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The restaurants in Downtown Roanoke are a huge part of the amazing local food scene in Virginia’s Blue Ridge. You’ll find authentic cuisine from countries and cultures around the world, including Mexican, Italian, Greek, Lebanese, Japanese, Indian, and many more.

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YEARS Withdrew Business: Rainbow Poke Salad and Grill is a new and Healthy restaurant that offers great tasting food while giving you all the Nutrients your body needs to look and Feel… YEARS WITHSelected this on the basis of Internet information.

I was a late diner on a Saturday night after a football game at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, … I absolutely love their chef and grilled chicken salads.

Plus the grouper, Mali and fried scallops are super fresh. Olivier Lacey: The Godzilla is a must-have but there are some wonderful alternatives like the Grouper on the menu and I recommend the truffle tots.

Tom Instigator: Excellent fresh line caught blackened grouper !! Dale Roberts: Great food and drinks, service was fine, make sure you arrive early or book ahead.

Would recommend the restaurant to any full-blooded Italian. Matthew Bronfman: Order a beer, some chips and dip and a burger, sit outside looking over the golf course and enjoy a nice evening in college park.

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Stephanie Pancreatic: Vegetarian Mezzo platter is the perfect meal for two to share. Esteban Sermon: Gyro was pretty good.

Tom HARWELL: They are friendly and the food is authentic and awesome. Justin Sutton: We were impressed with every step of they're evening from the hello through dessert love the Blue Crab loved the Oysters and defiantly recommend the Pickled Cues and onions.

Jack More: Hush puppies free and yummy! Every once in a while, we all need a break from the plain and ordinary, and the dinner table is no exception to this rule.

Any Hi neighborhoods to specifically seek out (or avoid) if moving to the island with a middle schooler? My parents live on HH, and they close on a new house this weekend and wanted to get them a bottle of champagne but I can't find any place that delivers wine on the island.

Called Bargains and Treasures and I’m constantly on FB Marketplace too. You can easily search for any locations where you can eat fish in your area.

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Make sure that you have selected your desired location (if you’re using a mobile device, please check that your location/GPS is turned on). Once you see a restaurant that you are interested in, you can click on its icon to get contact information, opening hours, directions and more.

In addition, you can search for seafood restaurants that offer discounts near you: If you are looking for fish restaurants and buffets in different cities, not in your current location, you can search for that as well.

Just adjust the maps to point to your desired location, then zoom in on the exact area and you should be able to see if there are any seafood restaurants nearby. You can then click on the one that you would like to get more information on and you will see its address, phone number, reviews, directions on how to get there and more useful details.

Advertising those seeking something a little special, Accra is home to some exceptional restaurants for haute cuisine. Predictably, some best are French, but Asian and Italian flavors are also served up from the capital's finest kitchens.

Set in one of the most prestigious spots in the city, overlooking the Polo Club’s playing field, Accra Polo Club, formerly home to IL Cavalier Jazz, rises to its setting. The menu is a mix of superb, properly-cooked Italian dishes (risottos, gnocchi and ravioli) and, her, sushi.

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Not natural bedfellows in one place, but the sushi is very highly regarded here. It’s an impressive building too, making effective use of wood both on the interior and exterior.

The Six line Soap fish is brown, deep bodied fish with 8 or more closely spaced, horizontal white lines that are broken up into dashes. Juveniles start out black with whitish yellow spots, which, as the fish grows, eventually turn to 3 whitish yellow stripes, then 6 white stripes and eventually on to the lined dash pattern of the adult.

The Six line Soap fish is the only fish in the Grampuses genus, and the toxin found in their body slime which they can emit at will is called Rammstein. Although listed as a grouper quite often, this fish is different due to, not only it's smaller size, but that their skin can emit this toxin.

This coloring is more visible in the darker parts of the reef which the fish is commonly found in during the day. When hunting, they pose with their nose pointed down and upon seeing prey, they turn their body’s sideways and swim in an exaggerated pattern, possibly to confuse it.

As the prey is texting its friends to come see the freak who just moved into the area, who is swimming all weird-like, the Six line Sailfish instantly snatches up his dinner! Even when feeding in captivity, the Six line Soap fish will slowly approach its chunk of food, and snatch it up in the wink of an eye, much to the amazement of its owner.

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This fish will also emit a poison that makes them taste very bitter to their attackers. Provide them with many places to hide and do not house them with aggressive fish that may try to attack them.

There should be quite a bit of live rock that are formed into caves and crevices for the Six line Soap fish to hide in during the day. Some specimens may need live foods like feeder fish and glass shrimp etc., but are easily trained to eat bite-sized pieces of saltwater originated raw fish or shrimp.

The color as an adult is brown with 8 or more, closely spaced horizontal white lines that are broken up into dashes from the area behind the gills to the tail fin. The head, from the mouth to the gill plates, has white dots and possibly some dashes.

They have a downward angled mouth which has large swallowing capacity, opening almost as wide as their body! Very small juveniles from .07” (1.7 cm) are black with whitish yellow spots.

Juvenile Six line Soap fish between 2 and 3.1” (5 to 8 cm), have 3 whitish yellow horizontal stripes over a dark brown body. Transport, illness and inappropriate tank mates can result in death if they release all the toxins that their body slime always has present.

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This larger tank size will be a little more forgiving and possibly would allow enough time for the removal of all other inhabitants if the toxin is released. This may not happen very often, but eventually the Six line Soap fish will die of old age at least, and will emit the toxin and take out the entire tank.

Having a very good filtration system and Puritan or Poly filters handy would be helpful. Apparently, it is just too stressful and performing a temperature and pH adjusted freshwater dip just before putting them in the tank is usually enough.

Any toxins emitted from stress should end up diluted and handled by 100 gallons until your Six line Soap fish adjusts. Once the fish is fully adapted, recognizes you as it’s food source, and becomes friendly, start to add other tank mates.

These items can be obtained at the grocery store to help cut the expense of feeding this very hungry fish. Some can be trained to eat prepared frozen/thawed foods and possibly large presoaked pellets (to expel all the air) on occasion.

Large Tanks 100 gallons and over, once water is aged and stable can be changed 20% to 30% every 6 weeks depending on bio load. Although light is irrelevant since they hide during the day, a dimmer aquarium may be better than a bright reef.

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Even a male and female pair would not be a good idea since they are solitary in the wild. Inverts are okay except for crustaceans, such as shrimp or small lobsters and crabs, which are part of their diet.

These fish are hardy, but the toxins they choose to emit when scared or sick is typically what will kill them. These fish do not ship or transport well, unless there is a good amount of water and oxygen.

Do as one aquarium did and hold the fish (wear gloves), in front of the power head in the main tank to help oxygenate and clean out the toxins it expelled in the travel bag. Soap fish should also be the first addition to your cycled main display to prevent the stress of being added into tanks with larger fish.

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