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Brent Mccoy
• Tuesday, 10 November, 2020
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Ever catch yourself in the middle of a giant fish mating fest? That’s exactly what happens every year in Jupiter, Florida during the annual Goliath Grouper aggregations.

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These fish are called Goliath grouper, and they’re listed as an endangered species in the United States. Often roaming the depths of dive sites in South Florida and beyond, Goliath grouper are a sight to behold when spotted.

Like we said, Goliath grouper are frequently spotted inhabiting the depths off of Florida’s coast. For whatever reason, the massive fish seem to congregate near shipwrecks and other artificial reefs.

Oxford Dictionary Fortunately for scuba divers, we become the beneficiaries of such a magnificent moment in nature. Most dive shops in town craft their daily trips around visiting the grouper hotspots.

To experience the aggregations in their full force, you must dive in August and September. The streamlined check-in, laser-focused approach, informative briefings, and knowledgeable Captain and crew blew us away.

We’ll be diving with them every time we visit the Jupiter area, and we highly recommend you do, as well. As for the day itself, the general structure of the trip consists of two different dive sites.

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The first, a drift dive on a shipwreck featuring the main event: Goliath grouper. The second, a drift dive on a vibrant coral reef serving as home to sea turtles, sharks, and some truly amazing ocean animals.

Dive One: Goliath Grouper on a Shipwreck The two most common sites for the first dive seem to be MG-111 and the Jupiter Wreck Trek: two shipwrecks that are ripe with Goliath grouper during season. Which site you visit, the Wreck Trek or MG-111, is entirely dependent on the Captain, conditions, and availability (our friends at Emerald Charters and their shark diving operation seem to ruffle some feathers by snatching up sites).

The current was insane, so we actually held onto structures waving like flagpoles in the wind. After drifting through the entire shipwreck we entered an area known as Warrior Reef.

It’s essentially a group of pillars that Goliath grouper are keen to surround. After leaving Warrior Reef you’ll find yourself in sand for as far as the eye can see.

Visiting with hundreds of some of the biggest fish in the world is a truly awe-inspiring experience. Visit in August or September to enjoy the Goliath grouper aggregations fully.

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Jupiter Dive Center is a top-notch operation that we personally book trips with. The closest airports are West Palm Beach (PBI) and Fort Lauderdale (FLL).

Book a Place to Stay: Booking.com is a great resource to compare hotels and guesthouses. Grouper (Gag) fishing in Jupiter is highly variable throughout the year.

If you find your deal on another fishing website at a lower rate, contact our customer care team. You have contacted us immediately after booking with all the details of the other deal including a link to the offer on the website and the exact price being quoted.

If you find your deal on another fishing website at a lower rate, contact our customer care team. You have contacted us immediately after booking with all the details of the other deal including a link to the offer on the website and the exact price being quoted.

Would you send a friend who is visiting for the first time to this place or activity? YesNoUnsure The scenic route takes you down the lagoon to the Jupiter Lighthouse, passing celebrity homes belonging to Burt Reynolds, Tiger Woods, and more, along the way.

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Keep your eyes peeled for local wildlife, including dolphins, manatees, and seabirds. During the return journey, enjoy a freshly packed lunch (vegetarian option available).

Great casual place, can get packed on weekend nights. Scenic views of Jupiter Inlet, Lighthouse and passing boat traffic.

Parking can get to be a hassle depending on time you show, but it's worth it. Relaxed place to hang with friends in a cool beach environment.

All outdoor, directly across from Jupiter Lighthouse great view Relax on the sand near the Jupiter Lighthouse and listen to some extraordinary music.

This is a bottle if beer place that reflects the laid back style of Jimmy Buffett. Alan Jackson used the Square Grouper as a backdrop for his “Its' Five O'Clock Somewhere” video.

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Love or hate that song, it's synonymous with happy hour, and so is the Square Grouper. Ladies the floor is all sand, not by bar tho.

The crowd is in Guy Harvey shirts as they spill in to enjoy Movie Mondays with free popcorn and a nice margarita. Great view, but they doubled their prices compared to their old menu.

Lovely wiki bar ok the waterfront, occasional live music, and good food too (served late). A fun, casual drink spot that’s entirely outdoors.

Full bar, live music, delicious food, it’s a very nice location, parking sucks though All of our meals were delicious..... Can't wait to come back.... Location is wonderful.

Perfectly located on the Jupiter Inlet is one of the best outdoor wiki bars around, where Alan Jackson filmed the “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” video. Music, atmosphere, drinks, view of the Jupiter Lighthouse.

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Awesome place unless you boat up to dock to buy a drink at the bar where the bouncer will rip your head off A little piece of paradise, with wide-water views of the Jupiter Inlet and its famous lighthouse, this local landmark boasts the 19-ship Castaways Marina and stunning scenery.

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