Black Grouper Wine Pairing

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• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
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Chardonnay: This popular grape grows all over the world, but some of the best wines originate in France, Italy, California, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. We recommend the Chili Estate Chardonnay from the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County, California.

We recommend the award-winning Rodney Strong Estate Pilot Noir from the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County, California. It has a light body, dryness and crisp acidity that make it easy to pair with fish and a wide variety of other foods.

January 26th, 2012Written by Michael Cervix People love lists; they can be a great source of education and discussion. These 100 people, from winemakers to lawmakers, bankers to bloggers, and smelters to celebrities are definitely people who influence wine ; how it is made, marketed, perceived, sold, shipped, purchased and shared.

January 27th, 2013Written by Michael Cervix Our 2013 iteration of this list is intended as a source of education and discussion. We merely define the Top 100 people, from winemakers to lawmakers, bankers to bloggers, and smelters to celebrities who influence wine ; how it is made, marketed, perceived, sold, shipped, purchased, shared and consumed.

And we chose to release it today, January 29th, as it was on this day in 1919 when the pathetic policy of Prohibition was ratified; the effects of this lunatic legislation still evident in our country’s inability to ship and sell wine across state lines. Use this list to learn about wines, varieties and regions you may not have considered; comment on it, share it with everyone, but above all continue your joy of being Antoine.

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Good wines are certainly valued, but the entire experience a winery provides leaves guests wanting to return and telling their friends and family to visit. Each winery listed in this article has some special draw, whether it’s art, architecture, ambiance, gardens or compelling history.

This past weekend I was hanging around Savannah, Georgia and coastal South Carolina on a mini vacation with M.C. Vacation has many, many benefits but one of the best is that I get out of my food rut and get to play around with wine pairings when we go out to dinner each night.

To make a final determination, you can do your best pairing work if you focus NOT on the meat, but on the preparation. Even though I’m a homelier and am an expert of sorts in this game, sometimes I botch it royally and it’s a great learning experience nonetheless.

What was in season and common on every menu was fresh grouper, a light, flaky, white fish that is imparted with flavor based on the sauce that goes on top. Although on balance it worked out, I realized just how many things can fall apart if one part of the dish is different as described or if you don’t consider how it all goes together.

I thought the 2007 Tribal Riesling from Alsace, France, which is creamy, aromatic, fruity and almost oily, yet acidic, would be a safe bet with a light fish. I went from acidic, peachy delight in the wine to harsh textures and clashing flavors that made me think of Iggy Pop rocking out with the New York Philharmonic.

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The artichoke was salty and green tasting, which contrasted so strongly with the aromatic, nectarine notes in the wine and made the acidic nature of the Riesling cut my tongue like a knife. This wine is usually so creamy, but when met with the red pepper sauce it became thin and bitter.

I went off the sauce rule (keeping in mind that the red had to stay on the light side so as not to ruin the fish). The Pairing : After the nightmare of the night before, we went by the glass for each dish (a perfectly fine option if you are ordering different stuff from your companion).

There are, of course, dozens of places to find food and wine pairing tips, but I hope to make this your go-to resource. Today, my friend Ron asked about pairing a nice white wine with Grilled Grouper for Valentine's Day.

Ripe tropical fruit (pineapple, citrus, melon) is teamed to rich viscosity, bright acidity, and a light overlay of vanilla from the gentle oak aging. This delicious white wine from Argentina offers a great balance of fruit and toasted notes from gentle oak aging.

I have two in mind, as I just discussed them for television segments on Daytime, a nationwide morning show I contribute to. Great acid on the finish, this $15 white wine will definitely work nicely with grilled grouper.

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Another French white that I loved recently was Jean-Francois Marceau 2008 Touring, a Avignon Blanc from the Loire Valley, France. Also retailing for about $15, this white wine showed Bosch pear on the notes, and had a soft, silky mouthfeel.

It was a pleasure to drink, and it would fit in well on the dinner table with a white fish like Grouper. There are many other wine options to pair with Grilled Grouper, and I’d love to hear your ideas.

Tags: Bordeaux, California, chardonnay, Château Les Maine's, food and wine pairing, France, Guggenheim, Jean-Francois Marceau, Loire Valley, Paris, Avignon Blanc, Went But for restaurants not built around the philosophy of locavores, foraging, fermentation and the likes, natural wines may not always be a desirable fit.

That was the reason why he initially imported a small quantity of Graver and Radio from Frills Venetian Giulia and Valentine from Arezzo in 2013. On the current menu at Buena Terra, you are as likely to discover Massey Mecca Orient Fermenting 2017, a natural wine from Tuscany as you are a Barbaric Easily 2012 from Bruno Giacomo.

With the complex dish of Japanese Sea Perch, Artichoke, Bought Mussels, Baby Squid, Sun-Dried Tomato, Black Olives and Preserved Lemon (photo, right), Gizzard boldly offers Paolo BEA Arboreal Bianca 2015, a lively amber-hued ‘white’ that exudes intense apricot and honey notes, and acts as a foil for the intense flavors of the dish. Summer Pavilion offers a limited time Grower Champagne and Dim Sum Pairing Menu, with wines selected by homelier Helen Chong.

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Noting that the restaurant's regulars are mostly business diners and families with “fixed preferences” in their choice of wine, Chong is naturally cautious in adding labels that may be considered too new and unusual. But having personally discovered Graver when she travelled to Italy, she was impressed with its unique dryness, freshness and generality.

This year, even though the restaurant has not been able to organize its regular wine pairing dinners, it has launched an exciting Grower Champagne and Dim Sum pairing menu, taking place from 15 September to 15 November. The inaugural menu pairs chef Cheung Six Kong’s exquisite Cantonese dishes with artisanal Champagnes from Goutorbe-Bouillot, Pierre Bonnet ET Film and Diebolt-Vallois, which are family estates that cultivate the vineyards, harvest the fruit, and produce the wines with their own hands.

Look for the silky, delicate Goutorbe-Bouillot Reflects de Rivière, Brut NV, which capably complements the Poached Prawn And Preserved Vegetable Dumpling With Sweet Black Vinegar And Chili Paid, while the more textured Diebolt-Vallois á Cram ant Rosé NV refreshes the palate for the Braised King Scallop Served With Stuffed Eggplant, Prawn Paste And Spicy Sauce. Co-founder and managing director Anent Tag of Restaurant Jag is well aware of the production ideology behind natural wines, but he prefers to consider sourcing from another approach.

“The wine program at JAG is central to our philosophy and focuses extensively on small family owned producers whose approach over the generations has singularly been towards not only quality but the preservation of terror too,” he explains. “We have a limited selection of natural wines on the list, and we indeed like the ideology behind the production.

We do give our customers a heads up to prevent any unwanted surprises table side, as natural wines can have flavors that are quite different and atypical of the variety and region,” he adds. “If I were to pick specific wines that pair well with the dishes, I would go for Jurtschitsch’s Belle Natural Pruner Jetliner as it has a great freshness that pleasantly accompanies many of Cheek Bistro’s snack items such as the cheese bread, olives and oysters, but it also works great with the meatier dishes such as the Fish & Chips, Backgrounder and Iberian Pork Collar.

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They’ve also launched a selection of Pet Nat (Pétillant Natural) sparkling wines in the new brunch offering that showcases a lineup of only natural winemakers. Since 2001, she's been writing about food and wine, consulting in hospitality and communications, and unabashedly tasting and cooking her way through the world.

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