Best Florida Bass Fishing Lures

Maria Garcia
• Saturday, 10 October, 2020
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Gainesville, Fla., touring pro Bernie Schultz suggests visiting anglers should take along lures that work well in shallow water and aquatic vegetation. “It could potentially be a wonderful top water bite in the wintertime depending on if you catch the water warming in between fronts,” Schultz says.

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On days when bass are reluctant to hit top waters, Schultz opts for a 1/2-ounce spinner bait with tandem willow leaf blades. The eight-time Bass master Classic qualifier runs the Rap at high speed and rips it through the grass to trigger reaction strikes.

Schultz switches to soft plastics in green pumpkin, June bug or watermelon red tints during cold front conditions when Florida bass are in thick cover or hugging the bottom. “When I am punching grass or mats I usually let the bait break through the top layer of vegetation and fall at its own rate of speed,” he says.

Dead-sticking a worm coaxes bites from sluggish bass holding around sparse grass, lily pads, boat docks or cypress trees. Shiners are at their best in the winter and early spring, when bass begin to head to the shallow water to spawn.

As such, soft jerk baits are a nearly totally weedless lure, which gives anglers the ability to effectively fish in heavy cover. Drill is a common vegetation type in many lakes in Florida and holds an abundance of bass.

But since beds of drill can be extremely large, it can be tough to decide where to start the search for bass. A good method is to attach a lidless crank bait to the end of your line and start casting and retrieving over the drill, as well as along the edges.

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Make long casts and cover water until you find specific spots that hold bass. Thick vegetation is home to many of Florida's biggest bass and the anglers who target these fish must do so with precision.

Present the bait with a flip or pitch into holes of heavy cover and be ready for a jarring strike. A lot of anglers have a bass pond within 10 to 15 miles of them and fishing on them is becoming more and more popular.

Ponds are much smaller than lakes and as such allow you to really hunt down where the bass are hiding and adjust your bass fishing technique to suit. Bass in ponds tend to spook a little easier than when on larger waters.

Fished on lighter tackle I would generally opt for spinning rod for bass is this scenario. You'll need to drop a few sizes from your regular lures as fishing large swim baits on smaller ponds is rarely productive.

Soft Plastics like craws, tubes and toads mimic a variety of small sub-aquatic creatures that bass will regularly be feeding on. This lures can be worked in and around thick cover, bass will routinely be hiding in these locations waiting to strike.

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Seeing a bass engulf your lure and strike it hard from below will get the heart racing of any seasoned angler. Working a weedless version of a top water frog over thick cover with lilies or weed beds is one way to snag a bunker in the height of summer.

Spinners make great bass lures for ponds as they can be retrieved at a variety of depths and speeds. They have the added advantage of both vibration and flash which will drive summer bass wild especially when fished in the top of the water column.

Smaller crank baits like Papal's for example can be an absolute killer on ponds that have a lot of small bait fish already present. Line weight stick to roughly 8 lb monofilament which will perform really well on a light spinning setup for the majority of bass lures for ponds.

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