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• Saturday, 12 December, 2020
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MarlinFishing is the purist form of big game sport fishing. The celebrated author and angler who often frequented the waters of the Gulf Stream, Hemingway pioneered the use of outriggers in big game fishing.

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The most effective method of targeting blue marlin is trolling lures and rigged baits at a quick clip anywhere from 3-20 miles offshore. If you’re lucky enough to get the bite from a blue marlin, expect a world-class battle as you must fight for every inch of line you retrieve.

High quality large capacity lever drag reels and matching rods are a must for successful Marlin fishing. An angler can expect even a small marlin (200 lbs) to run off 200 to 300 yards of line in a matter of seconds.

The Bimini Twist offers 100 % breaking strength and also acts as an additional shock absorber. A good recommendation is the original Sea Boots Kong Lure or the Knucklehead.

The short pump and wind tactic is a good technique for breaking standoffs. If a mate is on board then you have the perfect team and a better chance of hooking and landing a good fish.

The Florida Keys are home to more saltwater fishing records than many destinations around the globe. Presidents, celebrities and some of the world’s greatest anglers have come to Key West to try and find the elusive Marlin.

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Female Blue Marlins are significantly larger than their male counterparts and can reach up to 14 feet in length and can weigh more than 1,900 lbs. It was the blue marlin that author Ernest Hemingway featured in his classic novella The Old Man and the Sea.

The Lucky Charm is a 42-foot custom Staple ton Sport fish perfect for trolling the blue water for marlins. You can also contact us online to ask questions and tell us more about the marlin fishing Key West trip of your dreams.

During summer months, Blue Marlin expands northward and returns to equatorial regions during wintertime. These are pelagic fish that live in deep blue waters very far from land.

An exceptionally long bill is attached to their upper jaw and it is used efficiently to knife their way through a school of fish. After stunning, injuring or killing their prey in this way, they will return to eat.

Stories abound of fishing boats being pulled across vast distances of the ocean by a Blue Marlin. The top of the Blue Marlin is blue-black while the belly is silvery white.

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On either side are around fifteen rows of pale black stripes that have round dots, even thin bars. The membrane of the first dorsal fin is dark blue with no markings or dots.

Thick, bony and elongated scales can have one, two or three posterior points; but having one is most common. The reason for these grooves is to create a streamlined body that reduces drag.

This is necessary when you consider that a Blue Marlin can swim underwater at speeds nearing 70mph. A group of canals in the lateral line system can detect water motion and pressure changes.

These incredible fish are near the top of the ocean’s food chain. They are exceptional predators that feed on a wide range of pelagic fish.

Anglers travel to Florida for the opportunity to catch these thrilling fish. A heavy tackle outfit, fluorocarbon leaders, 80lbs test, a range of circle hooks between 6/0 and 12/0, a skirt and extremely high quality saltwater rods and reels.

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Small tuna, skip jacks, ballyhoo, squid, blue runners and mackerel work beautifully for live and cut bait. A number of specifically made marlin lures ranging from small to large that are outfitted with a skirt can also be used.

This rule will allow you to search a wide area during the day, as well as be consistent with a Blue Marlin ’s natural prey. Natural bait fishing has been used by anglers for Blue Marlin since the turn of the decade.

If you over-rig the bait then you run the risk of components preventing the fish from swallowing it. Rigged ballyhoo and Spanish mackerel are the most popular for Blue Marlin in Florida.

We prefer to protect cut bait with a skirt, and occasionally we combine it with a lure. Live bait is even more successful if you can fish along the edge of steep underwater ledges.

Call now to book your Blue MarlinFishing Charter in Florida and uncover their mysterious secrets. The X-rayed with Captain John Holley at the helm is the boat to charter if you want a first class sport fishing experience while staying in Destiny, Florida, renowned for its beautiful sugar white sand beaches, first class accommodations and restaurants, and some best fishing in the Continental United States.

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A recent edition of Delta Air Lines's in flight magazine featured Destiny, Florida as “the bill fishing capital of America.” The X-rayed specializes in fishing for billfish-blue marlin, white marlin, and sailfish; black fin and yellow fin tuna; Yahoo; dolphin (mahi-mahi), cobra, and king mackerel Captain John has not added a profile yet.

Dave goes above and beyond expectations to provide the best fishing trip in the Keys that one can have. He is extremely knowledgeable, teaches you think, and assists when needed but lets you get the fishing done yourself too.

Beyond that, Captain Dave is so fun and personable, and that is what really separates him from the competition. He’ll make you laugh, tell stories, listen to you, and really roll out the red carpet for his guests.

I do not typically fish the backwater country, but after spending the day on the water with Dave, I fell in love with it. His personality coupled with the knowledge he has about the water made my trip truly memorable.

Less than 90 minutes into the trip Captain Dave helped us catch our first Permit. In the latter part of the trip we caught redfish, snapper, jacks, and shook.

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He is easy-going, and made the experience extremely memorable, and tailored it to the conditions and our capabilities. Jay Forster Captain Dave is everything you could want in a fishing guide.

Jacks, trout, shook, redfish, even a couple of unexpected monster sharks. People sometimes forget that when you book a guide, you're going to spend the whole day in a boat with that person, so it's important that he or she is fun to be with.

He offered tips and advice on fishing techniques, but never made me feel like I was a complete novice, even though I was. All in all, just a great day with a fun, friendly guy who really knows his stuff.

MATTHEW DAVIES Best fishing charter in all of Florida and I have been on 100s all over the state. Captain Dave Perkins and his first mate (his cute little dog) we're ready and waiting for our arrival just after 7:30 AM.

He was patient with our kids...and us while trying to help us earn a memorable Keys experience. Within a few short hours we landed 4 sharks and got our fill of sea trout and lady fish.

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Collin Fountain I had an awesome time with Captain Dave. We caught trout, redfish, sharks, barracuda, snapper, and lady fish.

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