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By Terry Tomlin Anglers have been waiting all summer for fall to arrive, for every fisherman knows, when the water temperature cools, the action inshore and offshore starts to heat up. Nothing beats the sight of a big gator trout Austin’ loose on the grass flats.

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Red Drum, or redfish as they are more commonly known, is another sport fish you will find throughout Florida waters. When all else fails, try the artificial bait choice for redfish : the weedless gold spoon.

The good news here is that, when it comes to catch and release, shook is one of the hardiest fish in state waters. Kingfish, will soon begin their run from their northern summering grounds to their winter haunts off the Florida Keys.

Anglers have a large window of opportunity to catch these bottom dwellers before new regulations may further limit the season. Flats and shallows are cooler during the day than they were during the heat of summer, and this increases the presence and activity of game fish like spotted sea trout, redfish, flounder, Spanish mackerel, and bluefish.

From mid-June through mid- September, water temperatures of turtle grass flats and oyster reefs hover around 90F, and game fish tend to use these shallows most during early morning, evening, and at night. Annual fall migration of fish including pompano, Spanish mackerel, and big tarpon.

The small Spanish mackerel of the spring migration have grown substantially, and fall is the best time of year to catch big ones. Spotted Sea trout are the most abundant inshore game fish in Florida waters, and are immensely popular with anglers.

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Sea trout are found on turtle grass flats in the bays of Pensacola, Destiny/Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, and Port St. Joe. Farther east near Annabelle, La nark Village, and St. Marks, sea trout are found over inshore reefs and rock piles, and on structure in sections of rivers affected by saltwater tides, like the Annabelle, Ochlockonee, and St. Marks rivers.

Redfish are the iconic inshore game fish of the northern Gulf, and are popular with anglers because of the wide range of habitat they use. Keep in mind that waters with rock reefs and oyster bars tend to have many navigational hazards that can damage your boat.

Fly-fishing in the shallow waters near cord grass is one of the great techniques for catching redfish. Flounder, spotted sea trout, and redfish, are the three most popular game fish in Florida Panhandle inshore waters.

If you’re taking a guided fishing trip in any of the bays, these three species will factor prominently in your day’s catch. Like the redfish, the appeal of flounder is their broad distribution, including flats, bridges and similar structures, backwaters, and beaches.

At first glance, you might think of flounder as a slow and awkward fish because of its body shape, but they’re surprisingly fast and voracious. Tarpon are popular game fish during summer on the Panhandle, and during their fall southward migration that typically occurs in early October.

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I recently enjoyed a successful day of tarpon fishing with Captain Trey Landry of Port St. Joe. We were near Indian Pass, fishing with seven inches menhaden on circle hooks as bait during spectacular feeding frenzy conditions.

Pompano are outstanding game fish that are very strong for their size, and they are one of the world’s great seafood delicacies. These attributes drive some anglers to nearly specialize in fishing for them, and developing networks of friends who share information about where the pompano are biting on a given day.

A shrimp, crab, or sand flea fished near the bottom is effective bait for many surf species including pompano, whiting, flounder, redfish, and black drum. On light tackle, including on a fly rod, they are superb sport fishing, especially when you catch a relatively big one weighing over three pounds.

Filed Under: Questions Tagged With: Apalachicola, Autumn, Bay County, Fall, Florida, Gulf coast fishing, Gulf county, how to catch flounder, how to catch redfish, how to catch sea trout, Inshore Fishing, La nark Village, Mexico Beach, Panhandle, Port St. Joe, Redfish, Sea Trout, St. George Island, St. Marks An exciting place to explore for anglers, here you’ll find a colorful variety of fish in the area, including bone fish, tarpon, and shook.

Sitting south of Cedar Key is Seahorse Reef, a popular area for experienced Gulf Shore fishermen. Covered with long and lush seagrass, Cedar Creek is considered one of the best launching points in the Big Bend area.

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Boasting an abundance of guides and ship captains for hire and a variety of other land and water-based attractions, Key West is an ideal destination to visit with the entire family. A large fountain with a jumping sailfish sits in its town square, marking the centerpiece of the area’s 15 marinas ready to take out fishing and charter boat fleets.

The fishing potential of this coastal village is abundant, as its untouched natural beauty is appealing to those looking for a peaceful on the water. Spring is the most popular season for catching underwater treasures, as the seagrass grows wild in these months making it an ideal time to spot Redfish, speckled trout, and sleepyhead.

With over 140 vessels that cater to anglers, you have the chance to catch grouper, amber jack, snapper, mackerel, sailfish, Yahoo, tuna and even a blue marlin in this emerald Gulf of Mexico waters. Those looking for a more leisurely experience can cast a line off the pier, as this city pairs laid-back vibes with crystal clear beach areas.

It’s also a great place to go fly and kayak fishing, and if you’re with the kids, you might want to check out the chance to hand-feed tarpon at nearby Robbie’s Marina only a few miles from the park. Fly and spin angling might win you saltwater game fish, while reef fishing is ideal for reeling in snapper and grouper.

With both resorts and campsites peppered around the lake, visitors can stay overnight, as the area has plenty of guides and charters to direct you to the best spots. Here you’ll discover a city listed on the National Register of Historic Places and old fish houses that date back to the original families, where both shrimp and grouper are sold to local restaurants.

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For those who rather go stargazing and appreciate the outdoors, head to Anastasia State Park to find 139 full-facility campsites that sit alongside the Atlantic Ocean. Less touristy than its South Florida counterparts, here visitors will find an underrated gem with crystal clear waters stemming from the Gulf of Mexico.

The area is famous for spotting an array of colorful redfish, flounder, tarpon and sea trout, and if you venture further offshore, it’s not uncommon to see fishermen reeling in king mackerel, blue marlin, tuna, and cobra. Located on the southwest coast of Florida facing the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota even has a handful of hotels that provide guides for hire.

Catching shook, redfish, trout, grouper and Dorado is common, while the area’s offshore activities, from its vibrant arts scene to the stunning Siesta Key beach, are sure to keep the entire family entertained. Often referred to as “The Fishing Capital of the World,” here you will discover an abundance of freshwater and saltwater hotspots to keep your vacation itinerary full, from the emerald waters in the Panhandle all the way down to the Florida Keys.

But not the kind of fishing trips you might be thinking… I’m not talking about charters or taking people out on our boat. In this blog post, we compiled 11 U.S. Based ultimate bucket list saltwater fishing trips that every angler should shoot for in his or her lifetime.

Note: The term Bucket List came from the movie, “The Bucket List,” where two terminally ill men played by Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman decided to go on a road trip to do all the things they wanted to do before they die. Marlin, tuna, cobra, bluefish, amber jack, and Mali all swim in and around the Virginia Beach area, accessible to most anglers.

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Not only does San Dago have a well-known pier, but it is also home to all kinds of different saltwater species, even bone fish! And while hitting up San Diego’s awesome piers or fishing from the beach, you can catch perch, Corina, leopard sharks, barracuda, bonito, and mackerel.

But the main attraction that put San Diego in the list is the ability to head offshore fishing for giant tuna. Don’t miss your chance to fish beautiful San Diego next time you are there.

Image source: Wikipedia Every summer the area around Crystal River and Homosassa, Florida gets a surge of new visitors in search of taking home their share of scallops. Once you have your days limit of scallops, it’s also a blast to head over to the natural springs and do some diving and exploring.

And if you really want a unique scalloping experience while “going back in time” in terms of an old Florida town, go visit Steinahactchee during summer. Galveston Bay, known to produce extra large king fish and red snapper, is also an abundant source of redfish, speckled trout, sleepyhead, black drum, and flounder, to name a few.

And if you want to leave the inshore fishing and hit offshore for a day, the neighboring Gulf waters offer anglers a plethora of world-class sailfish, king mackerel, cobra, Yahoo, yellow fin tuna, dolphin and marlin. As mullet make their way through Ft. Lauderdale on their migration, it attracts game fish in from all over the place.

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Tarpon and shook are everywhere from the beach to piers to under the bridges running through intercostal and downtown. The “Outer Banks” in North Carolina is known for being one of America’s abundant saltwater fisheries.

From catching marlin off of Cape Hatteras to landing world-record redfish just off the shore, North Carolina’s outer banks are a must fish place for all anglers. The outer banks act like a highway for fish moving up and down the east coast, from Yahoo, sailfish, yellow fin tuna, and red drum.

A woman fishing Race Point Beach in Cape Cod, Massage Code, Massachusetts is a historic place (the Mayflower landed here for crying out load), and it is a sanctuary for migratory stripes in the Provincetown, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and Buzzards Bay. Two of the most popular places in Alaska (with easier access from Anchorage compared to the other halibut destination called “Dutch Harbor”) are Homer and Seward.

But Homer made the “bucket list” due to its eclectic, laid-back, and adventurous setting. Venice is home to everything from speckled trout, black drum, sleepyhead, flounder, redfish, tuna, Yahoo, marlin, and dolphin.

With amazing offshore canyon and an inshore fishery that is one of the best in the world, every angler needs to spend a week fishing Venice in his or her lifetime. The Florida Keys has converging currents, amazing tropical weather that can be fished year round, and crystal clear waters.

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Whether it be fly-fishing for world-class tarpon, going offshore for Mali, daytime sword fishing, or catching lobster, the Florida Keys has it all.

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