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• Sunday, 27 December, 2020
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Florida has some of the most spectacular fishing that you’ll ever experience from saltwater to trophy large mouth bass. It is so unique that even watching videos or reading articles on how to catch bass that aren’t specifically made for Florida can be of no help.

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If you’re more interested in fishing lakes than feel free to skip ahead to the next part. What you’re looking for is decent size ponds that have vegetation growing in them like drill, Lilly pads, and reeds.

Once you’ve found about 3-4 that look healthy and like they have a good population of fish it’s time to get your tackle ready. If there are a lot of lily pads senior/ worms are the way to go with maybe a frog for good measure.

Now if the pond has drill or sparse vegetation a jerk bait/ fluke can be money. Jerk a shad colored jerk bait around the sparse drill or a watermelon colored weedless fluke around the thicker stuff and you’re liable to catch every (fish) around.

Now knowing how to use each of these correctly is extremely important and can make the difference between a disappointing day and an unforgettable one. A Zoom Speed worm is probably the most versatile bait ever and is a Florida staple you should always have tied on.

Texas rig it with a 3/16 ounce weight on the front and you can drag it like a worm on the bottom, just reel it in, or rip it across the top. Now a Big EZ is another Florida staple that just simply catches fish.

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It is a swim bait made by Gambler and it has a special action that fish can ’t resist. Rig it up on a swim bait hook and just cast and slowly retrieve.

These are areas that simply have a higher chance of holding good groups of bass. Bass will typically hold on this year round as they create great ambush points for them to attack.

Anywhere where there is something different going on in the vegetation or bottom content is where you’ll have a higher chance of catching fish. Then it’s just a matter of fishing these areas and keeping at it, don’t worry if you’re not catching anything.

While the fish in a lake that doesn’t have any offshore vegetation or structure will stay shallow and in the maiden cane grass or reeds year round. While brush piles and shell beds can be great ways to catch them they can also be a pain to find and in the effort of trying to keep this simple I’m not going to bother with explaining them.

The majority of the bass in Florida will be in drill or any type of soft vegetation like eel grass, pepper grass and horn wart anyway. What you want to find is drill that is continuing to grow out and is cleaning up the water.

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That is what will have the most nutrients and cover for the bait fish which in turn will hold the bass there. Now if you can find a mix of different types of vegetation like drill, eel grass, and pepper grass all mixed together then you’ve found a money spot and I GUARANTEE you that there’s fish there.

If there isn’t new fresh growing drill then they’ll be in the older stuff that has stopped growing or if there isn’t a good population of submerged grass then they’ll be up shallower in the maiden cane and reeds. Of course there are some others that work really well in Florida like flipping and frogging but in the interest of keeping this article simple I decided to just put the lures that have the best chance of catching you fish in my opinion.

In the next blog I’ll be going over in detail the top 7 lures to use in Florida for bass fishing and how exactly to use them. I hope this article helps you fill your Instagram with fish pics.

Want to be notified of our latest deals, news, fishing reports/blogs, and YouTube videos? Florida seldom sees deep chills, but even ordinary cold fronts have a big impact on our bass fishing.

Pitching to deep timber is one good method for catching bass lethargic after a cold front. Florida large mouth bass are famous for chain’ and chewing’ right before a cold front, but when the front passes, ushering in those high pressure “bluebird” skies, the bite slows down.

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Living in a mostly mild-to-warm environment, Florida bass simply never become accustomed to significant weather changes. They grow bigger, for sure, but they aren’t as tolerant of cold snaps.

Even if the temperature drop is not dramatic, cloudless, post-front skies bring intense sunlight that pushes fish farther under weed mats and docks and tucks them tighter to lay downs, cypress trees and stumps. >Fish small: Try a finesse jig with a short, bristly skirt and diminutive trailer.

A full-size jig with a subtle chunk-style trailer represents a bigger meal that a bass might find more favorable. On the other hand, slow-rolling a big spinner bait near the bottom or bumping a swim jig along a lay down could convince a fish to make his one-and-done move for the day.

Spend time in your favorite areas graphing for submerged wood, deep grass beds, springs and other attractive features. Identifying places bass will likely hold during post-frontal conditions makes you more efficient, enabling you to focus on patient presentations.

Florida’s large mouth bass put the Sunshine State on the international sport fishing map. Looking out over the flooded farmland in Fells mere in southeast Florida that anglers call Stick Marsh, I wondered how we would ever find our way through the hundreds of submerged tree stumps.

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Lenny Crisping lives near Tampa, but doesn't mind getting up in the dark and driving across the state to fish this 16,500-acre man-made impoundment. Though the nearest big city is Vero Beach, most Florida fishing guides are familiar with its waters.

The term “trophy,” however, is a misnomer when it comes to Florida bass, because the vast majority of anglers would rather take a picture than take a fish. Listed above in no particular order, each destination has its own appeal to anglers, varied topography, impressive nature and, of course, productive bass fishing.

Depending on whom you ask, Florida large mouth bass could be a distinct species, different from its northern cousin, or merely a subspecies. No one disputes the fact that the Florida “bucket mouth” grow bigger and fatter than any other species of bass.

“You can credit that to our year-round growing season,” says Was Pork, a biologist with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. Black bass, Micrometers salaries florid anus, were once found only on the Florida peninsula but have since been introduced in Texas and California.

Florida's fabled “bucket mouth” will attack just about anything- minnows, frogs, even baby ducks. Ladies Day Tarpon Tournament: Every year on the weekend after Mother’s Day, 200 women and 50 boats take to the Coca Grande Pass that runs south of Sarsaparilla Island the tarpon fishing capital of the world.

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Grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, aunts and friends compete in what has become an island tradition. This month-long October tournament draws upwards of 35,000 anglers to compete in prize categories ranging from Amber jack to Yahoo.

Cobra “BIG” Fish Tournament: The small town of Homosassa (near Crystal River on Florida's gulf coast) offers big prizes the first weekend of June for catches of cobra, grouper and spotted sea trout. Other activities include a Saturday barbecue, Sunday fish fry and live entertainment throughout the weekend.

Captain Phil Members 648 1 505 posts Location Eustis, Florida My PB: Between 11-12 lbs Favorite Bass : Large mouth Favorite Lake or River Florida lakes, Harris Chain, Too, Okeechobee Both central Florida and the coastal regions have some of the best fishing on offer in the United States of America.

To that end, let’s take a look at some of the best places to go bass fishing in Florida, along with a few other tips that can help make your experience a fishing story for the ages. The fact that some of the biggest bass tours operating in the United States make regular stops here should tell you something about how hot of a bass fishing hotspot Lake Okeechobee is.

As a result of this attention, the area has the added benefit of having plenty of places which offer accommodations for fishermen and families out on fishing trips. The southern half of the lake in particular has a reputation for being active, with the Lewiston and Belle Glade areas being among the best spots to catch bass come springtime.

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That elevated reputation has made the area quite popular, of course, so you’ll want to follow the old fisherman’s ethos and make sure you play the early bird and get there at daybreak or before in order to stake out your spot before the crowds start flowing in. One of the best things about the area from a fishing perspective is the astonishing degree of biodiversity in the lake’s waters.

That added convenience along with the incredible bass fishing and scenic views make Lake Okeechobee one of Florida ’s premiere fishing destinations overall. If you are looking to do some great fishing in Central Florida, you’ll want to try out this interconnected series of eleven lakes.

If you are a half a second off in terms of when you cast your line or attempt to reel your fish in, you can lose your catch. There are a few reasons for this, not the least of which being that while Florida ’s natural warmth may be a welcome retreat, especially if you normally live in cold weather conditions, its midday heat can be considerable, to say nothing of how humid it can get as well.

The warm top water can be great for attracting fish such as peacock and large mouth bass, making it an ideal time to catch them. On the flip side, there are times when Florida experiences a cold front, and when that’s the case, you may be better off fishing during the afternoon.

In addition, to maximize your chances of the fish being active, you’ll want to come at a time when they are mating and spawning. For the different types of bass which populate Florida ’s best fishing locales, this period typically lasts from February through May.

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Personally I like to have one lighter spinning setup and one medium/heavy bait casting combo as my main go to rods and reels.

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