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And my favorite summer pastime just might be hanging out in my hammock with domestic brew and a good book after a long day of fun on the water. And if there’s anything to stoke the fire for more fun on the water, it’s a quality fishing story.

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After 35 years in print, David James Duncan’s “The River Why” still finds its way into the hands of new anglers. It’s a novel that combines the spiritual nature of fishing with the intricacies of family, growing up, and redemption over time.

In 2013, a librarian named Shelley Waldheim set out in her newly outfitted camper to fish a new river every week for a year. For any angler looking to experience new waters or build the courage for a big adventure, Waldheim’s journey is sure to inspire.

Not sure how they made that into a 19-hour movie (just kidding, but man it drags), but Robert Redford can literally do whatever he wants. Anyway, Maclean’s short and sweet version is debaucheries, beautifully written, and perfect for a midday break on the river.

Over 200 pages of in-depth discussion, drawings, and minutia help even the most nascent angler put some class in their cast. He’s the author of my favorite hunting essay of all time, a novelist, a screenwriter, and a memoirist who captures his world with language so precisely that his books are teachers in their own right.

And if you want to hear him talk about his amazing life, outdoors man and writer Hal Herring interviewed the legend as part of the BHA Podcast & Blast. If you need a veritable collection of some top fishing writers of our time, 31 of them make up the bulk of this book.

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Fly-fishing weaves through the essays herein, as Schreiber takes on a corporation dumping sludge into her father’s favorite trout stream. Beautiful and sparse, her work deserves a spot on the shelf and within that group of sacred books that us humans turn to soothe us in troubling times.

Hemingway has made his way onto the weathered dashes of pickups belonging to trout bums for decades. For further Hemingway fishy writing, you can find both parts of his legendary short story “Big Two Hearted River” online, thanks to the University of Virginia.

Whereas Joan Wolff taught us the beauty of the cast, Lefty Kr eh teaches us how to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right fly. This is a large-format book that shows rather than tells, making it a great tool for the visual learner.

We’ve covered fiction, memoirs, technique, poetry, and essays. And Whiteley’s detailed and generous descriptions also include a bit of how-to on building out your own historic fly collection.

When she's not writing or editing, she's likely hunting, fishing, or on the back of her little brown horse with a border collie named Butch Cassidy on heel in the mountains. Maps Books is the publishing outlet of the University of Florida ’s Institute of Archaeology and Paleo environmental Studies.

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A people whose impressive earthworks, engineered canals, elaborate ceremonies, and intricate art were built on a foundation not of farming but fishing. A people who understood the land and waters so well that they prospered for over a thousand years without ever having a disastrous impact on their environment.

Archaeological sites left by the Cause and their predecessors dot the southwest Florida coast, yet little has been known of these people until recently. Follow anthropologist Frank Cushing to the steaming mangrove muck of Key Marco in 1896, as he excavates one of the most remarkable collections of Native American artifacts ever found.

Inspired by producers Leslie M. Gaines and Stephen Robitaille, Ph.D., the program is designed to take viewers on a journey that explores Florida ’s natural beauty. Personal encounters with these natural sights and sounds help viewers develop a sense of place about Florida ABD its rapidly vanishing habitats and wildlife.

Wild Alachua, also released in 2002, introduces viewers to the cultural and natural history jewels of North Central Florida, including the Florida Museum of Natural History’s Butterfly Rainforest, Devil’s Mill hopper State Geologic Site, Dudley farm Historic State Park and the historic Cross Creek home of Marjorie Kinney Railings, author of “The Yearling.” In 2005, 110 public television stations in 50 markets aired this film via American Public Television distribution. Through conversations with the author, the fisher folk provide from their own experiences the rich detail that makes this study so important.

As the twentieth century ended, so did many historic fishing traditions in Charlotte Harbor, Florida. Anthropologist and oral historian Robert Eric set out to rescue this unique heritage from oblivion.

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Most were born before 1918, and their words and images evoke a life in the days before power boats, monofilament nets, and modern sport fishing. Intimately acquainted with the coastal environment, these senior fisher folk also remind us of the fragile balance between people and the harbor’s habitat.

In Charlotte Harbor, as perhaps in many places, the vanishing of traditional ways heralds more profound and far-reaching changes to our natural world. Trained in anthropology, Eric also experienced the commercial fishing life firsthand, working at the Coca Grande Fishery on Sarsaparilla Island for four years.

From as early as 10,000 years ago, the place we now know as Sepia Island (in southwest Florida near Fort Myers) has been visited by people. As sea level rose, Sepia became an island about 6,500 years ago, beginning a tradition of seasonal use by fishing people that would last for six millennia.

A prime destination for the tarpon fisher, it was also the residence of Barron Collier, who built a broad-based development, transportation, resort, and communications business. The reader will learn about the remarkable archaeology, history, and ecology of this tiny island, a place that played pivotal roles in military, economic, and social developments that affected millions of people.

Detailed reports of archaeological findings and rich historical accounts are illustrated with many drawings and photographs. Charles Blanchard’s elegant prose and Gerald Clark’s irresistible drawings bring the ancient native peoples of southwest Florida to life and show how archaeology allows us to understand the past.

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Charles Blanchard has navigated big water in open canoes for most of his adult life, mapping and recording his routes and landfalls for their archaeological significance. Laura Touch provides a fascinating account of the role of sharks in the culture and economy of south Florida ’s Native Americans.

A zoo archaeologist, Touch shows that sharks were regularly hunted by south Florida Indians, for whom they provided meat, shark-liver oil, and teeth for tools and trade. She reviews shark- fishing technology around the world, describes archaeological findings in south Florida, and offers interpretations relevant to the role of sharks in native social and economic systems.

We’ll launch from Worldwide Sportsman/Bass Pro Shop Bayside Marina, Islamabad or during our cooler months I can meet you at Flamingo to fish the backcountry. Charter me as your Florida Keys fishing guide, by simply going to the Contact page and calling to speak to a live person or completing the form, so we can check availability.

In the “Your Comment” field be sure to supply date(s), half or full day, fly or spin, and species to target plus any other helpful information. Check out FAQ in the menu (Frequently Asked Questions) to find current rates & seasons and many other details to help you plan your trip.

We know it can be very confusing while surfing the web trying to decide on which Florida fishing guide service to use for your bass fishing trip or charter, as almost every other fishing guide service you may come across will claim to be the best. There are other legitimate “quality” bass fishing guide services on Lake Okeechobee and around the state of Florida.

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However, there are still some misleading bass fishing guides out there that are only interested in getting your money not your loyalty. Our bass fishing trips are designed for all anglers from first timers to the most advanced fisherman.

Having four children, I really enjoy teaching young anglers of all ages the art of angling. Top-water fishing in the grass with weedless frogs, flipping heavy cover, casting big worms, or even shallow cranking can be done on Lake Okeechobee all year long.

From coast to canal, Naples Florida offers a wide variety of unparalleled fishing adventures. In this blog post, we will be focusing on the best fishing in Naples that does not require a boat.

When ordering online or by calling 888-347-4356, you’ll have a temporary license or “print number” that will be good for 30 days from the date of purchase, enabling you to hunt (in season) or fish on the date your license starts. Bird watching is almost a guarantee; dolphin and stingray sightings are also popular from the pier.

Accessible on foot from Del nor Wiggins State Park or from Barefoot Beach, or by boat (launch from the Cocohatchee River Park for direct access). Shook can be found along the inside beaches, especially on the north end during outgoing tides.

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No vessels are permitted to anchor within 100 feet of the designated fishing area, which encompasses the pass. As one of the few structures on the beach it tends to attract bait fish, which then invites the whole food chain in return likes nook.

The most southern beach access point on Gordon Drive is on 33rd Street, flanked by magnificent mansions. Thanks to Hurricane Wilma, which destroyed the previous fishing catwalks under the main span onto Marco Island, there is plenty of rocky structure to fish on the western side of the bridge.

Sleepyhead and black drum are plentiful on these areas so fish sand fleas around the pilings. Daniel Island is a great place for watching dolphins, tarpon, sunsets, swimming, fishing, windsurfing and picnicking.

No parking fees or facilities, but there is a $6 toll to get onto the causeway from Fort Myers. If you are planning a visit to the Fort Myers Florida area and you would like to get in a little fishing without much planning or even a fishing license then the pier at Fort Myers Beach is the place to go.

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