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• Monday, 02 November, 2020
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This application DOES NOT require internet access so you can use it on your boat even when service is not available. Beautiful illustrations by renown illustrator Duane Raver, Jr. make it easy to identify that fish you just caught.

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This app has everything you need to know to get you up to speed on fish identifying and regulations that apply. Went first time confident I was doing everything right in the tangled up mess otherwise known as fishing regulations.

Please check the perfect 5-star rating score. There is a reason for that. It doesn’t need to be redesigned. Please finish your redesign project by leaving it alone. I wrote a review about problems with the app and one of the developers sent me a message about a server issue.

The latest FCC regs, so I know for sure what fish I can keep without risking any fines. The developer, Verona Solutions, LLC, has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple.

The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission is pleased to announce the release of a new, cutting edge Android app that will empower anglers and hunters during their outdoor fishing and hunting activities in Florida. The new app is user-friendly, and allows visitors to purchase their fishing or hunting licenses online, access regulations, pull up a copy of the user's current licenses, and use geolocating tools to maximize a customers recreational experience.

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Upon free download, users may purchase and download licenses and permits directly from their smartphone, determine sunrise and sunset time based on GPS location, access NOAA seas and weather information, and more! The Florida FCC has been a national agency leader in providing customers and visitors with the most robust technologies and systems to increase awareness and conservation amongst the natural resources community, opening up channels to customers to promote Florida outdoors and preserve the sport of fishing and hunting. Updates for Offline Harvest Reporting.

Available for iOS and Android, map-based fishing app Fishily is a great aid for anglers of all experience levels. You can also store secret fishing spots privately or opt to share them with a select few friends.

It displays live data transmitted by the transducer, allowing you to view invaluable information about water depth, temperature, bottom topography, fish location and more directly on your smartphone screen. You can set different fish and depth alarms, change the display appearance and switch between narrow or wide-beam scanners.

The latter lets you track your lure underwater and mark ice holes; while the onshore mode allows you to create bathymetric lake maps. Highlights include a so lunar calendar and weather forecasting functionality (useful when planning your next trip); and downloadable maps that you can use to mark your favorite spots offline.

Employ the notes function to log your catches, and the camera mode to share photos of fish with your fellow anglers. So lunar theory is the hypothesis that animals and fish move according to the location of the moon and sun in relation to their bodies.

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You can use it to determine the best time to fish at a given location, which the app pinpoints using manual entry or automatic GPS. You can save your favorite fishing spots in order to access so lunar forecasts at the click of a finger.

These forecasts show major and minor feeding or activity periods for specific fish species. The Pro Angler app acts as a one-stop shop offering all the information you need to enhance your saltwater fishing experience.

This includes GPS coordinates to over 7,500 fishing hotspots located throughout the coastal United States; and more than 1,000 useful services ranging from local bait shops to public launches and weigh stations. Use the app ’s real-time weather forecasts, tide tables and so lunar data to work out the best time to fish.

The easy-to-navigate State and Federal regulations list is another highlight, while bonus features include seafood recipes, a shareable catch log and license information. Knot-tying animations also come in handy; as do hours of instructional casting videos featuring the director of Orris’ fly-fishing schools.

The app also includes many podcasts by fly-fishing author Tom Rosenbaum, with more added every week. Compare the statistics of your biggest fish with those of your fellow competitors by monitoring the app ’s live tournament leaderboard.

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Other helpful features include the ability to review lists of available tournaments in your area; and to register for those that you’re interested in. After signing up for an event, use the app to keep an eye on the weather forecast and tide tables for the tournament location.

Most fishing apps that allow users to access maps provide information about shorelines, major structural features and limited depth data. However, the best even display things like vegetation, boat access points and fishing -related retail establishments near major water bodies.

Now, you can see that the local large mouth have been striking floating frogs the last week or two, or that the striped bass have moved out over deep-water humps within the last few days. One of the best ways to improve your fishing success is by tracking your experiences and learning the lessons they provide.

Every angler has his or her own idiosyncrasies and tendencies, which will influence the way you cast, retrieve and approach fishing on a given day. By reviewing this kind of information, you can learn from past successes and failures and increase the number of fish you catch.

Novice anglers often struggle to figure out where the fish are holding on a given day and what lures and presentations will be most effective. This allows novices to learn the basics very quickly and it can even help experienced anglers break free of ruts.

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Some anglers will want to use their fishing apps across multiple devices, including their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Most of the best fishing apps work with most modern devices, but be sure to verify this before making your purchase, if such things are important to you.

This doesn’t bother everyone, but if you will be annoyed by constant advertisements, be sure to investigate this characteristic of any app you intend to purchase. You may ultimately determine that you need the capability in question immediately, but more than one app has become better in the blink of an eye thanks to software updates.

Fish brain even provides its own lure recommendations based on a combination of current and historical patterns. Fish brain also provides weather forecast information inside the app, which will help you better anticipate the fish’s movements.

Basic maps are included, and recent local catches are overlain on the display to help you find good fishing spots. Fish brain is available for iOS and Android systems, and it will work on most devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

FishingTech found that while Fish brain clearly provides value to anglers, it has a few shortcomings that relegated it to the second tier of fishing apps. This includes things like bottom composition, vegetation, boat ramps and main lake structures.

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Fishily is available for both iOS and Android systems, and it will work on your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Because of its excellent mapping functionality and the lack of glaring shortcomings, Fishily earns an A grade from FishingTech.

Deeper provides several types of data via the app, including weather forecasting, a so lunar calendar, photo-taking functionality and a plethora of downloadable maps -- a fantastic feature for those fishing in areas with spotty cell phone reception. As you may expect, the Avionics fishing app is a chart-based product designed to turn your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer into a cartographic powerhouse and help you navigate like never before.

But while it should come as no surprise that a company who is regarded as a leader in the navigational charting world would make an app that possesses some of the best maps available, Avionics actually provides several other helpful capabilities. It also provides weather data, tide information and it has a Timeline feature, which allows you to revisit earlier trips.

Avionics doesn’t provide a lot of functions that are specifically directed at anglers, but it is a great option for those who already know what types of structure to seek and what lure to use, yet need access to maps and navigational aids. Avionics offers a brief free trial period, but you’ll have to subscribe to the platform to continue accessing the data.

Avionics also comes preloaded into a number of other apps and software packages, including several fish finders and GPS units. An excellent fishing app for those who want access to some of the best maps and charts available, Avionics earns an A- grade from FishingTech.

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It provides most of the same functions that other apps do, including maps, weather forecasts and marked fishing hot spots. However, it also provides a number of navigational aids, including boat speed and a compass function.

Pro Angler also provides a huge amount of data about the fish lurking in your local waters. This includes data on local fishing trends, as well as recommendations provided by a team of experienced charter guides.

Pro Angler is available for both iOS and Android devices, but it does not work with desktop computers or laptops. Taken as a package with its ca stable fish finding transducers, the Deeper Smart Sonar fishing app edges out the rest of a very capable field.

The company has delivered an elegant form factor and highly usable user interface that should set the standard for fishing apps.

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