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If you’re ready to step up your fishing game from the basics to something a bit more involved, trolling is a great option. It takes practice and skill to give the bait or lure just the right action.

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A poor-quality trolling rod could cause the line to break under pressure, costing you that big fish you’ve been battling for the last 10 minutes. Bestrews is here to help you discover the most important aspects of the products that matter in your life.

Trolling is a style of fishing in which the fisherman drags the bait or lure through the water. The movement of the bait or lure is meant to attract the attention of certain types of fish, including salmon, tuna, marlin, walleye, trout, and some species of bass.

There are specific types of baits and lures that provide better results when trolling. For example, the ideal trolling lure mimics the motion of a small fish moving through water.

When fishing from a standing area, the angler reels in the lure or bait at the proper speed to create the movement needed for trolling. “A longer trolling rod gives you a better angle and more leverage when a fish strikes.

Technically speaking, you could use almost any type of fishing rod for trolling. Trolling rods are designed to absorb the force when a large fish hits the hook.

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What’s more, the action of dragging the bait or lure through the water places extra stress on the rod. If the trolling rod is not stiff enough, the action will be slow, and your lure or bait will be tougher to control.

A stiff trolling rod delivers fast action and realistic movement. With the reel mounted at the top of the trolling rod, you’ll have an easier time controlling the line.

A good trolling rod has a butt-end so it can sit securely inside a socket. If you plan to sit in a fighting chair and fish for big ones from a boat, a bent butt is preferred.

The butt-end of this type of trolling rod fits in a impaled socket mounted to the boat. A trolling rod with standard eyes gives you the most versatility, but for larger fish, a rod with roller guides or an inner flow design works better because it puts less stress on the line.

Standard eyes are simple circles or loops attached to the exterior of the rod. However, they do put a lot of stress on the fishing line, risking a break.

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Roller guides work well for big fish that fight for a long time. The inner flow design runs the line through the blank, or middle, of the rod.

This eliminates stress points and creates a smooth bend in the curve of the rod. Inner flow helps you reel in large fish, but it’s an expensive design.

Some fishermen like to mount multiple trolling rods into sockets on their boats. However, if you’re just fishing recreationally or from a standing position, one rod would probably suffice.

There are quite a few other species of grouper that are found in deeper waters and throughout the Bahamas and other locations. For the most part, their habits are very similar and will be treated all the same when it comes to tackle and techniques.

The one thing that all groupers have in common is that they are bottom dwelling, structure oriented fish. Seldom will one be found high up in the water column or on sandy bottom with no structure.

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Reefs, wrecks, artificial reefs, areas of rocky bottom, and ledges are the top spots where anglers catch grouper in open water. Penn is THE name in saltwater tackle and makes some excellent equipment at reasonable prices.

This can handle most the bottom fishing situations as well as some light tackle trolling. Anglers using conventional tackle for grouper fishing can choose a reel with a level wind or one without.

Level winds are nice in that the line is spooled up evenly as it is retrieved. Many old school grouper fishing reels such as the venerable Penn 4/0 do not have a level wind.

Goliath grouper grow hundreds of pounds and requires special tackle. Anglers fishing in hundreds of feet of water in the Atlantic Ocean with heavy lead will need a stouter outfit than those fishing in 40 feet of water in the Gulf of Mexico.

Anglers fishing in shallow, clear water sometimes find that lighter spinning tackle makes a more natural presentation. Some anglers simply prefer the comfort and feel of a spinning outfit.

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This mostly occurs in the shallow waters of the Bahamas and the Gulf of Mexico north of Tampa. Therefore, anglers anchor or drift a decent distance from the spot and cast live baits or lures in towards the structure.

A 7-8 foot heavy action rod with a 6000 series real is a good all-around combination. With this outfit, anglers can cast lures and live baits towards structure as well as have a decent chance of landing a big fish that might be hooked when bottom fishing.

In water much deeper than 50 feet, conventional outfits are simply a better choice. While the initial cost is higher, braided line last much longer than monofilament.

Braided line is also thinner in diameter, which allows it to sink faster when fishing in deep water. Many use a strong black swivel to connect the leader to the main line.

A sliding sinker is often placed on the main line and then the swivel stops it from going any further. Leader length and strength varies greatly, depending on the fishing situation.

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Many anglers fishing in deep water use a very long leader, up to 20 feet and even longer. Anglers grouper fishing in the Gulf of Mexico are required to use circle hooks.

The hook may look huge, but the important part is the distance between the tip and the shank. Standard short shank live bait hooks are also popular for grouper fishing as well.

In very deep water, just reeling and coming tight as is done with circle hooks works the best anyway. The weight is generally placed on the running line ahead of the swivel that attaches the leader.

However, there is another rig that works very well for grouper fishing, particularly in water shallower than 100 feet. With this rig, the sinker slides on the leader and rest right on the eye of the hook.

Also, when snagged up, the sinker jerking up on the line then banging the eye of the hook will often free it. With this rig, multiple hooks are tied off of dropper loops on the main line.

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The bank sinker works well as it tends to walk and bounce off of rocks and other snags. While most grouper are caught on live or natural bait, there are a few situations when they can be taken on artificial lures as well.

Trolling with deep diving plugs is an incredibly effective technique when grouper are in fairly shallow water. It allows anglers to cover a lot of water over a large piece of structure in search of fish.

Trolling is effective anywhere that there is submerged structure in the 50 feet deep or shallower range. The shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico, channel edges and large bays such as Tampa Bay, and coral reefs of the Caribbean are prime spots to troll for grouper.

They are categorized by size, giving anglers a good idea of how deep they will go. Papal and several other lure manufacturers also make quality deep diving plugs for grouper fishing.

With the boat idling along at 4 to 5 knots, the plug will dig down to the maximum depth, putting out a lot of flash and vibration. A down rigger is a device with a cable and a heavy ball which takes the lure down deep.

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This technique is used extensively in the Great Lakes region for walleye and salmon. Grouper can also be caught by anglers casting artificial lures, though there are limited situations where this can occur.

Basically, when grouper are holding over structure in fairly shallow water, usually 10 feet deep or shallower, casting lures over the structure and retrieving them back in can produce jarring strikes from grouper. Plugs will dive to a determined depth, while jigs can be worked through the entire water column but are extremely effective when bounced on the bottom right on top of the structure.

White buck tail jigs are often used and can be tipped with a strip of squid or cut fish. There are basically four types of grouper that are found in good numbers in the United States.

Gag grouper are very aggressive and are the species most often targeted by anglers fishing with artificial lures. Black grouper are normally found in the deeper waters of the Atlantic Ocean and down around the Florida Keys.

Surprisingly, they are often encountered in the inshore waters, as shallow as five or 6 feet deep. Many a large Goliath grouper has surprised an angler casting to the mangroves for shook or redfish.

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