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GoliathGrouper in the Naples area are the largest of grouper family, also known as Epimetheus Tamara, or Jewish, Goliath are on endangered species, so they are not fishable. Due to overfishing, in 1990 they prohibited the harvesting and possession of these fish.

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We can fish close to a wreck, ledge on or near the bottom all year long on the West Coast. Before the goliathgrouper reaches full-size it is preyed upon by king mackerel, barracudas, moray eels, and some sharks.

Once fully grown, humans and large sharks are the goliathgrouper ’s only predators. In Florida many are trying to open a season on them, but FCC still has them marked endangered.

FloridaFishing Guide Rates 4-Hour Naples Fishing Trips will focus on near-shore wrecks, live bottom and artificial reefs. Looking for bait balls and trolling is a trip favorite. 6-Hour Naples Fishing Trips allow us to stay out longer (6 hours)and hunt various wrecks, live bottom and artificial reefs.

We will be 30+ miles offshore catching large grouper, snapper, cobra, amber jack, shark, barracuda, permit, African pompano and more! The offshore reefs and wrecks offer excellent fishing year round and contain some very large fish such as the GoliathGrouper, Cobra, giant Permit, Snapper and Tarpon.

The offshore reefs and wrecks offer excellent fishing year round and contain some very large fish such as the GoliathGrouper, Cobra, giant Permit, Snapper and Tarpon. Also known as Centrosome Decimals, the common shook are also known as Sergeant fish or Royal captains call them freight trains since they are silver with a black lateral line on both sides.

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Tarpon move North through to our Naples waters starting in March and head toward Coca Grande by May then June to spawn. Some Tarpon will stay in our area until we get the first cold front coming around October to December.

We have to go out about 100 miles offshore to get red snapper, but boy are they worth it. Also known as Mutants Campechanus, we can fish for them the end of May through the middle of July with 2 per angler per day.

Red snapper is the Gulf’s signature fish and very popular in restaurants and seafood markets. They can grow up to 40 inches, weigh up to 50 lbs and live up to 50 years.

They are gray or brown with wavy marking on their sides and don’t form circles or boxes which is sometimes mistaken for black grouper. Also known as Mycteroperca Microbes, gags are caught as close as 100 yards from the beach and up to 30 miles offshore depending on what time of year it is thought they move inshore during January through March.

They are in the Drum Family, known as Sciences cellars, they have a reddish, bronze top with a pale underbelly. Bull Sharks, also known as Carcharhinus Lucas or Zambezi in African are considered by some to be the most dangerous because they like to travel in most all waters including rivers and estuaries.

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We will catch and release bull sharks, they are a rugged fighter with the world record being 697 lbs. We fish in and around the Gordon River, Naples Bay and Gulf of Mexico.

We see Marco Island, the great homes of Port Royal, the backwaters where Indians used to fish and even go through some wildlife mangrove areas. Please bring: Sunscreen, brimmed hat, Extra clothing, Camera, Snacks/food you want to eat, Alcoholic beverages are allowed; beer and wine only, please.

Our busiest and best months for deep sea fishing Naples fl are March, April, May, June, and July. In the past 10 years the Clearwater area and entire gulf for that matter has seen the Goliath grouper population explode.

Due to the sheer size of these 100 pound plus grouper, even pulling them out of the water is not advised, by doing so will crush their skeletal system often killing them, which is considered harvesting. When we target them on a charter, we use large circle hooks to ensure a safe release.

Armed with top of the line Fin Nor 2-speed 30W and 130lb class rod guarantees you have a solid chance of landing one of these giants! Usually we use large dead fish, such as Bonita, mackerel or any other oily species to entice these brutes off the wreck or reef.

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I’ve seen a lot of crazy things on the water over the last 5 years that my clients and I will never forget. The FCC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission) manages the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean differently, and it’s important to know what’s in season and what you can harvest from each shoreline.

The Gulf of Mexico is a unique body of water that provides commercial and recreational anglers plenty of fishing opportunities. The Gulf covers most of Florida ’s west coast, from Pensacola in the Panhandle to the start of the Everglades at the tip of the peninsula.

This is important to keep in mind as there are different regulations for what’s in season and what you can harvest depending on if you’re in state or federal waters. For counties of Franklin, Weibull, Taylor and Jefferson (in the Panhandle area from Apalachicola to Steinhatchee) there is open season in state waters from April 1 to June 30, and again from September 1 to December 31.

Black, Red, Scamp, Yellow fin and Yellow mouth Grouper all have similar regulations in the Gulf. It’s open season in both state and federal waters for Rock Hind, Coney, Yellow edge and Snowy Groupers.

You can ask your charter captain if the size you have is a keeper or not; or refer to the FCC regulations to make sure you’re staying compliant. If you’re lucky enough to catch a GoliathGrouper or Nassau Grouper, take a quick picture and release it back to the wild.

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Now moving east to the beautiful Atlantic Ocean where there are excellent opportunities for grouper fishing. Keep in mind, the FCC considers the Everglades and Florida Keys as part of the Atlantic Ocean waters, and all fishing done in these areas must stay within Atlantic-specific regulations.

From the Florida Keys to Jacksonville, anglers have hundreds of cities to choose from to launch your grouper expedition. The real question is, what subspecies of grouper you’ll find at the end of your line.

The season runs until December 31, and each angler can collect one or the other each trip within the 3 grouper aggregate. Honestly, that’s why there are regulations in place, so that this incredible species is not overfished and the population stays healthy.

Now is the time to book your Grouper fishing charter, the season is just a few short weeks away and you’ll want to be sure to get in on the action! Southwest FloridaGoliathGrouper GoliathGrouper are the two words that excite true anglers of SW Florida.

Anglers are known to travel specifically to this area for just this fishing experience… or they may even be residents of Naples. As you can imagine, this requires heavy gear and Pure Naples has recently invested in the extreme fishing tackle required to catch these big guys.

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You’re not likely to find Goliath grouper, which can easily tip the scales at 500-pounds close to shore on Florida ’s Big Bend. But there’s no reason to suspect that when you think you’re hooked up to a rock on one of our offshore reefs and it starts to move, that you have a Goliath on the other end of your rod.

One of it’s the most interesting findings is that Goliath's, contrary to popular angler opinion, eat very few snappers and other grouper species. This should be fantastic news, since Goliath are considered critically endangered throughout most of the world, but many Gulf fishermen don’t see it that way.

The figure below shows how many of each prey type were present in the stomachs of the 226 adult and juvenile goliathgrouper studied. Since we are what we eat, stable isotope analysis can determine what a marine organism has eaten over a long period of time.

Koenig and Coleman (2009) found that goliathgrouper holds a relatively low position on the food chain and actually about even with pin fish. In 2012 the Gulf and South Atlantic Councils joined up to consider how to move the goliathgrouper fishery beyond moratorium.

The Ad How GoliathGrouper Steering Committee was formed as a direct result of public input suggesting we consider allowing for a limited fishery as the Goliath population recovers. Although Grouper is seasonal, they migrate to specific depths of water as the temperature changes.

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Many of our guests like our Grouper fishing charter because they enjoy taking home and grilling up the fish they caught earlier in the day. Grouper has a hard time resisting our bait because of their natural instinct to eat.

During the winter months, trolling for Grouper tends to yield larger fish, but has its limitations. Grouper usually put up quite the fight once hooked, so we use high quality, medium to heavy action fishing rods, with an open-style conventional reel and 50# line or heavier.

Mangrove Snapper is one of the tastiest reef dwellers in the Gulf of Mexico, this fish is also one of the hardest fighters to reel in. There are dozens of species of sharks found in the Gulf of Mexico, and each one presenting a different challenge for the angler.

They feed almost primarily on live bait fish but are not very picky eaters. Amber jacks are fun to catch for anglers because they are extremely strong fighters and have great endurance.

Sea Bass is a relative of the Grouper that are fun to catch because of their aggressive behavior. If you are looking to go out on the best fishing deep sea fishing charter in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Clearwater and surrounding area call (727) 432-0422 or complete our online reservation form.

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