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• Tuesday, 03 November, 2020
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You can come to some best spots in Florida in the late summer or you can also come in the early fall. Late summer and also early fall are the best time when the bull redfish will show up to a deeper location such as the jetties, bridges, and also wrecks.

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That is why some fishermen say that it is the best time to catch redfish in Florida for bragging rights. For you who are looking for the bestredfish for fishing in Florida, you need to find the best places for getting some other entertainment too.

When you come to Florida in redfishFlorida seasons such as in late summer or early fall, you will find some other kinds of fish too. Here, are some spots for Redfishfishing in Florida that you can choose to get big fish, tasty dinner, and also some other outdoor activities.

The next place for red fishing in Florida is Cocoa Beach. You can stay close to the shore for your red fishing Florida plan because it may take a longer time to catch your dream fish.

Cocoa Beach is not only popular as the best spot for red fish in Florida but in this place, you can find the most popular vacation spots in the US. For all of you who are bored in fishing, you can play volleyball on the beach or just soaking up the sun.

You can come to West Palm Beach to get redfishFlorida or other kinds of fish. You must ensure to stay safe that is why choosing to get local guidance will be good for you.

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As it is said before, you better come to catch redfish in late summer or early fall. After you know the best time to catch the fish and know the best place to get the fish, you also need to add information related to how to catch redfish in Florida.

There are some tips and tricks that you must know to catch be a success in Floridaredfishfishing. You can also choose to use frozen mullet, mud minnows, and also craters.

When you catch the fish in the shallow water, you can use soft plastic jerk baits. You also need to prepare other equipment to get big redfish such as tackles, lines, floats, rods, spears, gaffs, waders, tackles box, sinkers, hooks, and some other things.

It is good for you to ask local people to get the best spots to catch the fish. For most anglers, red fishing in Florida is high on their bucket list for plenty of reasons.

Once you’ve fought and landed a trophy over 20 pounds, you’ll understand why this species of fish is atop the list of “favorites” for anglers of all skill levels and backgrounds. Great spots to look for and find reds are usually where rivers spill into the ocean, flats and marshes, oyster bars, and just about any bays or sounds in the state of Florida.

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During colder weather, you can usually bet that redfish will move away from the shore and venture into deeper channels and around reefs or shipwrecks. They will slowly move in closer to the shallows once the weather warms and you can count on the Grand Finale of red fishing to take place in late October, November, and December.

One of the main reasons redfish became so scarce was the ease with which most anglers can catch huge numbers of reds in a short amount of time. Since redfish is a species of bass, you can’t go wrong using anything that remotely resembles a bait fish to catch reds, especially when they are in the shallows during the late season.

Redfish will annihilate anything that includes poppers, spoons, buzz baits and everything else top-water during the late season. There’s nothing like watching a giant redfish home in on a top-water plug and strike with amazing force and precision.

Couple that with their surprising ability to bend a rod and yank off half a spool of line in no time and it will become clear why reds are the king of the shallow water fisheries in Florida. Reds will hit just about anything that normal shallow-water game fish go after such as live shrimp, minnows, and especially mullet.

Most seasoned anglers know that there are some specific tips you’ll want to stick with for catching reds throughout the year and most will agree on a few tried-and-true methods. Large redfish have keen senses and will spook easily if you make too much noise and move in too quickly.

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A red will rise up and not so gracefully smack a top water plug in shallow water, and is just as happy to inhale a chunk of lady fish rigged with an egg sinker on the bottom of a channel. And there are time-tested places where anglers armed with the top lures, flies and bait can bet on redfish success.

Grass flats, oyster bars, mangrove shorelines, inlets and passes, sandy beaches, under docks and bridges, you name it. Though ideally built for bottom-feeding and grubbing, a red often takes prey such as bait fish, and swimming crabs and shrimp, in the middle of the water column and even at the surface despite its under slung, inferior mouth.

A live shrimp under a popping cork was central to my boyhood redfish indoctrination, and the place was Everglades City in the Ten A Thousand Islands. The shrimp can be hooked to stay alive by passing the point and bend through the rear of its horn, but it really matters little to a hungry redfish.

On one fine autumn day I recall at least three reds clumsily and comically attacking my cork, without noticing the shrimp at all. Fresh shrimp come in handy, too, wherever redfish get fussy on grass flats, or around shallow oyster bars.

A fresh shrimp either Texas-rigged or tail- hooked is deadly when sight casting to redfish in tailing depths. Fiddler crabs are also a redfish delicacy, becoming an easy target when a high tide floods their marsh or shoreline habitat.

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In northeast Florida marsh country, fiddlers are a redfish staple, and fly Myers imitate them for good reason. High water levels caused by winds, a full moon, flood tides or combinations of all these allow redfish to feed on the excellent stock of fiddler crabs.

It has fallen out of favor a bit, and there may be some truth to the belief that they “don’t work” as well anymore due to conditioning of redfish where fished especially hard. I can’t argue it’s possible, and in fact, years ago in Florida Bay, reds seemed to flare off when they saw it, so I switched to a black Johnson “Silver” Minnow.

I was convinced it’s the wobbling action and sound of the lure slithering through the grass that triggered the strike, not so much the shine. The small size casts a mile, doesn’t get blown off course as much in a side wind and the splashdown is lighter.

The Silver Minnow wobbles without full revolution when retrieved slowly; it’s when you crank it in a warp speed to recast that it can twist your line. Whether you are fishing in a foot of water for tailing reds, or peppering deeper flats potholes, or combing a shallow, mangrove-lined shoreline, a skimmer jig is tough to beat.

Color-wise, you can go “Earth tones” such as brown or tan to blend in over “salt-and-pepper” flats, or do an about-face and tie on a chartreuse/brown combo or something gaudier, such as hot pink/white or orange/brown. And a monofilament weed guard (which comes standard on Backbone Lures) help keep loose grass off the hook.

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Today I would venture that 90 percent of red fishers prefer plastic-tail or scented tail jigs over those dressed with buck tail or other fibers. Both tails are terrific, action-wise, and give off vibrations that help redfish find the food in dark or cloudy waters.

The soft bodies probably cause the fish to hold them a bit longer in their mouth before you set the hook, too. The main convenience is you can switch out a tail color in seconds, other than a hair jig.

The soft tail can be pierced to allow for insertion of a small rattle chamber. I reserve these 1/4- and 3/5-ounce jigs for slightly deeper flats and channel edges, and work them along bottom with the current.

Swim bait mainly refers to those lifelike mullet/whitebait imitations fitted with a weighted hook. I have had success on pass and mangrove backcountry redfish with the Storm Wild eye Swim Shad, and the same type of swim bait is a great choice for catching an inshore slam.

The smallest versions are light enough for flats work, the bigger ones better suited to deeper water. These ride hook-up in the water making them ideal for bottom-bumping around oyster bars or flats potholes, and most have tails designed to vibrate on a straight retrieve.

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The Zoom 5-inch Super Fluke for example, is one I have fished a lot for reds on stingrays, staging in potholes of the flats, and tailing in the shallowest water. Can add a split shot or two on your line right at the hookah to make it sink faster if desired.

The best thing is you can twitch this lure at the surface for top water strikes, or let it settle as deep as you need to reach the level of the fish. A great search bait, or for sight casting to redfish in clear water.

My old favorite for flats reds is the venerable Creek Chub Darter, a deadly shook plug as well. Redfish, with that inferior mouth (under the head) are a bit clumsy when rotating their bodies to engulf something floating.

When I’m stalking tailing redfish on the grass flats, I make a quick assessment on what the fish are doing. One of the oldest patterns in the saltwater book is the Homer Rhodes Streamer, later popularized by Chico Fernandez as the Seducer.

The palmier hackle suspend the fly, making it a terrific choice for grassy, shallow water. I love to cast it in tight to a busy tailed, let it settle near it and then give it a twitch once the fish looks back up.

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I tie this one with Cree hackle feathers and a little copper flash in the wing to imitate a shrimp. Related I've witnessed the tendency for redfish to school in large numbers where they see the most pressure.

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