Can A Goliath Grouper Swallow A Human

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While diving in 80-foot deep waters off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, spear fisherman Arif Saber had a standoff with a seemingly fearless and ferocious goliathgrouper, which Grind TV estimated was 300- to 400-pounds. Saber had just caught a lesser amber jack with his spearfish gun, he told Grind TV, when he noticed the large grouper eyeing him and closing the distance in between them.

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The video, shot by his wife using a GoPro 3, shows the hefty fish as he nips at the man's flipper, tearing it off, and then goes straight for his catch with its powerful jaw. But, even if the diver wasn't familiar with that specific size of this type of fish, Goliath groupers have been known to roam western Atlantic waters near Florida.

If you’ve never heard of the GoliathGrouper it is the largest of all the grouper species, and as we SE here it’s also a fish you never want to mess without in the ocean. The GoliathGrouper (formerly known as the Jewish) all-tackle world record was set back in 1961, in Fernanda Beach, FL…that fish was a colossal 680 POUNDS.

So now that we’ve established their impressive size, it’s easy to question why in the hell a spear fishermen would get so close to one out in open water. The giant grouper fish definitely astounds your eyes and you may get deeply impressed.

And you may feel too shocked to go on underwater photography for capturing amazing moments. Luckily, you can use a new underwater drone that can fly to realize your dream in deep sea water.

Goliath grouper size may reach extremely large, up to 2.5 m (8.2 ft) and weigh as much as 360 kg (790 lb). It eats crustaceans, other fish octopuses, young, little sea turtles, and barracudas.

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At depths of 10 to 15 meters, especially in caves and coral zones, it is often seen by scuba diving lovers. Unfortunately, because of its massive gathering around born places, many Goliath groupers are preyed by goliathgrouper fishing placatory man illegally.

According to the research report, all kinds of groupers have been continuously overfishing and many species are getting into extinction crisis. Let’s take action to arouse awareness of underwater sea creature protection.

NBA star has lost staggering number of relatives to COVID-19 I have heard of very large groupers taking divers into their mouths, but I don't think they swallowed them.

Groupers are not predatory in nature, so I doubt you would have to fear an attack... Sharks come in the winter, then sea turtles in late spring and early summer.

Starting in August and peaking in September, the number of these groupers at dive sites throughout Palm Beach County swells as they gather to spawn. As spawning time approaches, however, they temporarily abandon solo life and gather in groups of 50 or more.

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It’s no secret that divers love to swim with big fish, and Goliath groupers, which can reach lengths over 8 feet and weights approaching 800 pounds, certainly qualify. Despite their size, Goliath groupers prefer to eat lobsters, crabs and other small animals they can suck into their huge mouths and swallow whole.

While today, it still takes some special effort to find a spawning aggregation, not that long ago it was virtually impossible. Overfishing caused such a decline in numbers that spawning aggregations had essentially disappeared in the late 1980s.

Several spots in Palm Beach County host aggregations with fairly good reliability throughout the fall. According to Shana Plan, of Pure Vida Divers, the Micah, one of a series of wrecks in a dive known as “The Corridor,” and the Spud Barge are two favorite sites for aggregating Goliath groupers.

It's a fish that can reach the size of a grizzly bear, and it's loved by divers and despised by many fishermen. The goliathgrouper, capable of growing to 800 pounds, bobs around the reefs and swallows the occasional crab or passing fish.

As fishermen tell it, these marine blimps hover in wait of easy meals, parking themselves next to fishing boats and snatching someone else's hard-won catch off the line. They face strong opposition from environmentalists, divers and some scientists, who relish the opportunity to see these enormous, surprisingly curious fish just a few hundred yards from South Florida's condo towers.

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“If you sit still, they'll come to you and see what's going on,” said Kevin Metz, owner of Underwater Explorers of Boynton Beach, whose business from August through October consists almost exclusively of taking divers to see Goliath groupers at a submerged wreck. For anglers, watching in dismay as Goliath groupers swallow their catch, the huge fish are as charming as that friend who always seems to show up around dinner time.

His eyeball was the size of a baseball, and its mouth was so big it could’ve eaten a small child.” Brian Sanders of Davie has taken famous South Floridians including former Miami Dolphins' linebacker Zach Thomas and former pro wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fishing for Goliath.

Written comments to the wildlife commission in support of allowing them to be taken again describe similar experiences. Whether to allow them to be killed, the wildlife commission has received 439 written comments so far, the majority from fishermen who blame the resurgence of Goliath groupers for a decline in the number of other fish.

“They eat massive amounts of reef fish to maintain and grow to these huge weights. Known until 2001 by the politically incorrect name “Jewish,” the goliathgrouper had sustained a sharp decline due to overfishing for its meat, the loss of coastal habitat for young fish and the inherent vulnerabilities of a long-lived species that takes years to reach sexual maturity.

The species is classified as “critically endangered” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the global authority on the status of wildlife populations. “Recent stock assessment indicates abundance in South Florida has greatly increased since the fishery closed in 1990,” said Amanda Valley, spokeswoman for the wildlife commission.

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“While a limited harvest of smaller-sized fish in south Florida is unlikely to harm the population, the FCC also wants to take into consideration stakeholder perspectives. Sylvia Earle, one of the world's foremost marine biologists, who was named a Hero for the Planet by Time magazine, strongly supports keeping the ban, saying that living Goliath groupers are ecological treasures that support a growing tourism industry.

The Goliath grouper, (Epimetheus Tamara), is found in shallow tropical waters and reefs. Their willingness to approach spear fishermen and to return to spawn in the same location at a set time has lead to mass killings.

The artificial reef is one of the last major bastions of varied, epic, and pristine marine life. Some of them seem pulled right out of a fairy tale, yet here they are, bouncing and gliding and frolicking amongst the reef.

The dogfish has this glorious pink glow that is certain to capture your attention and your imagination. The tips of the fins are lined in a dark black that appears like a cartoon outline as the fish glides on by.

The Redfish or Red Drum, also known as Channel Bass or just Reds, is a game fish that is found in the Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Northern Mexico. Snapper will hang in large schools and skip and scurry along through the reefs.

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There’s even a type of grouper known as the Goliath grouper, weighing hundreds of pounds and known to even swallow up the limbs of people. The most common is the Dwarf Seahorse, typically found in the warmer southern waters of the gulf.

If you head up north a number of miles, you run the chance of seeing a Lined Seahorse. The Spotted (or Speckled) Sea Trout is one of the more common fish among the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico.

Anglers aim to catch these fish for a great eat, so long as it’s in the allowable range between 28 and 32 inches. The recreational harvest season for one of Florida’s premier fish, shook, is open March and April and again September through November.

King Mackerel have earned the title with their big size and their huge mouths with little teeth lined up. Diving crews will start early and spend the whole afternoon exploring the local reefs.

Contact any of the leading dive and boat charter providers for information about seeing the reef for yourself from your Captive Island beachfront home.

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