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Truth be told, this doesn’t even begin to cover a fraction of Florida ’s amazing fisheries. With such a large state surrounded by two major bodies of water, it’s impossible to include all of Florida ’s hottest fishing destinations in one article.

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Jacksonville sits right on the mouth of the St. Johns River, facing the Atlantic Ocean. Some areas you should definitely check out are Mill Cove, Nassau Sound, and Amelia Island State Park.

No matter where you go, you can expect a day full of action, targeting Cobra, Redfish, Black Drum, and King Mackerel. Located directly on the Intracoastal Waterway, this historic town offers a wide range of angling opportunities right on its doorstep.

Combine targeting them with going for Trout and Flounder, and you’ll earn yourself a Northeast Florida Slam. Travel outside the inlet, and you’ll find lots of Snapper, Grouper, Amber jack, Cobra, King Mackerel, and sharks.

Whether you’re a competitive angler or you’re just getting started, this area’s got plenty of charters that will show you an amazing day on the water. For a relaxing day in the city, explore the streets, visit shops and coffee houses, and don’t forget to enjoy a scenic stroll on the River walk.

For a taste of local history and amazing views, head to the Fort Caroline National Memorial. Head south to Mosquito Lagoon and get ready to hook into a variety of species, including Shook, Red and Black Drum, and Sleepyhead.

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If you’re looking for a longer trip, book a deep sea charter that will take you trolling for Yahoo and many other pelagic species. Daytona Beach also has some of the best Large mouth Bass fishing in the state, which you can explore if you decide to travel inland.

Daytona Beach is a popular tourist destination with many activities you can combine with your fishing trip. And of course, Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse & Museum, where you can climb up its many stairs for amazing views.

With its vast network of flats, sandbars, and seagrass meadows, this is a prime spot for sight casting and fly-fishing. You can either wade in the shallows or pole your way across mangrove tunnels in search of Redfish, Shook, Sea trout, and Tarpon.

There are tons of great spots, such as Stephen’s Point, Big Sarasota Pass, and Siesta Key, that are only a short boat ride away. Start off with the beaches, take a dip, get yourself a nice tan, and finish your trip with a scenic hike in the nearby state park.

Another amazing Florida fishing spot, Naples, is located in the heart of Florida ’s Paradise Coast. You can pick a guide to take you backcountry fishing where you’ll weave through mangroves and cast over flats to catch everything from Spotted Sea trout to Blacktop Shark.

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There are lots of excellent inland canals that can make a half day trip extra rewarding here. If you’re up for a challenge, fly-fishing can produce lots of great action against the likes of Tarpon, Shook, Permit, and many other inshore species.

Start your trip off with a dip on Naples Beach, take a walk through the Botanical Garden, or go on a hike in Delnor-Wiggins Pass State Park. Shook, Trout, and Redfish flood the waterways between here and Cape Coral, giving inshore anglers the thrill of a lifetime.

Other top species here include Goliath Grouper, Tarpon, various Sharks, Mangrove Snapper, Cobra, and the list goes on. The reason why so many people come to Fort Myers and Cape Coral is its access to an endless amount of fishing opportunities.

Some spots you’ll definitely want to check out are San Carlos Bay, Malacca Pass, and Pine Island Sound. You can head down the famous Sailfish Alley and reel in big pelagic fish with the city’s skyline in the background.

You can also find many world-class museums, delicious street food, and tropical nature in local State Parks. This area holds large numbers of Red and Black Drum, Shook, Jack Crevasse, Spotted Sea trout, Sleepyhead, and many more.

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You can also explore the Florida Middle Grounds for some offshore action and reel in Amber jack, Black fin Tuna, Red Snapper, and Gag Grouper. With so many options on hand, we have a feeling you’ll be coming back to Tampa Bay several times to check out everything this region has in store.

Nestled on the waters of Tampa Bay, the city boasts a unique combination of history, Floridian culture, and modern attractions. The northern waterways and wild buoys are filled with alligators, just outside the city’s hustle and bustle.

Combine your trip with a dolphin cruise, and a visit to some interesting museums, and you got yourself a perfect Tampa itinerary. Its long stretches of white sandy beach make fishing off the surf a rewarding experience.

If you’re a competitive fisherman, then you’ll want to check out the Destiny Fishing Rodeo and Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic. Hundreds of anglers from all over the country hit the shores of Destiny each year to win thousands of dollars in cash and to earn the bragging rights to last them a lifetime.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler looking to sharpen your skills or a beginner testing out the waters for the first time, there are hundreds of charters waiting to take you on an unforgettable adventure! If you’ve ever imagined a fishing paradise, chances are you’re probably thinking of something close to, if not exactly like the Florida Keys.

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The Florida Keys is a 100-mile stretch of thin islands, surrounded by crystal blue waters and lots of fish. Bone fish take the center stage in the spring but you can also catch lots of (Snook), Tarpon, and Permit throughout various times of the year.

With spots like the Marathon Humps attracting a slew of hungry fish, you’ll experience rod-bending action with very little waiting time between catches. You’ll often find yourself having to take out the heavy tackle as you battle against some of Florida ’s hardest-fighting fish, such as Marlin, Sailfish, and Tuna.

Offline, you can get them at any registered retailer including Walmart and bait and tackle shops, but check out our detailed guide for more information. With so many charter options to choose from, you can tailor your trip to your preferences and enjoy one of the greatest fishing states in the world.

Rods, reels, and tackle are usually included in the price and you’ll likely have a cooler on board so you can bring your favorite snacks and drinks for the ride. This calm and picturesque lake is perfect for boat charters, or if you would rather you can keep your feet firmly on the ground and enjoy some of Florida’s best shoreline fishing.

Multiple resorts, campsites, charters, and guides can be found dotted around the lake, to suit all needs and budgets. Lake Okeechobee is featured in most major tournaments (including The Bass master Elite and Few Tour) and boasts all the amenities to help you catch and reel in prize-winners time and again.

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Known commonly as the “Sailfish Capital Of The World” and famous for its legendary shook catches, Stuart is the perfect fishing location if you’re looking for variety. With the Gulf Stream only 10 miles offshore, big game fishing is easily accessible on both a half-day charter or a full day taking you that little further out.

Providing you with the opportunity to easily catch Snapper (Red, Black, White, Vermilion), Grouper (Gag, Scamp, Red), Amber jack (Some up to 150 pounds), Trigger fish, Sharks (Blacktop, Tiger, Bull, Hammerhead), Mahi, Tarpon, King Mackerel Yahoo, Cobra, and even Billfish and Tuna too. Boasting over 400 different waypoints along the offshore seabed which is packed with various artificial reefs and wrecks, even staying within the 9-mile state water limit will yield amazing catches.

Just a little further out and you will discover that Destiny offers some of the best deep-sea fishing in the whole of Florida and is host to world-renowned locations such as the Squiggles, the Edge, the Elbow, the Nipple, DeSoto Canyon, and 100-Fathom Curve. With the warm sun and crystal clear blue waters, Destiny provides the best of both worlds for anglers of many differing fishing styles.

Redfish Speckled Trout Sleepyhead Flounder Black Drum Seasonal visitors such as Spanish Mackerel, Pompano, and Jack Crevasse being easy catches in just 3 feet of water or less. Extending over 400 square miles and being the largest open-water estuary in the whole of Florida, Tampa Bay has become an angler’s delight.

Offshore will take you along the Gulf of Mexico with its numerous wrecks, reefs, hard bottoms, weed lines, and ledges. Prime pickings for pelagic and other predatory fish species and sure to give you a little more of a challenge on the line.

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Keep your bait on the surface and you will be sure to attract the local Barracuda, King fish, Dorado, and Permit. However, please make sure you check with your captain or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission as open season for some species found in the Gulf is limited.

Just a hours drive away from Disneyland, this quintessential beach town is host to the full array of pelagic, bottom fish, and coastal cruisers. While still, a great experience and generally fished a lot less, most fishermen prefer to stay inshore or nearshore due to the increased charter travel time.

Cocoa Beach is surrounded by protected shallow waters which are perfect for beginners or likewise some sight fishing in the grass flats. With it’s beautifully warm and fish-rich waters, the Gulf Stream is just a 10-mile journey out from town and gives you access to those big game pelagic.

However, do be on the lookout for the local Barracuda, as they are known to catch anglers unawares, snatching your hard-fought prize right off the line. Afterwards, head into town and stop off at one of the many lakes or canals, where you can walk, kayak or even charter a boat trip.

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