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• Friday, 11 December, 2020
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Thankfully, in order to manage these exceptional fishing treasures and to help you plan your next trip you can check out these Floridabassfishing tips. The Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FCC) also routinely surveys most of the state’s freshwater fisheries and identifies the most productive bodies of water.

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You can also find accommodations and captains based in Okeechobee on the north side of the “Big O.” Click here for a “tour” of the lake, which straddles North and Central Florida along the eastern border of the Ocala National Forest.

Recently, an angler reeled in a 17.2-pound bass from this freshwater fishing haven, nearly tying the state record. Located southwest of Alaska, the reservoir is undergoing a drawdown this winter to enhance critical habitats, and the lower water levels will concentrate bass this year to enhance future bass populations.

More than 1,100 acres of Everglades marsh and 200 miles of canals offer urban anglers launching out of Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties plenty of room to explore. Surveys in the peak month of April estimated a whopping 4.1 bass per hour average in the L-67A Canal.

It is my personal favorite area to fly-fish for bass in Florida, as it offers outstanding top-water action throughout the spring and summer months. Check out nearby destinations Palm Beach, Miami and Fort Lauderdale for accommodations and charters.

Try to get there before word gets out about this rediscovered Florida fishing area, located near Fort Meade in Polk County. Angler surveys indicate catch success at 0.82 fish per hour, which is well above Florida averages.

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Anglers can expect an average 0.58 bass per hour and a lot of big fish. Just ask Bandmaster Elite Series angler Chris Lane, who caught a three-day total of 72 pounds, 11 ounces when fishing here in late January.

Seminole is a 38,000 acre lakes located on the state’s northern border near Chattahoochee. One of the prime reasons is that so much of the lake has lots of drill grass, which serves as a fish producing habitat unlike any other.

A good supply of freshwater and enormous drill beds put the Seminole fish food chain on steroids. A popular access spot is Lake Seminole Park on the eastern shore.

The new lakes on the block are pushing it, but this 9,500 acre reservoir southeast of Gainesville is still a good one. But bass in the 8 to 12 pound category are still registered on a weekly basis with the Florida TrophyCatch program.

The cooler months seem to be the best for big bass, and if you get there before the spawn, you’ll find the biggest fish of the year. This lake covers 22,700 acres and is full of all types of aquatic vegetation, various depths of water and stumps and lay downs.

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It is those stump fields near the main river channel that are usually targeted by bass fishermen. Located near Kissimmee in Central Florida, there are several easy access points.

There are 28,000 acres in this lake and despite its size, it sometimes gets overlooked because of all the other local bass fisheries. Bass fishing for big fish is good throughout the year, and the bass are out in numbers.

The lake is fairly shallow, ranging from 4 to 8 feet deep for the most part, but it is chocked full of large mouth bass. Bass up to 16 pounds have been caught here, and the fish have virtually every kind of structure you can find in Florida.

Welcome to Florida, the bass fishing capital of the world and the only place you can catch multiple species of bass in one fishing charter. Great fishing conditions year round promote exceptional action on all our major lakes and destinations.

One of our goals here at outdoor is to provide you knowledge so that you can experience something new, unique, rewarding, and amazing. Our goal is to share along exceptional outdoor experiences with local experts that have spent hours and days on the water.

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When you step aboard our fishing vessels, rest assure you are in great hands. In addition, many travelers to South Florida also enjoy catching the exotic peacock bass.

Large mouth bass can be caught in every freshwater lake, pond, or river you can find. A spawn is an event of mating that occurs multiple times of year for many bass species.

If you can plan your trip around moon phases that will give you the best chance at catching very large trophy-sized bass. Peacock bass spawn during the months of April through September, also depending on water temperatures.

The males or the protectors typically don’t get as large but grow a knot on top of their head. Florida, like the rest of the United States, experiences cold fronts during the winter months.

If the cold fronts drop the water temperatures significantly, then the afternoon bite will be the strongest. If you are fishing during our warm months here in Florida, the early morning hours is when the temperature is the lowest and the bass bite the best.

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When you are looking to go out on a Floridabassfishing charter, the main way to choose your fishery is based off your travel location. If you are visiting Central Florida, Orlando FloridaBassFishing is a great option to get in the outdoors.

Don’t worry; our local experts are highly professional and family friendly. Don’t forget to bring along everyone on your fishing charter to make a truly remarkable experience.

Orlando, FL is closely located to several exceptional large mouth bass fisheries. Enjoy a deep clear water chain of lakes surrounded by multimillion-dollar homes.

Take a break from the parks and tourist attractions and hop on board for a fishing adventure of a lifetime while Lake Toho Assisting. Lake Okeechobee Assisting is a major highlight for those that come to explore and visit Florida.

The large mouth bass are starting to move in and the fishing is going to be amazing the next couple of months. When you explore Naples, FL, you have the opportunity to fish two incredible bass fisheries.

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As of current, the Everglades is one of the most productive fisheries for big numbers of large mouth bass. Spend all day with birds flying overhead, alligators sunbathing and setting the hook into some quality bass.

Heading over to the east coast, you can experience even more freshwater Everglades bass fishing out of Fort Lauderdale, FL. Stop for lunch or power through and catch big numbers on the back flats and long canal systems of this beautiful and wild destination.

You can also experience peacock bass fishing in Markham Park which is right on the board of the Everglades in West Fort Lauderdale. Not only, do you have incredible beaches, food, nightlife, views, but you have some of the most exciting bass fishing in Florida of them all.

Enjoy catching TROPHY peacock bass that will light up your day with our local experts. The Miami International Airport Lakes or the Falls Canal System are exceptional destinations to catch that hard-fighting peacock bass you were hoping for.

Airport Lakes will give you an urban feel while setting the hook into a bass with a plane overhead. The Falls Canal System is a quiet destination in a community of beautiful homes in South Miami.

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