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• Sunday, 13 December, 2020
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From January through April Larger Gulf fish come in to feed during the warming trends between cold fronts. During the winter between January and March the cold fronts will peak a good sailfish bite along the reef with some stiff winds out of the North East and East.

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Very fast and hard fighters they are found around structure, on the flats and almost everywhere. Fast to eat artificial, live bait, your catch and a Fly.

Ranging in size from 5 to 80 lbs they love structure, activity, sharks, turtles, rays and all sorts of things to follow like a curious dog. Blue Mistype Of Fishing CharterFound all up and down the Floridness both inshore and offshore.

Hard core teeth and very bloody they make great shark bait. Not much food value but lots of fun to catch. Watch those teeth.

The Backcountry Inshore Flats SpeciesTarpon --- AKA --- Silver Uncommon Snooty Of Fishing CharterType Of Fishing CharterSeasonally tarpon migrate through the Floridness in the Late winter through the summer. Tarpon gather around bridges, the flats and backcountry channels.

Fly Fishing for them is very popular but bait and artificial is more prevalent as it is easier to catch one that way. Book your fishing guide WAY in advance for Tarpon Season to ensure your not stuck licking the pot.

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Check with your FloridaKeysFishing guide to learn more update information about them. Fly-fishing enthusiasts spend a lifetime chasing these guys.

Permit are held in high regard here in the Floridness as an Ultimate Game Fish. I call them “The Edible Permit” In the Jacks and Pompanos family.

Florida Pompano spawn offshore between March and September. Unlike the permit we will kill and eat these guys for some tasty files.

Found in Key West area during the winter months. Red Drum --- aka--- RedfishType Of Fishing Charter Key Largo and Islamabad get some great redfish action.

Great fun on the flats or channels in the backcountry waters. Redfish can be caught all year long in the Upper Floridness.

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Small patch reefs and minimal structure find these fish in the numbers. Big, bulky very powerful range in size from 3 to 600 lbs.

There is no shortage of these fish in our area and to catch one accidentally is to kill him. There is no season for them except in the gulf where an 80-mile run is needed to catch Anne keep 2 per person.

Rarely Caught on hook and line these fish fight ok but it's about the box and ice. Range in size from 1 to 12 lbs larger ones are caught fishing the Dry Tortugas.

Buttons are a main staple for reef fishermen off of the Floridness. Spawn occurs in late spring where many fish can be caught easily without much sport on certain areas.

Other times of the year a nice welcome addition to a bag limit. Lane Snapped SnapperType Of Fishing CharterType Of Fishing CharterJuveniles are found inshore over grass beds and shallow reefs or coral heads.

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Catch ratio can be very high in large schools of these fish. Juveniles are found inshore over grass beds and shallow reefs or coral heads.

Adults are found offshore usually over reefs. Very similar to a lane snapper in look. Catch ratio can be very high in large schools of these fish.

This fish has the appearance of looking upward due to the orientation of its mouth and eyes. Most popular eating fish in the Floridness and fun to catch.

Reports have them swimming from the Floridness to Virginia in as little as two weeks. They Love blue water, weed lines and fresh food.

Charters for dolphin fishing can also be for Marlin, Tuna, Yahoo, and Sailfish. Summer is the best time to catch a Blue Marlin off the Floridness.

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We release these fish so food quality is not an issue. Mainly in the deeper water sand more prevalent in the Late fall, through spring and into early summer.

Easterly winds offer great tailing conditions just outside the reef for these fish. Daytime you need to fish the bottom so special gear and tactics are required for 1600 ft. At night the surface with lights down to 300 ft. Great food quality and lots of fun to catch.

Great food quality and fish reach 60 lbs pretty often. These fish are not as prevalent in the Keys as they were in Hemingway's days, but we still see them in decent numbers April through October.

During the Key West Hemingway Days Festival, Blue Marlin fishing is in full swing and our largest tournament for this fish is going on. This is a catch and release fish, food value no issue.

They can be found typically in the open ocean and over reefs, wrecks, and rock ledges. Good food value great fight on light tackle.

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Arguably the strongest fish in the Atlantic basin with the most durability. FloridaKeysFishing Guides call them “Reef Donkeys” among other very colorful names.

A great way to put some filler into an otherwise slow day of fishing. Food value is Ok. Smoked and part of a fish dip is best.

Fun to catch, a real trip saver in some instances. Catch these guys up to 15 lbs backcountry fishing all day long fly-fishing and light tackle spin with artificial.

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