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Hike, bike, horseback, canoe, kayak, river tours, nature center, camping, bird watching, and more. Amenities include a 990 ft pier with a bait shop and snack bar, picnic shelters, restrooms and outdoor showers.

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Website Entrance: 9060 Indian town Road, Jupiter, Florida 33478 680 Acres Take a step back in time and enjoy walking, bicycling, riding, or canoeing through beautiful and historic Riverbed Park. From the ancient Indian middens, through the Seminole War Battles, to present day restoration, see Florida as the first settlers did.

Freshwater fish along the Wild and Scenic Loxahatchee River, visit the Cracker Farmstead, and picnic in the shade under a Seminole chicken. Website Entrance: 805 N. U.S. Highway 1, Jupiter, Florida 3347735.55 Acres Boat Trailer Parking Permit Required Conveniently located just south of Jupiter inlet, Burt Reynolds Park boat ramps are open 24/7 (west side only) and only a few short idle minutes away from the inlet.

Amenities at this park are plentiful on the east side with horseshoe pits, picnic areas with grills, shelters/pavilions, playground, restrooms, sand volleyball court and a non-motorized vessel launching beach. Burt Reynolds Park is also home to the River Center and the Northern Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce.

Fishers find the section of the 380-mile Intracoastal Waterway that winds its way through Jupiter, Florida ideal for catching shook and other fish. Unlimited beach access and a public jetty give anglers plenty of options for fishing from the city’s shores.

Look for shook feeding on shrimp and minnows at night when they tend to congregate around lighted areas of the waterway. The water near Jupiter Inlet makes a productive spot for catching shook, sea trout and redfish.

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Colossal jack crevasse often swim in large schools near seawalls and the edge of the channel. If going in the winter, plan to wear layers since early morning and evening temperatures get cool.

During summer fishing trips, bring plenty of beverages to keep hydrated in the hot sun, and wear sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen to prevent sunburn minimal. If the fish are biting farther south, the company goes all the way to Palm Beach Inlet before heading back to the mouth of the Loxahatchee River.

Trips take place on a 24-foot open fishing boat with a full gunwale and four live bait stations. * Florida residents and nonresidents are required to have a Florida freshwater fishing license to attempt to take freshwater fish unless they qualify for an exemption.

**Caboose and Okeeheelee Parks are part of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission's Urban Fishing Program. Lakes contain an abundance of native sunfish (bream) and hatchery-raised channel catfish.

These naturally produced and stocked fish grow quickly from eating the supplemental fish food that is fed to them by automatic feeders located on each lake. The lakes are stocked with catfish every year to maintain a steady supply of fish for anglers.

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Saltwater fishing is permitted OUTSIDE designated guarded swimming areas in the following County beach parks: * Florida residents and nonresidents are required to apply for and have a saltwater fishing license before fishing for saltwater fish, crabs or other marine organisms unless they are exempt.

The captains do not allow passengers on the boat without advance reservation. IOutdoor 2018-05-29T09:36:31+00:00Cash is accepted for the balance, you pay the captain after the trip is over.

IOutdoor 2020-02-04T23:21:41+00:00If you don’t see the email confirmation in your Inbox, check your Spam or Junk Mail folder. IOutdoor 2018-05-21T13:40:22+00:00Our charter boats are labeled with outdoor logos, you will also have the captain’s cell phone on your itinerary if you can ’t find the boat.

You will always generally want to meet down by the boat ramps unless otherwise told by captain. IOutdoor 2018-05-21T13:41:11+00:00The drive takes different times for different locations and styles of charters.

Most inshore and freshwater charters take a 5 to 15-minute boat ride before starting to fish. Again refer to your captain on his call with you and he can provide a detailed plan.

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IOutdoor 2018-05-21T13:43:01+00:00It depends on the customer and type of charter. If passengers wish to take a break, we can stop at scenic areas to stop take pictures, use restrooms or get a bite to eat when available.

IOutdoor 2020-02-04T21:04:44+00:00Sunglasses, Hat, Jacket, Wear layers, there’s plenty of storage. Cell phone or camera, on trips that permit harvest a cooler to take your catch home is important.

IOutdoor 2018-05-29T09:07:13+00:00No we do not offer this, we can help you contact a car service on the way in so that you are able to get back to your hotel. Deposit trash in the wastebasket on the boat, the captain will assist you with this.

Our boats have large panoramic windows that are perfect for capturing your catch and sightseeing. We know your vacation photos are important to you because of the way you share them on your favorite platform, when doing so please include outdoor or #ioutdoor, and we will be sure to share your pictures with all of our guests as well.

IOutdoor 2018-05-29T09:07:02+00:00The boat returns to dock at approximately what length time you booked. Departing 4-hour trips at 7AM return approximately 11:00am, departing 6-hour trips at 7AM return approximately 1:00pm, departing 8-hour trips at 7AM return approximately 3:00pm.

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IOutdoor 2018-05-29T09:36:40+00:00No, we do not offer courtesy pick-up and drop-off service from hotels as we are pulling the boats and most places we can not turn around. Khaki shorts for guys is as dressed up as anyone ever gets, long pants work if you’re not used to the sun.

After booking, you will immediately receive an email confirmation containing your receipt for your deposit. It will be followed up with another email with detailed itinerary from office with Captains contact and meeting location.

Captain will make contact generally 12 hours prior to your scheduled date. IOutdoor 2018-05-29T09:06:24+00:00Some do, all the inshore and freshwater charters DO NOT have air condition.

Many of Offshore sport fishing deep sea charters do have air conditioning, although not all. IOutdoor 2018-07-03T12:06:32+00:00No, but in almost all cases the captain can help you store the luggage while you are out fishing.

Do you offer Cruise Ship Pick Up from Ports? IOutdoor 2020-02-05T17:33:51+00:00The most affordable way to get to our FloridaFishing destinations and trips is by Uber or Lyft from cruise ship ports.

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We do offer Cruise Ship Pick Ups from South Florida ports but it will be an additional cost for you. IOutdoor 2020-02-05T17:11:20+00:00If a hurricane or tropical storm threatens to spoil your fishing trip, we promise to secure full refunds for customers with prepaid charters.

It is strictly a call center, our aim is to give you the best possible prices so it helps. However, we are available (7 days a week) from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM to discuss your fishing charter.

IOutdoor 2018-05-29T09:06:04+00:00Most likely, but if they don’t have our contact please connect them with us, and we will get them involved for your convenience. IOutdoor 2018-05-29T09:03:17+00:00The two main languages that are spoken are English and Spanish.

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