Best Florida Fishing In October

Elaine Sutton
• Sunday, 11 October, 2020
• 8 min read

By Terry Tomlin Anglers have been waiting all summer for fall to arrive, for every fisherman knows, when the water temperature cools, the action inshore and offshore starts to heat up. Nothing beats the sight of a big gator trout Austin’ loose on the grass flats.

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Red Drum, or redfish as they are more commonly known, is another sport fish you will find throughout Florida waters. When all else fails, try the artificial bait choice for redfish : the weedless gold spoon.

The good news here is that, when it comes to catch and release, shook is one of the hardiest fish in state waters. Kingfish, will soon begin their run from their northern summering grounds to their winter haunts off the Florida Keys.

This always seems to coincide with massive groups of bait fish pushing back down the coasts and through into the Everglades and Florida Keys. We often get big groups of tarpon around for a late season showing in October.

Business is still on the slower side so you can find a guide easily, and they’ll be happy to take you out, and of course you don’t have to deal with tons of other boats on the water or the crazy traffic in town. One awesome thing we’ve been into lately is some larger shook and black drum.

These ‘bunker size’ fish of 15 to 30 lbs often don’t really show up until it gets freezing, especially the black drum. We had a handful of drums in the 25 lb range, just an absolute blast to catch on light tackle.

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But the next couple of months of October and November are definitely a great time to come down and experience it, and before it gets too busy is always a good thing. That leaves a fairly narrow window of opportunity for some of the area's biggest game fish such as sailfish and dolphin (mahi-mahi).

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Fish in style and comfort aboard a 35' Triton fully loaded with Bruno electronics and powered by triple 300 HP Yamaha four strokes..... Read More. Covering 15,322 acres of water, it stretches from Highway 27 in Leesburg on the west to State Road 19 in Howey-in-the-Hills on the east.

The lake averages about 10-12 feet in depth with a deep 20-30 foot trench running along its southern shoreline. A full service Marina and public boat ramp are located in the City of Leesburg at Venetian Gardens Park.

The Mission Inn Resort maintains a marina in Howey-in-the-Hills where boats can be rented on a half day basis. Big Lake Harris is ringed with Kissimmee grass, pads, reeds and cattails.

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If the wind is blowing hard out of the north quadrant, be especially careful navigating near Johnson's Point. Many people are surprised to learn that the lagoon and canals of Venetian Gardens hold good fish.

The lagoon bottom is covered in eel grass and the entire basin is a major bass bedding area. Continuing west to the southwest corner of the lake and you will find the entrance to Helena Run.

Helena run is a small creek that snakes back into the wilderness and terminates at Lake Den ham. Lake Den ham and Helena Run both contain good bass, but are extremely shallow and can should be avoided in times of low water.

The water in the creek is very clear and sight fishing can be productive in the spring or if the current is running strong. Yamaha also has some nice offshore humps where numerous bass tournaments have been won in the summer months.

Locals trolling the trench with deep diving crank baits often catch quality bass. Flipping the grass is productive as well as crank baiting the large flats surrounding horseshoe island.

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Rattle trapping and spinner baiting the eel grass catches a lot of bass as well as working the canals leading into the Lake Harris Lodge and the Banana Point Marinas. Numerous dredge holes and drop offs dot this area and Carolina rigged worms work well.

The lake is ringed with Kissimmee grass, reeds and cat tails and contains some of the largest pad fields on the Chain. The grass beds are deeper and thicker in this lake, making flipping an effective year round option.

The water quality in Little Lake Harris is better than most of the Chain especially at the bottom in the Double Run area. The Double Run area with its huge pad fields and stickups is a favorite of mine.

Top water fishing can be great in the warmer months with rattle traps and spinner baits working best in the winter and spring. In fact, many seasoned anglers, captains and fishing magazines have voted the swordfish as the toughest adversary to be encountered on rod and reel.

Not only does this magnificent fish have toughness, but also the speed and agility of the mighty swordfish can defy logic. For many anglers seeking to accomplish catching all the different species of billfish, swordfish is usually the hardest adversary for them to conquer.

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We are blessed to have this great fishery in our backyard and proud that we can offer swordfish trips to our clients. The area off of Miami is important to the well-being of the entire North Atlantic swordfish population.

Because of this, this area is well protected from commercial interests and is well regulated for recreational efforts. Because this is a nursery area it doesn't mean that the fish we catch on our swordfish trips are all pups.

It is not uncommon for anglers in South Florida to hook swordfish and fight them for 8 hours. Some fish caught weigh over 300 pounds, but some are lost and the size can only be assumed to have been even greater.

The tactics we used to fish for swordfish off of South Florida are drift fishing live or dead baits or a combination of live and dead baits. Large blue runners, tinker mackerel, goggle eyes, etc.

In my opinion, not much can beat the excitement of watching a huge broad bill jumping in the moonlight while your electric light is trailing behind. While this has been done for years in foreign countries like Venezuela, the speed of the Gulf stream along Florida's coast was an adversary that many thought couldn't be overcome.

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Trust me when I tell you, the sight of a 400 pound swordfish just feet under the boat during the day is awesome. Just imagine getting a bait to the bottom in 1600 feet of water, watching the rod tip twitch, then bend over.

There are several fully equipped marinas, which cater to boaters and fishermen that visit the area. Angling possibilities abound and charter boats are readily available for offshore or bay fishing.

Or, you may wish to head upriver where even a novice angler can find plenty of action. Before heading into the water, Annabelle is an excellent place to have some work done on your vessel with facilities and trained individuals available for any marine services.

Boat launch fees will be enforced by the City of Annabelle Police Department. Boat launch facilities will be overseen by the Annabelle Dock Master.

Unwanted or damaged line should be stored away until it can be placed in a recycling bin. Fishing line recycling bins are located at 10-foot hole in Apalachicola, both sides of the old St. George Island fishing piers, at the St. George Island State Park and at the River walk in Annabelle.

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There are more than 50 artificial reefs located offshore from the Franklin County shoreline. Buying a Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FCC) license has never been easier or more convenient with the new FISH-Hunt-FL application for Android, Apple and Windows smartphone devices.

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Grit water Outfitters USA Shelling, Island Tours, Near and Inshore Fishing. MS Dockside Marina, L C Full service marina with 60 ton travel lift, wet slips, dry storage, ship store, working yard, and mechanics on duty.

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