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• Saturday, 10 October, 2020
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These areas have swifter current and deeper depths, requiring some weight to properly fish the water column. Both seem to work equally well during the day and evening, while the Black Purple Flake excels after the sun goes down.

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If you’re planning on catching and cooking your own meal in the Keys, snapper are going to be your best bet feeding yourself and others. A quick look through a local nautical chart or GPS/Chart plotter will reveal wrecks, reefs and other fishing areas.

A vast majority of these will hold Yellowtail, Mangrove, Lane and other Snapper species. There is no doubt that traditional chumming and light tackle live bait fishing works fantastic, you may want to spice things up and get some action on lures.

Pitch the jig away from the boat, let it sink toward the bottom, while paying attention on the drop as many strikes happen on the fall. Fantastic Black fin Tuna fishing lies just a few miles out past the reef.

I’ll cover a technique that uses a lure that can be trolled and cast on offshore spinning tackle. The 7inch 1.75oz Pro Tail Eel really came to shine on a recent tip to Marathon fishing with Two Conch’s Charters on the humps.

When you’ve found an area holding tuna, drop the baits back about 150 behind the boat and troll them around 4.5knts. I’d recommend deploying at least two or more rods with them at a time, as multiple hookups are common and fill up the box when they’re biting.

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The exact same 1.75oz Quinn Jig recommended for snapper fishing is deadly on Black fin Tuna as well. Owner of The Intrepid Angler, Captain Ross hails from the historic waters along the Caloosahatchee River.

He has a a fishing guide and outdoor professional working the waters of Florida and Alaska over his career. He now permanently resides in Cape Coral offering anglers exciting opportunities to target trophy game fish around Southwest Florida on a custom Pathfinder 2500 Hybrid Bay Boat.

Search here for what you want (ads also appear) Taking advantage of good FloridaKeysfishing tips can make all the difference in how your fishing trip turns out. You can also ask questions at bait shops, and they'll tell you what they've heard reported by others who've been fishing in the Floridness.

Another helpful fishing tip is to read local FloridaKeysfishing reports. Another important fishing tip that's so obvious it can easily be overlooked, is that any of the FloridaKeysfishing charters will know where the best fishing action is that day.

They know what species are protected, bag limits, length and size requirements and other restrictions so no legal issues arise as a result of your saltwater fishing trip. Remember this is the Floridness, the fishing capital of the world, and charters, especially during peak season can book up fast.

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It's also essential that you're fully familiar with the various fishing regulations so you can stay compliant and still have fun. Catch the legal limit of Florida fish and hook as many big ones as possible.

However, to do this you must have strong hooks and highly effective lures that will consistently entice the saltwater fish to bite. Typically, braided lines work the best, especially under hard fighting conditions.

You also need to have quality rods and reels that will handle the weight and hold up to the strenuous battle of fishing the Floridness. The excitement of catching a prized saltwater fish can pale suddenly when you watch it slip back into the water and swim away.

Perhaps the most important of all FloridaKeysfishing tips is a cautionary warning about lightning. Contrary to popular opinion Florida is not the lightning capital of the world. However, Florida is third in the nation for most lightning strikes and first for the greatest number of deaths and injuries.

The summer months are in the rainy season, and this is when the thunderstorms build every afternoon. Floridness weather advisories are only as accurate as mother nature allows, and so it's important to keep a watchful eye to the sky.

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Even boats that are equipped with lightning protection systems are not necessarily safe. If you can't get to shore before the storm hits, then get inside the boat so you're undercover.

Other good FloridaKeysfishing tips involve your personal fishing gear accessories. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases such as the following groups of items.

You also need to keep it off your hands, as the Florida fish you're trying to catch are not going to want your bait if it smells like sunscreen. FloridaKeysfishing tips include practicing catch and release and many Captains and their guests choose to do so.

If you don't bring your camera, how are you going to prove to everyone back home that you really did catch the big one! You need to prevent the glare that builds up on the gin clear water of the flats, or anywhere else in the Keys. You want to see where you're going and you must be able to see the fish.

For example, a good saltwater fisherman's favorite tip is to keep baby powder on hand. The key is to have the right sized tackle box that can handle your fishing gear and be easily accessible.

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Every sport fisherman will have a good story and tip to share, but once you've wet your line, and brought in your first big fish, you'll have a good head start on your own FloridaKeysfishing tips and tales. Your reel has to be able to crank down hard when it needs to, and your line has to be strong enough to stay intact.

Fishing line is susceptible to sunlight and other elements such as car exhaust and heat. If it kinks or looks chalky then it most likely will not stand up to the strain of a big fish taking the bait.

Reading Time: 9minutesThe Floridness are the perfect fishing vacation spot. It takes about 20 minutes to get from the skinny waters of inshore flats to deep offshore canyons.

There are many reasons that make Key West one of the most popular spots in the Straits of Florida. But it’s not only the Hemingway House, water activities, and good food that make the town so popular.

Key West is surrounded by a vast surface of flats that hold Bone fish, Permit, and Tarpon. You can start your vacation by scouting the flats and doing a bit of sight fishing, then switch to the fly.

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To get to the secret spots with big fish, pair up with a local guide. Many anglers decide to hire a deep sea charter to take them fishing in the Cuban waters.

These skinny waters fish for Shook, Tarpon, Permit, Lemon Shark, and Yellowtail Snapper. You won’t find choppy seas here, only calm waters teeming with fish.

If you want to try something that’s essentially Key West, then book a fishing trip on a small flats boat. Your fishing guide will stand on a casting platform and use a long pole to steer the boat.

These islands don’t have a lot to offer to city lovers but are sheer spiciness when it comes to sport fishing. The water depth around the rock piles on the east side of the islands is between 15 and 30 feet.

These patches of rocky bottoms are home to an amazing number of Snapper and Grouper. Use small minnows, pinkish, sardines, squid, and mullet for the best results.

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After having feasted on flaky Snapper meat in the Marquesas, head east to Sugar loaf Keys. Here you will find a maze of mangrove cuts, flats, and creeks rich in fish.

You can explore these waters from a skiff, or if you aren’t afraid of working outs, you can hop into a kayak or canoe. Before you head into these meandering mangrove cuts, fish for pilchards on the flats.

Here you will find clear waters so you can sight fish for Shook, Tarpon, and Permit. Non-local anglers often overlook this network of flats, mangrove islands, and channels.

If you do, you could be missing out on a chance to reel in Snapper, Grouper, Bone fish, Permit, Tarpon, and Jacks. You might come across deep, wide cuts where sunken boats and other debris make it for a hot fishing spot.

Plus, these mangrove islands and rich vegetation protect the channels from the wind. Calm waters make Cuddle Key channels popular among kayak anglers.

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As for the bait, you will find a lot of mullet, crab, and shrimp around these fisheries. The channel between the Old Bahia Honda bridge and the Overseas Highway is the deepest inshore fishery in the Keys.

The waters drop from 18 to 25 feet and offer some of the best bridge fishing in the Floridness. There is a lot of food moving between the bridge pylons and the pilings serve as a good shelter for the game fish.

As you warm up to get to the Tarpon business, you can hook into Permit, Sleepyhead, Mutton Snapper, and Hammerhead Sharks. They weigh between 70 and 130 lbs on average, though anglers have pulled in fish bigger than that.

The Marathon Hump is a seamount, a mountain that rises from the ocean floor. The strong currents of the Gulf Stream push the bait fish towards the surface.

If you want to go home with a big, tasty dinner, prepare to pull hard. Snowy, Strawberry, and Yellow edge Grouper, Tile fish, and Queen Snapper frequent these waters.

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Islamabad has the nickname “Sport Fishing Capital of the World”, and you shouldn’t miss it. Try to put your name among the few who have managed to catch Bone fish, Permit, Tarpon, and Shook in a single day.

Each of the fish have their own unique features, so it’s a real feat to land them all in a single day. You will be playing hide-and-seek with the fish around the mangrove islands and flats of Islamabad.

A reef patch south of Ta vernier Key holds a good number of Mutton, Mangrove, and Yellowtail Snapper, as well as Gag Grouper. Duane and BBB are sunken ships that lie a couple of miles from Key Largo.

BBB is one of the premier diving sites, with excellent fishing opportunities. Dogfish, Black Grouper, and Snapper swim around the sunken vessel.

Make sure you tie your boat to the mooring buoy, as fishing is not allowed otherwise. If you wouldn’t like divers to show up in the middle of your fishing spot, it’s best to go out on a local charter.

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