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Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 09 December, 2020
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The Florida coast is teeming with all kinds of wonderfully tasty fish you can enjoy in endless ways both at home and in restaurants. Whether you want to take a boat out into the open waters and cast a line into the deep blue yourself or you prefer to pull up a chair and order your catch of the day from a local seafood restaurant, here are the four best Gulf Coast fish to eat fresh in Florida.

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This type of fish has a very mild flavor (somewhere in between sea bass and halibut) with a light, sweet taste and large, chunky flakes, almost like lobster or crab. But you’ll also find it served in fillets which are baked, grilled or broiled with a flavor-bursting medley of garlic, butter, olive oil and key lime juice.

If you prefer your fish to be filleted, Snapper is amazing when marinated in the same citrus-garlic-cilantro mix mentioned above and quickly sautéed in a hot pan with a drizzle of olive oil before being served with light, fluffy rice and fresh seasonal veggies. The most common way to cooks nook is to carefully fillet the fish then cover it in a light marinade or dry rub.

In Santa Rosa Beach, Buddy’s Seafood Market always has a fresh supply of Mali, grouper and other in-season fish. During the week she knuckles down and gets the job done, but on the weekend she spends her time soaking up the sunshine on the little volcanic island she calls home.

If you're following my blog, you'll know that I received an unexpected invitation to accompany a friend to 30A in Santa Rosa Beach, FL. The one word that comes to my mind about Sea grove Village Marketplace is VALUE.

That, in addition to the delicious food, was the reason for the second visit later in the week. Lunch orders can be placed at the counter near the back of the restaurant.

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So, if you want value for your money, head over to Sea grove Village Marketplace. Talking to some or the “old timers”, this was a place to gather for locals and second homeowners.

Keys to second homes were left on the counter for arriving family or friends when it was in the first location. Tried to eat here ton ite, but the management now forces customers to use the valet parking.

Hi John, We are very sorry you are upset about our addition of complimentary valet. With the elimination of all the public spots by the County on the East side of Highway 395 to make room for the turning lane, it has been quite a challenge to keep things the same for both our long time and new customers.

We are having to think outside the box, and are working to get those that would like to join us for lunch and dinner accommodated. Trust me, the cost of a full time valet service is quite expensive.

The 30A area is growing at a rapid pace, and we are all trying to adjust. You all are a good part of the soul that makes the Market so special.

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We've had quite a few of our long time customers make the change to the free valet. Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.

We’ve been a part of the Sea grove Beach community for many years, dating all the way back to 1949. Generations of guests return year after year to dine here, purchase souvenirs, and experience life on the beach as it once was.

I have frequented this longstanding restaurant many times over my years of visiting the 30A area. I enjoy many of their offerings, but the grouper sandwich is the best on the beach in my opinion.

Standard fare with grouper shrimp but has burgers. We ordered hush puppies for appetizers, and they were on table in 5 minutes- scary.

I got a burger which was good but fries tasted nasty- they were cooked and setting under heat lamp. They give out a real good portion and the price is not bad at all.

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Each time we visit the Florida gulf coast we have lunch at least once at the Sea grove Village Marketplace. Our last trip, to our disappointment, the Market was closed for construction.

Now they're back in business with better parking and many of the fun aspects of the old facility carried forward to the new one. The shrimp is fresh and sweet, and cooked to perfection.

At The Shrimp Shack in Seaside, you’ll be charmed by this tiny wood-framed cottage serving up steamed royal reds and their beloved Florida Lobster Roll with gorgeous Gulf views. The menu specials are always changing depending on fishing and growing seasons, so you know you’re getting the freshest catch available.

They are deeply committed to ongoing local conservation efforts and preserving the rich history of the area. The land where Sunk Galley currently sits was once used as a landmark for the legendary fisherman of South Walton.

And the menu at Sunk Galley Oyster Bar reflects that heritage and highlights the best this area has to offer. A 30A hot spot for oysters, live music, and great beer to pair with your favorite seafood items.

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Located in the heart of Sea grove Beach, Old Florida Fish House prides itself in providing a family-friendly, casual dining experience serving daily Gulf fresh seafood specials, some of the best sushi on 30A, and more fondly known as a locals’ hidden gem. Located in the award-winning Watercolor Inn, Food (the acronym for a new iteration of the restaurant formerly known as Fish Out of Water) focuses on the fresh flavors of the coast combined with one of 30A ’s most impressive Gulf views.

Food is perfect for a midday break with family, a fun evening with friends, or a romantic date night. Located to the west of Rosemary Beach Town Hall, you’ll come for the food, and stay for the atmosphere.

The open-air bar is the perfect spot for happy hour or dinner with a menu centered on artisan, seasonal ingredients showcasing our Gulf Coast locale. Served with lump crab meat, shrimp, Grenville sauce, and topped with lemon butter.

Chef Damian will prepare an unforgettable meal of choice in the privacy of your own kitchen. Take a look at our sample menu to find meal options featuring the amazing Italian Cuisine famously found in the Tuscan region of central Italy.

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