Coast vacation. The FloridaFishing and Wildlife Conservation Commission is the go-to resource for all of your Florida Gulf Coast fishing Q&A.

You can read more about the requirements, exemptions and specific information on freshwater and saltwater fishing licenses on their website. For Florida residents, the fishing licensing has quite a few options to choose from, so it's best to visit this page to see what your best bet is.

Other Floridafishinglicense agents include local retailers like Walmart, sports retailer shops like Sports Authority, in addition to local bait and tackle shops. If you don't want the hassle of waiting in line or driving somewhere to get your fishing license, you can purchase a recreational fishinglicenseonline or via phone.

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Just follow the steps found here to order your Floridafishinglicenseonline (please be aware that a surcharge will be added to your purchase). Or you can call toll-free 888-FISH- FLORIDA (347-4356) from anywhere in the United States or Canada (surcharges also apply).

Check out the Beach Welcome Center for some recommendations on local charter fishing excursions. They also have recommendations for other things to do on Florida's Gulf Coast, so bookmark it or stop by in person.

For first time fishermen or visitors who might be new to fishing in the area, hiring a professional guide can be a great asset. Military personnel who are residents of Florida and are home on leave for a period of 30 days or less and have valid orders in their possession.

Individuals fishing in their home county with live or natural bait, using poles or hand lines that are not equipped with reel or other line retrieval mechanisms for noncommercial purposes. It is a fun and rewarding sport that most anglers enjoy for a lifetime but license fees and fishing rules are often daunting for beginners.

At first glance, fishing licenses seem expensive but are actually quite cheap considering the opportunities they provide for families in every state. To make your life easier, we compiled a current list with the cost of basic fishing licenses for all 50 states in the year 2020.

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Whether you will be traveling out of your home state to fish or purchasing another annual license for a nearby lake, this list will show you what it costs this year. In general, youth must start purchasing a license between the ages of 12 and 16 depending on the state.

Most kids under 12 can fish for free but be sure to check your local regulations to learn more about specific license fees or permit requirements. There may be some added processing and/or dealer fees that are not usually listed until you are ready to purchase the license.

It is important to review the full license stipulations for the area and species you intend to fish. An annual fishing license is the most common type of license sold and often the most cost effective way to enjoy a full year on the water.

However, you may only want to go fishing one or two days a year, in which case buying a temporary license is more affordable. They are valid for consecutive days starting on a date specified at the time of purchase.

You can get a 1 day or multi-day pass but at some point it is cheaper to just buy the annual fishing license. Keep in mind that only government websites are authorized to sell state licenses on the internet.

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There are several illegitimate websites that pretend to sell fishing licenses to unsuspecting anglers. The only secure and safe place to buy a license online is through your state’s fish and wildlife government website.

Your fishing license helps pay for the cost to maintain a quality public fishery. It is a small price to pay to ensure you can continue catching the species you love.

The license fee pays for the use and upkeep of public land and water access whether you keep the fish or not. In general, as long as the lake or pond does not have any inlets or outlets and is privately stocked with fish, a fishing license is not required.

Some places have even established “apprentice” programs that allow new anglers to try out fishing while accompanied by another licensed adult. This is a great program that introduces new anglers to fishing every year in the spring and summer.

Make the most of this season by checking out all our how-to guides, fishing advice and gear reviews that will help you become a better angler.

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