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No big gap in hook eye but tightly closed avoids the fishing line sliding off. Saltwater / Freshwater Fishing: Decent hooks for large / small mouth bass, hybrids, stripes, catfish, trout, crappie, perch, walleye, tuna, etc.

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6 in 2020 Deep Drop Snapper Rig, Handmade in the USA 6/0 Demon Circle Hook (Please see picture for size reference) Super Bright glow sleeves at each drop, 400lb mainline, 250lb branch lines. Glow sleeves protect the leader and also act as a fish attractant Excellent for various snapper including vermilion, yellow eye, silk.

Tackle Craters Deep Drop Hi Low Saltwater Fishing Rig (3/0, Circle Hook) 10 in 2020 EASY TO USE FROM BEGINNER TO PRO: Tie the Deep Drop Rig to your line, add a weight, bait the hooks, and you're fishing in seconds.

These rigs feature an ultra strong duo lock snap on the bottom so you can add the weight of your choice. All rigs come with brass barrels swivels and duo lock snaps and are tied with mono-filament fishing.

Each one with identical branch arms perfectly spaced out to minimize mess and keep it tangle free! During the spring and fall, striped bass and bluefish get trapped in the shallows on the flats.

As the draining tide brings up from the river mouth wider sand bunkers, so begins a magic hour: dusk. In the shallows, the stripes roll and twist, as if struggling against the bottom's tensile grasp.

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If the fish are bluefish they leap around, free, crazed, mad, and in response to nothing particular beyond the presence of bait fish, and because that's they way they are. The North River flats' sand lawns, a half-mile wide and about a mile long, depending on where the tide is, sprawl towards deep water beyond Petty Beach.

On a good day during the spring and fall run, both striped bass and bluefish often get trapped in the shallows that lie over the broad flats. As the draining tide brings up from the river mouth ever wider sand bunkers, so begins a magic hour: dusk, when the feeds grow more frenetic.

Terns follow schools as they rush from one end of the flats to the other, hovering with beaks aimed downward and wings folded. I step out of the current, off the edge of the flat and up onto the dry sandbar to make my way back to the kayak.

I keep in my kayak's day hatch a first aid kit, and from it, I retrieve a bandage and some gauze. Then I put on my foot a neoprene boot, push the kayak into the water, settle into the cockpit, and slide off towards the waters that lead the back river area of the North River where it swings in beneath a bridge and to the low, narrow strip of beach behind the clusters of summer cottages that crowd the banks of the river inland.

I've learned, over the seasons, that the best time to fish the North River flats of Marsh field and Hummock is low tide during a full or new moon in October. I launched from the beach behind a side road thick with converted cottages, about mi driver.

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One can also launch from a canoe landing further inland or, if one is lucky enough to find parking, from Petty Beach at the mouth of the North River. Sometimes I see other anglers setting out in tin skiffs, gunboats, even a guy who trailers in a jet ski he runs up on the flats, fishing rod bristling from the top of a day pack.

The flats lie a football field's distance or so from the treacherous boat channel, and are broken up here and there by numerous embayments. Some grouper grow to over 500 lbs, and can often be caught with a simple hook and sinker style rig.

By the end of this article, you’ll be extra prepared for your next grouper fishing trip. As with most predatory fish, using live bait for grouper will be your best bet as long as local regulations allow.

If you’re targeting a rock pile or wreck, anchor your boat up current and throw some old cut bait in the water. This technique works great for both bottom fishing and spearfish, as long as you have a solid pair of free diving fins.

A regular bottom fishing tackle setup is a great place to start. We like using a 6 to 7-foot long heavy action rod paired with a bottom-fishing reel and 50 lb test braided line.

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Like we mentioned earlier, we usually fish for grouper off the coast of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, so these are the species you’ll most likely encounter there. They are gray and brown and love living close to coastal rock piles and underwater wreckage.

Gag groupers will even hang in water only a few feet deep if there are structure and bait fish nearby. Their massive size means you need to fish with an extra heavy-duty set up in order to stand a chance.

One of the first mistakes amateur grouper fishermen make is keeping their drag at a normal level. This is a big mistake when fishing for grouper due to their tendency to retreat back to rocky holes and tunnels after they take your bait.

IF your drag is set high, it will be much harder for them to make it back to their rocky hideouts before you can reel them away. Since oftentimes the difference between catching a grouper and not is just finding them, drifting allows you to maximize your chances enticing them to bite.

As long as the current isn’t too strong and your lures aren’t down too deep, you should still be able to keep your live/dead bait right where you want it. Since they live at deeper depths than other sports fish, they still enjoy feeding when the surface bite is off.

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This is why it’s always a good idea to have a bottom fishing reel and rod ready for off days. Now that you know what the proper grouper bait is and how to fish it, you’ll be prepared next time you get out on the water.

There are quite a few other species of grouper that are found in deeper waters and throughout the Bahamas and other locations. For the most part, their habits are very similar and will be treated all the same when it comes to tackle and techniques.

The one thing that all groupers have in common is that they are bottom dwelling, structure oriented fish. Seldom will one be found high up in the water column or on sandy bottom with no structure.

Reefs, wrecks, artificial reefs, areas of rocky bottom, and ledges are the top spots where anglers catch grouper in open water. Penn is THE name in saltwater tackle and makes some excellent equipment at reasonable prices.

This can handle most the bottom fishing situations as well as some light tackle trolling. Anglers using conventional tackle for grouper fishing can choose a reel with a level wind or one without.

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Level winds are nice in that the line is spooled up evenly as it is retrieved. Many old school grouper fishing reels such as the venerable Penn 4/0 do not have a level wind.

Goliath grouper grow hundreds of pounds and requires special tackle. Anglers fishing in hundreds of feet of water in the Atlantic Ocean with heavy lead will need a stouter outfit than those fishing in 40 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico.

Anglers fishing in shallow, clear water sometimes find that lighter spinning tackle makes a more natural presentation. Some anglers simply prefer the comfort and feel of a spinning outfit.

This mostly occurs in the shallow waters of the Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico north of Tampa. Therefore, anglers anchor or drift a decent distance from the spot and cast live baits or lures in towards the structure.

A 7-8 foot heavy action rod with a 6000 series real is a good all-around combination. With this outfit, anglers can cast lures and live baits towards structure as well as have a decent chance of landing a big fish that might be hooked when bottom fishing.

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In water much deeper than 50 feet, conventional outfits are simply a better choice. While the initial cost is higher, braided line last much longer than monofilament.

Braided line is also thinner in diameter, which allows it to sink faster when fishing in deep water. Many use a strong black swivel to connect the leader to the main line.

A sliding sinker is often placed on the main line and then the swivel stops it from going any further. Leader length and strength varies greatly, depending on the fishing situation.

Many anglers fishing in deep water use a very long leader, up to 20 feet and even longer. Anglers grouper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico are required to use circle hooks.

The hook may look huge, but the important part is the distance between the tip and the shank. Standard short shank live bait hooks are also popular for grouper fishing as well.

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In very deep water, just reeling and coming tight as is done with circle hooks works the best anyway. The weight is generally placed on the running line ahead of the swivel that attaches the leader.

However, there is another rig that works very well for grouper fishing, particularly in water shallower than 100 feet. With this rig, the sinker slides on the leader and rest right on the eye of the hook.

Also, when snagged up, the sinker jerking up on the line then banging the eye of the hook will often free it. With this rig, multiple hooks are tied off of dropper loops on the main line.

The bank sinker works well as it tends to walk and bounce off of rocks and other snags. While most grouper are caught on live or natural bait, there are a few situations when they can be taken on artificial lures as well.

Trolling with deep diving plugs is an incredibly effective technique when grouper are in fairly shallow water. It allows anglers to cover a lot of water over a large piece of structure in search of fish.

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Trolling is effective anywhere that there is submerged structure in the 50 feet deep or shallower range. The shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico, channel edges and large bays such as Tampa Bay, and coral reefs of the Caribbean are prime spots to troll for grouper.

They are categorized by size, giving anglers a good idea of how deep they will go. Papal and several other lure manufacturers also make quality deep diving plugs for grouper fishing.

With the boat idling along at 4 to 5 knots, the plug will dig down to the maximum depth, putting out a lot of flash and vibration. A down rigger is a device with a cable and a heavy ball which takes the lure down deep.

This technique is used extensively in the Great Lakes region for walleye and salmon. Grouper can also be caught by anglers casting artificial lures, though there are limited situations where this can occur.

Basically, when grouper are holding over structure in fairly shallow water, usually 10 feet deep or shallower, casting lures over the structure and retrieving them back in can produce jarring strikes from grouper. Plugs will dive to a determined depth, while jigs can be worked through the entire water column but are extremely effective when bounced on the bottom right on top of the structure.

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White buck tail jigs are often used and can be tipped with a strip of squid or cut fish. There are basically four types of grouper that are found in good numbers in the United States.

Gag grouper are very aggressive and are the species most often targeted by anglers fishing with artificial lures. Black grouper are normally found in the deeper waters of the Atlantic Ocean and down around the Florida Keys.

Surprisingly, they are often encountered in the inshore waters, as shallow as five or 6 feet deep. Many a large Goliath grouper has surprised an angler casting to the mangroves for shook or redfish.

Now that you have your rod, reel, braided line and leader material it's time to put it all together. This involves terminal tackle: swivels, snaps, weights (sinkers) and hooks, as well as spooling the reel.

Over the years I have settled on three types of knots and a configuration that allows me to change weights and hooks on the fly. The approach also allows storage of the rig parts easily and conveniently Let's see what is involved.

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A video of the whole process can be found at making a grouper fishing rig. Snap swivels have an additional feature allowing them to be opened and closed.

Purchase swivels that are salt water rated and have a breaking strength in the 90-125lb range. Circle hooks are designed to lodge in the corner of the jaw as opposed to gut-hooking a fish.

The non-offset circle hook complies with both federal and state regulations so get those to be safe. It is debatable whether this is needed for most grouper fishing but the little advantage it brings won't hurt.

For grouper fishing I recommend using 80-150 lb test monofilament or fluorocarbon leaders. Here is a step-by-step process resulting in a full spool of braid backed by mono.

Tie the end of the braid to a spool of mono (15-30 lb test) using a double uni knot Continue winding until the reel is full. Finally, tie the end of the mono from the last step on to the reel you want to fill and wind it on.

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The result is a reel backed by mono and filled to the max with braid. Finally, we will tie the snap swivel to the end of the leader, make up some interchangeable weight connections and tie some hooks to separate sections of leader.

SINKER Attachments: I find it convenient to be able to switch out weights while fishing without having to retie anything. To accomplish this, thread a sinker on to a 6" section of leader and tie a regular swivel on one end and a snap swivel on the other end using an improved clinch knot.

Tie this knot so that the line is going through the hook eye in the direction of the point (the opposite of the demo link). On the other end of the leader attach a regular swivel with an improved cinch knot.

However, choosing the best crochet hooks is hard due to many brands, designs, types, and sizes. In this guide, I have reviewed some of the best -selling crochet hook sets on the market by Clover, add, Furls Odyssey, Loren, Tulip, Busybody, Chicago, Athena’s Elements, and so on.

Feel free to see my chart and product reviews for best recommendations. Also, watch this useful tutorial on how to choose a crochet hook that will meet your needs and expectations as a beginner, intermediate user or expert.

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They have a sharp head that is good for inserting the hook into creations. However, bamboo and aluminum crochet hooks are highly suitable for beginners as well.

Yes, I admit that at the beginning, I was shopping for beautiful and cute hooks instead of quality, durable ones. Just make sure that the hook you choose has enough workable area, thumb rest and markings.

Make sure that the hooks you purchase have an ergonomic design and by that I mean, soft-grip handles. This is super important for people who deal with arthritis and canal tunnel.

Also, ergonomic handles can help you reduce tension and fatigue. This is not the most important feature you need to pay attention to when buying crochet hooks but still matters.

If you are someone who travels a lot, you will need a holder that is easy and safe to carry. Also, keep in mind that hooks in the US are marked by a lettering system to identify the right size.

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What crochet hook size you will use depends on your project and your yarn type. Usually, yarns have a label that states the recommended crochet hook size.

However, beginners might have a hard time choosing their first crochet hooks due to many brands, sizes, materials, designs, colors, and prices. In order to choose the best crochet hooks, you should pay attention to details like size, handles, shaft, thumb rest, markings, length, color, point and so on.

I will outline those features I see as most important in this comparison chart and let you decide for yourself which crochet hooks set you would like to order. This set by Knitter's Pride Dreams includes Tunisian crochet hooks.

Watch video: Knitter's Pride Interchangeable Tunisian Crochet Hook Set They have a soft and easy grip that is warm to the touch and will give you the most pleasant finger placement.

Pros Vivid colors Comfortable grips Pleasant finger placement Smooth crocheting Different sizes Great gift If you want a set of crochet hooks that will assist you for hours without causing tiredness, numbness, and pain in your hands, this product is the right choice for you.

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Cons Not the most comfortable crochet hooks The case fabric feels cheap for some users The handles could have been more round Next, I have the Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hook Set that will blow you away.

It does not come with a fancy holder like the previous set but delivers quality hooks made of lightweight aluminum. Each hook undergoes a special anodizing new process that removes away every surface imperfection and impurity.

Watch video: Susan Bates Crochet Hooks Review Add has some of the finest products for knitting and crocheting on the market.

I have to admit they give their best to provide comfortable, colorful and versatile products and their Crochet Hook Swing is one of them. Apparently, if you order this set, you can forget about numbness and tiredness while working They are ergonomic and made by batch with exact quality inspection, unlike other brands who do not care about requirements.

According to their original description at Amazon, other brands copy their style, look or design. If you want to surprise your best friend, relative or partner with something useful, fun and long-lasting, this is the gift you need to purchase.

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Tulip ETIM Rose Crochet Hook Set is one of the top-selling products for a reason. It offers a great variety of hooks that are easy and comfortable to use.

The best part is that they come in the most adorable case that ensures easy organization and transport. I personally recommend this set because it includes yarn needles, scissors, and a case with tassel.

Watch video: Tulip ETIM Crochet Hook Review If you order this baby today, you will get 10 crochet hooks, row counter, needles, markers, scissors, and a measuring tape.

It is also perfect for people with arthritic hands or carpal tunnel. It does not matter how tight your project needs to be, the grips of these hooks will never slip, but they will ensure comfort and fun work.

Cons Scissors not hard enough The sizes are difficult to read Very rough on the edges And it puts less strain on hands than aluminum crochet hooks you see online.

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It is a bamboo hook with a natural color that ensures relaxing and enjoyable crocheting for hours. The tapered hook has a precisely placed hold for comfort in the hand.

Now, let’s review the main pros & cons of this wooden crochet hook before you make a purchase. Remember that you can complete your own crochet hook set by ordering many sizes.

Cons The hook is not smooth enough It catches yarn on every single stitch Poorly-made according to some As I already mentioned, add has some of the best knitting and crocheting products on the market.

If you are a fan of add, you will absolutely adore their crochet hook steel. They come in small sizes and feature fancy gold tips for detailed masterpieces.

Keep in mind that add products are made to exact metric sizes. However, let’s review the most important pros and cons of this steel crochet hook.

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Pros Small sizes and gold tips Ideal for detailed projects A lifetime warranty Another amazing product that is worth reviewing is the Cornerstone 3999 crochet hook.

Pros It allows you to work in the dark You will get 9 six-inch-long crochet lite It looks absolutely stunning It is a popular brand that delivers high-quality products such as the large-eyed blunt needles yarn knitting plus crochet hooks set.

You can use the needles for weaving in ends and patching up seams on your next crochet project. If you are looking for crochet hooks with soft grip ergonomic handles, this is the set for you.

Next, I will review one more set by Susan Bates that will make you fall in love at first sight. The 82409 red heart crystallizes acrylic crochet hook set.

I am talking about a set of translucent, beautifully colored crochet hooks that will make sure that your job goes smoothly. The best part about this set is that all the hooks are marked with their size for easy organization.

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You will get different sizes packed in a vinyl case that is easy to transport. However, let’s summarize the most important pros and cons of this set before you buy it.

Each hook has a soft touch handle made of bamboo. Another thing I want to point out about this set is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% refund but let’s take a look at the pros & cons and see if it is worth buying.

Pros Ideal for dreadlocks Crochet hooks with bamboo handles You will receive a gift A lifetime warranty Three pieces If you are a fan of soft-touch ergonomic crochet hooks, you will absolutely adore this set by Crafted.

The soft rubber handle will reduce and eliminate carpal tunnel, arthritis, and cramping in your fingers, wrists, and hands because it is super comfortable. However, the best part is the marked size on each hook for easy organization.

Another detail that I like about this set is that all the hooks are long and perfectly smooth. You will get 12 hook sizes from 2 mm to 10 mm so that you can be fully prepared for your next crocheting projects when inspiration strikes.

fishing bottom grouper keys snapper around spots hook yellowtail marquesas florida fish fishingbooker gag most pink mutton friends while barracuda
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Cons Poorly finished under the heads Some hooks are not as smooth as others Some users find them too heavy Is this the complete set for beginners that will help you create your next masterpiece, you wonder.

It is an excellent starter kit that will make sure that your work goes smooth & easy. It provides a fun and effortless crocheting like no other set on the market.

You will get 22 pieces in 2 rows packed in a leather purple bag that is easy to carry around and store. You can play with high-quality crochet hooks that are easy to organize, transport and work with.

The reason why I labeled this product as ‘editor’s choice’ is because it has the greatest value of all the sets I have reviewed. This kit offers 9 pieces of rubber grip handle hooks & 8 plastic ones.

No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, you will absolutely love this item because it ensures effortless crocheting without fatigue or pain. So, if you do not know what to buy your grandmother, friend, daughter, sister, aunt or mother for a birthday, this is the best gift.

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Another great product by Tulip that is worth mentioning is their TP1166 ETIM Crochet Hooks Set which I like because of the elastomeric comfort grip. These crochet hooks are created from durable top-quality aluminum with a polished finish.

Thanks to the depth and length, you will enjoy an easy, fun crocheting. If you order this set, you will get 8 crochet hooks, 2 yarn needles, 4-1/2 inch plastic ruler, scissors, a nice clutch, and high-quality thread.

Pros Free accessories Elastomeric comfort grip Made of high-quality aluminum Polished smooth finish Effortless work If you want a high-quality brand-new crochet hooks set of bamboo made items look no further than this one.

Cons Unfinished wood Too bulky according to some users Uncomfortable to handle To be honest, I believe that colorful handles awaken inspiration and creativity.

Watch video: Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set Review If you often travel or want to work in different places, this set is ideal for you because it is compact and easy to carry around.

This is important because it enables easy stitches and increases your speed while working. This hook is designed to improve balance while working and reduce the tension in hands.

Looking for something that will enable effortless crocheting and turn your work into a fun and enjoyable task? Let’s review its pros and cons before we jump into the buyer’s guide.

Pros Effortless crocheting 6-inch long hook with a nickel-plated pewter neck Boosts your creativity and speed while working Reduces tension in hands It makes a great gift If you are someone who wants to learn this amazing craft, just follow these steps and you will do fine.

If this is your first time crocheting, I recommend that you choose something plain and simple made of cotton or soft acrylic yarn. Pick a solid color, so you can see how the patches are made while crocheting.

Avoid patterned yarn because it could make your first time crocheting harder that it is supposed to be. Cotton yarn is intended for garments that get washed a lot such as towels.

Soft acrylic yarn, on the other hand, is less expensive which makes it ideal for beginners who are learning new techniques and patterns. Your yarn’s label is supposed to help you determine your crochet hook size.

These days, most yarns have their label that states which crochet hook size to use. However, if you have no hooks and no experience, buy the size that the yarn label recommends.

Tapered crochet cooks, on the other hand, have a very thin throat compared to the head and the shaft. They are perfect for amigurumi because they leave tight stitches and have a pointy head.

They are suggested for loose stitches in order to help you tighten them up. However, aluminum hooks are more popular among beginners due to the wide selection of sizes.

Please, check out this short tutorial in order to learn how to hold a hook both ways. Metal ones, on the other hand, come in small sizes and were created for fine thread crocheting (doilies).

Aluminum hooks come in different sizes, last longer and deliver faster results, while bamboo hooks are comfortable to hold and use, however, they break easily if you are not careful. Metal hooks, on the other hand, are widely used by intermediate and experienced users for larger tasks.

Tulip crochet hooks are stylish and cute and offer a wide selection of sizes. Also, they reduce tension in hand and make a perfect birthday present.

However, some users claim that this hook has worsened their pain instead of reducing it. Clover hooks come in beautiful vivid colors and have ergonomic handles and enable smooth crocheting.

Also, they come in different sizes and make a great birthday gift. Bye is travel-friendly, steel and aluminum hooks with assorted colors for easy identification but I like the Susan Bates hooks better because they have the popular inline heads for reducing wrist motion.

However, Clover hooks offer better results and effortless work. Bye is travel-friendly, steel and aluminum hooks with assorted colors for easy identification but I like the Susan Bates hooks better because they have the popular inline heads for reducing wrist motion.

British people and Americans have different names and terms for crocheting. Make sure that they are portable, lightweight, easy to carry around if you want to prevent any damage to the dreadlocks.

In order to determine what crochet hook is equivalent to knitting needles, please check out this list of the standard crochet hook and knitting needle sizes. Super bulky yarn is amazing for beginners because it is chunky and thick and you can notice mistakes.

Worsted weight yarn requires knitting needles from 4.5 mm to 5.5 mm (sizes 7 to 9) and crochet hooks from 5.5 mm to 6.5 mm (I-9 to K-10 1/2). In order to learn how to do this, please follow these simple steps on how to crochet hair and you will have a new hairstyle in no time.

Tie a knot with the ends of the thread in order to secure it in a big loop. Insert the needle under the bread to wrap the thread around the loose end and section.

Crochet hooks and knitting needles are allowed in carry-on luggage in the USA. It is recommended that you carry plastic or wooden needles over metal.

Also, make sure that you bring circular knitting needles instead of straight. But keep in mind that different rules apply for crochet hooks on international flights.

Also, you can experiment with larger hooks and heavier yarns if you want to develop your skills. This hook size works great with a 4-ply worsted weight yarn which is amazing for beginners.

Both knitting and crocheting require yarn in order to make items. You can choose from dozens of crochet patterns when preparing for your first masterpiece.

Feel free to share your favorite one in the comment section down below. If you absolutely have no idea what to gift your loved one for their B-Day, watch this video and learn how to make a colorful, unique necklace.

Watch video: How To Crochet Beginner Crystal Chain Necklace If this is your first time creating your own crochet coasters, watch this video on how to do it the right way.

Watch video: Easy traditional granny square Please, follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to make a cute and easy shawl.

Watch video: Easy Crochet Shawl For Beginners However, they suggest plastic and wooden crochet hooks over metal ones and circular knitting needles over straight.

If you want to make a baby blanket, you need to use soft bundles of yarn and a 5.5 mm crochet hooks. Please watch this step-by-step guide on how to crochet a baby blanket and make your first masterpiece.

If you are a beginner, I suggest that you buy less until you determine if crocheting is your permanent or temporary hobby. According to experienced users, 8ply wool works best with 3.50 mm to 4.00 mm crochet hook sizes.

Please share this article with your dearest friends and do not forget to follow my website for the best reviews. These large fish are typically caught in the two to 12-pound range, though they can be found up to 20-30 pounds.

You can find them along the East Coast of the Americas from Brazil through the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico to as far north as New England. Juvenile fish take shelter on the inshore glass flats and shoals until they mature.

During most of the year, mature gag grouper like to hide around any type of structure that can give them shelter. They can be found in ledges and holes and love to populate offshore reefs and shipwrecks.

As winter approaches, a massive migration of gags head for the warmer protection of the inner shores, especially within the Gulf of Mexico, to spawn. During the late fall and early winter, they’ll show up a few miles off the shoreline along with Spanish mackerel, king fish, speckled trout, blacktop and spinner sharks that are chasing the schools of bunker and herring close to the beaches.

Many anglers catch lots of gags on spinning and plug tackle, but live bait tends to be the best option. By law, you’re required to use a circle hook when bottom fishing in much of Florida’s cost, including the Gulf of Mexico.

When hooked, these are very powerful fish that want nothing more than to run back into a hole or ledge and take you with them. You’ll need to have heavy gear with you to prevent the fish from taking your line.

Most anglers crank the drag on their reel down all the way to prevent the fish from reaching a hole. This is where the grouper will run into a hole or under a ledge and spread its gills locking itself in place.

To prevent that, keep the drag tightened so it’s almost impossible to pull line off of the spool. Keep your rod held low so you can immediately lift it as soon as the fish strikes, turning it away from the rocks.

Start to cautiously reel in all slack to the point that your rod is low to the water and tight to the fish. I am currently on the field staff team for Penn Reels from Pure Fishing.

In the past I’ve had sponsorships from Died, Bull buster, Eagle Claw, and I’m currently helping promote Mons ta fishing apparel. Eddie sat down on the deck and braced his foot against the rail, I figured we were into a big one.

When his hat fell off, and he started to make grunting sounds, I was sure of it. Eddie looked up at me with a twisted smile and was just hanging onto the rod for dear life.

Something was living in this wreck 10 miles off southwest Florida, and whatever it was had already beaten us up several times. But on this day we were maxed out on gear big enough to crank one of these monsters up ... if only Capt.

This started out innocently enough a few weeks earlier when a couple of fishing buddies and I dropped a live pinkish on 30# mono down on a wreck 50 feet deep looking for a grouper dinner. Something big grabbed it, screamed out about 40 feet of drag, got into the wreck and cut the line on something sharp.

Something wolfed down the pinkish and took line like the rod was tied to a dragster. It had to be a big grouper, a shark, a giant ray, or maybe a huge barracuda.

The rod bent over 180 degrees, the back of the boat went down 6 inches, and the 150# braid snapped like a rifle shot. I asked the guys in the local bait shops if they knew any captains up for the task of fishing for seemingly unwatchable monsters.

The Goliath, once called the Jewish, is the biggest member of the grouper family. Goliath's can live 50 years and grow to behemoth size.

The winds of spring kept us inshore for a couple of weeks, so we enjoyed the opportunity to fish the bridges for pompano and sea trout. Goliath's are known to inhabit bridges and even shallow water and canals, and when I watched a fisherman lower a 5-pound chunk of cut bait next to a bridge piling I knew he could only be after sharks or Goliath.

Eddie's wreck, and he pulled a big Spanish mackerel out of his cooler, the one bait he said Goliath can't refuse. It was a short, furious, and profane battle, a hard fought back-and-forth fish fight, exciting to watch with an uncertain end.

Eddie prevailed, and suddenly a giant brown fish appeared on the surface and lay at the side of the boat as exhausted as Capt. On the next calm day I returned to my wreck lying now in water so clear you could see its dark silhouette on the white sand bottom 50 feet below.

I went over the side to find an old shrimper torn apart by hurricanes and fishermen's anchors, its wheelhouse barely recognizable. And then they appeared, slowly emerging from the shadows of broken masts and rigging.

A fearless giant Goliath carries the remnants of three different rigs ripped from fishermen. Three fishing rigs hung from his mouth, one still with its sinker, medals of recent battles won, and then I recognized one of my rigs, the 150# braid to a black swivel to 200# mono, hanging out of the left side of his mouth.

There was the proof: These were the bad boys that had beat us up, and a few other fishermen, too, by the looks of it. I returned to the surface knowing those hooks will soon rust and the line will fall away, and these Goliath's will own this wreck for many years to come.

It's a serious one-on-one fish fight where it's wise to have somebody next to you ready to grab your belt and keep you in the boat. Many charter captains have only to take you to the nearest bridge to find a giant ready to take you on.

This was news to me over on the East Coast, Circle hooks do work well so it should not inhibit your ability to catch fish. From the link you posted, it mentions that the circle hooks are for natural baits only, so should not affect your plug(yet).

I am going to get some circle hooks also just in case I decide to bottom fish also. Berger The circle hook legs only apply if you are using natural bait.

You also have to have a venting tool and the way they describe the hook remover the only one that is legal is Guy Harvey's ARC Hooker. Berger The circle hook legs only apply if you are using natural bait.

You also have to have a venting tool and the way they describe the hook remover the only one that is legal is Guy Harvey's ARC Hooker. I have been pier fishing for most of my life but more recently I have seen people start to target Goliath Groupers for Sport.

They have bulletproof construction and great drag ratings for the size of reel. The Avert 30 put out around 40 pounds of drag on full and 35 max at strike.

The 400lb mono acts as a shock leader and it has superior abrasion resistance. It allows me to pitch baits out without having to worry about my FG knot getting caught up in roller guides.

Another reason I like Star Rods is the fact that they offer a lifetime warranty on their products. The bait of choice is a live jack crevasse, lady fish or moon fish.

This help keeps the bait in the strike zone longer and gives you a better chance of catching a fish. They are not terribly expensive when bought in bulk, and they are a great investment.

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