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• Monday, 12 October, 2020
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Access to the entire river and all its lakes is available at dozens of major landings along the way. Seminole is a 38,000 acre lakes located on the state’s northern border near Chattahoochee.

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One of the prime reasons is that so much of the lake has lots of drill grass, which serves as a fish producing habitat unlike any other. A good supply of freshwater and enormous drill beds put the Seminole fish food chain on steroids.

A popular access spot is Lake Seminole Park on the eastern shore. The new lakes on the block are pushing it, but this 9,500 acre reservoir southeast of Gainesville is still a good one.

But bass in the 8 to 12 pound category are still registered on a weekly basis with the Florida TrophyCatch program. The cooler months seem to be the best for big bass, and if you get there before the spawn, you’ll find the biggest fish of the year.

This lake covers 22,700 acres and is full of all types of aquatic vegetation, various depths of water and stumps and lay downs. It is those stump fields near the main river channel that are usually targeted by bass fishermen.

Located near Kissimmee in Central Florida, there are several easy access points. There are 28,000 acres in this lake and despite its size, it sometimes gets overlooked because of all the other local bass fisheries.

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The lake is fairly shallow, ranging from 4 to 8 feet deep for the most part, but it is chocked full of large mouth bass. Bass up to 16 pounds have been caught here, and the fish have virtually every kind of structure you can find in Florida.

Click here for a “tour” of the lake, which straddles North and Central Florida along the eastern border of the Ocala National Forest. Recently, an angler reeled in a 17.2-pound bass from this freshwater fishing haven, nearly tying the state record.

Located southwest of Alaska, the reservoir is undergoing a drawdown this winter to enhance critical habitats, and the lower water levels will concentrate bass this year to enhance future bass populations. More than 1,100 acres of Everglades marsh and 200 miles of canals offer urban anglers launching out of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties plenty of room to explore.

Surveys in the peak month of April estimated a whopping 4.1 bass per hour average in the L-67A Canal. It is my personal favorite area to fly-fish for bass in Florida, as it offers outstanding top-water action throughout the spring and summer months.

Check out nearby destinations Palm Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale for accommodations and charters. When well-known bass writer Jim Porter returned from a six-month “research mission” on Tenor, which is northeast of Lakeland in Central Florida.

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Angler surveys indicate catch success at 0.82 fish per hour, which is well above Florida averages. Located just outside Tallahassee, this 8,800-acre reservoir offers “capital” bass fishing in Florida.

An exciting place to explore for anglers, here you’ll find a colorful variety of fish in the area, including bone fish, tarpon, and shook. Sitting south of Cedar Key is Seahorse Reef, a popular area for experienced Gulf Shore fishermen.

Covered with long and lush seagrass, Cedar Creek is considered one of the best launching points in the Big Bend area. Boasting an abundance of guides and ship captains for hire and a variety of other land and water-based attractions, Key West is an ideal destination to visit with the entire family.

A large fountain with a jumping sailfish sits in its town square, marking the centerpiece of the area’s 15 marinas ready to take out fishing and charter boat fleets. The fishing potential of this coastal village is abundant, as its untouched natural beauty is appealing to those looking for a peaceful on the water.

Spring is the most popular season for catching underwater treasures, as the seagrass grows wild in these months making it an ideal time to spot Redfish, speckled trout, and sleepyhead. With over 140 vessels that cater to anglers, you have the chance to catch grouper, amber jack, snapper, mackerel, sailfish, Yahoo, tuna and even a blue marlin in this emerald Gulf of Mexico waters.

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Those looking for a more leisurely experience can cast a line off the pier, as this city pairs laid-back vibes with crystal clear beach areas. It’s also a great place to go fly and kayak fishing, and if you’re with the kids, you might want to check out the chance to hand-feed tarpon at nearby Robbie’s Marina only a few miles from the park.

Fly and spin angling might win you saltwater game fish, while reef fishing is ideal for reeling in snapper and grouper. With both resorts and campsites peppered around the lake, visitors can stay overnight, as the area has plenty of guides and charters to direct you to the best spots.

Here you’ll discover a city listed on the National Register of Historic Places and old fish houses that date back to the original families, where both shrimp and grouper are sold to local restaurants. For those who rather go stargazing and appreciate the outdoors, head to Anastasia State Park to find 139 full-facility campsites that sit alongside the Atlantic Ocean.

Less touristy than its South Florida counterparts, here visitors will find an underrated gem with crystal clear waters stemming from the Gulf of Mexico. The area is famous for spotting an array of colorful redfish, flounder, tarpon and sea trout, and if you venture further offshore, it’s not uncommon to see fishermen reeling in king mackerel, blue marlin, tuna, and cobra.

Located on the southwest coast of Florida facing the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota even has a handful of hotels that provide guides for hire. Catching shook, redfish, trout, grouper and Dorado is common, while the area’s offshore activities, from its vibrant arts scene to the stunning Siesta Key beach, are sure to keep the entire family entertained.

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Often referred to as “The Fishing Capital of the World,” here you will discover an abundance of freshwater and saltwater hotspots to keep your vacation itinerary full, from the emerald waters in the Panhandle all the way down to the Florida Keys. Our fishing is excellent, and one of the many reasons is the exceptionally large number of species which regularly prowl our waters.

The following chart lists the fish species which are regularly caught in Southwest Florida, together with the approximate times that they are most available. Although seasonal and weather variations can occur, this is a real good starting point for planning and scheduling your vacation.

Steven Brennan Had a father and son team for guides. Dave west We have duck hunted with Marty's team a couple of times previously and have always been very... satisfied.

Our guide put us right on the fish in 3 different locations over the course of the day, and we had a great time on the water. The boat was clean and well outfitted, the guide was friendly, personable, and professional.

We couldn't have asked for a better experience and will definitely fish with Captain Marty's Guide Service again. Lisa Zamora Captain Marty is hands down the best guide on lake Tacoma.

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I had heard great things about Captain Marty... from friends. Captain Marty put us on the fish and if they weren't biting he moved to keep the action going.

CAPT Marty’s Lake Tacoma Fishing Guides service is highly recommended and it has become a fun recurring family experience for us!read more We hit our limit within an hour and then fished for fun.... Marty was our guide and is extremely knowledgeable, helpful, funny and friendly.

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We limited out fairly quickly and had stop fishing ... after a finding an abundance of them. Rejma0415 The weather started out pretty rough, w/ whitecaps and 20+ mph winds, but Captain Marty's partner, ... Captain Ron, took us out to the Oklahoma side away from the brown / rusty muddy runoff water and once we were anchored, he put us on the fish all day.

My son and I had a ball and it was a very rewarding experience for a 10-year-old to know he helped bring food to the table for the first time!read more Amber Anglo Had an amazing time and had no problem catching our limit.

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He did a great job cleaning the fish.... Also, very knowledgeable about the lake and had top of the line equipment, we will book him again for sure. Rita Garcia Our fishing trip with Captain Marty was Exceptional.

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