Best Grouper Restaurant Near Me

David Lawrence
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
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Chicago magazine: Don’t overlook fish, both ocean and freshwater. One bite of pumpkinseed-encrusted roasted red grouper or mustard-glazed walleye is all it takes.

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Finish up with a slice of their heavenly raspberry pie. Brent La Rowe: The Grouper Tacos with fries hit the spot on a breezy summer Sunday, especially paired with the Sixty Four Ten (happy hefeweitzen, which was pretty interesting and tasty).

Margo Andrews: Lasagna, clam sauce, and gnocchi were awesome! Jeff Dillinger: The best advise I can give is to go to another place.

Redye Chicago: A steakhouse’s reason for being is typically the beef. The crust glinted with salt and was adorned with candied orange zest and flecks of rosemary.

Keri Harvey: I am a huge fan of roasted veggie sandwiches, but this one is demolish! Royal Flesh Tattoo and Body Piercing: Try the Ropey Vaisey.

Sherry Bimodal: Small salad is big enough for two! Chicago Tribune: As good as the sushi is here, chef Mark Cellar’s prepared plates, including rich and bold sukiyaki, terrific robata-grill snacks and the signature Monetary tartar are what will blow your mind.

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Try the Caesar Salad with Parmesan crusted chicken added to it! Try the Cajun burger with pepper jack... oh and martini specials for $6.95.

Train's Chicago Business: The blackened salmon Caesar ($14.95), taking off in a contemporary, Southwestern direction, is worth exploring. Jeremiah Duncan: Tasty seafood, relaxing atmosphere, without the prevention of a lot of similar restaurants.

Explore Chicago: Greek Island is the staple of Greek Town, importing wines, olives oil, oregano, honey and olives straight from Greece. Some favorites: Nagasaki, Athenian salad, broiled salmon, Lake Superior white fishtail, gyros (extra tzatziki).

Jon Watkins: Easily the best deal for the price. Really love it, but “locked” closet in the room was full of clothes AMD other random items.

Chicago magazine: Check out the house specialties for affordable treats such as whole-wheat fettuccine carbonate with kale and smoked duck breast. Thick Key lime tart nails the experience.

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Eater: The menu offers bold flavored dishes with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients. Going a step above most, Pukka focuses on wine pairings offering a solid and growing international selection.

Candy Jerónimo: the Best fresh Portuguese fish! THE_MAN: The food and quality of service is outstanding at Telepizza down the street, not like this place.

King: Great high-end dim sum with a lovely view of Lake Ontario / Toronto Islands. Order à la carte menu or pick from the trolleys that come around.

Dan Chan: great place for sashimi, sushi, cooked Japanese mummies & grocery... Heather Li | : Get the sushi deluxe roll; you won't regret it.

Frank: Split the full chicken between two people for a delicious $5 dinner. The roast potatoes with the red sauce will change your life.

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The fried grouper and oysters are good, but the crab balls are terrible. The fried shrimp is bland and the hush puppies are extremely dry.

Matt Ackley: Beach Club and the Grouper Sandwiches at excellent choices and great portions! Ann Simon: The burger with nacho cheese, seafood Cobb, and quesadilla are very good.

Stan Elf rink: Grouper Sonoma with a glass of Boyle Chardonnay is the perfect meal. The experience is one that should be on your list of “to-dos” while in PC Beach.

Abi Carmen: Sarah, best waitress in the place. Wasn't real hungry, and she suggested the slider appetizer, delicious and hit the spot.

Essay Adams: Shrimp & grits, fried alligator, oysters...all YUM!!! Alex Thompson: I had the grilled grouper and it was just awful.

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Great service and the Monster cheeseburger was huge and delicious! Shannon Poland: If you go here on Spring Break you need to buy the Panamanian Club Card.

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