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• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
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While diving in 80-foot deep waters off the coast of Jupiter, Florida, spear fisherman Arif Saber had a standoff with a seemingly fearless and ferocious Goliath grouper, which Grind TV estimated was 300- to 400-pounds. Saber had just caught a lesser amber jack with his spearfish gun, he told Grind TV, when he noticed the large grouper eyeing him and closing the distance in between them.

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The video, shot by his wife using a GoPro 3, shows the hefty fish as he nips at the man's flipper, tearing it off, and then goes straight for his catch with its powerful jaw. But, even if the diver wasn't familiar with that specific size of this type of fish, Goliath groupers have been known to roam western Atlantic waters near Florida.

# of Dives: 200 – 499 Location: Dark side of the moon I've never dived with a Grouper but it seems commercial divers are terrified by them! # of Dives: 500 – 999 Location: Metro New York As far as I know groupers are only dangerous if you eat them.

Large groupers in the Caribbean are linked to increased risk of Cautery poisoning. In my limited experience the most aggressive fishes I've run into are spade fish, Bermuda chubby and of course damsel fishes, which are more annoying than dangerous.

Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. # of Dives: 200 – 499 Location: Cape Cod, MA I agree that if you don't mes with them, they won't mess with you.

That’s like a silver back gorilla that can swim, only with less hair and a severely diminished tree-swinging ability. While Goliath groupers really aren’t any danger to humans, they will pretty much take what ever they want, like that fat bully that shoves kids into lockers and takes their money, then goes home and cries because he’s lonely.

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Scientific classification Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii Order: Performed Family: Serranidae Subfamily: Epinephrine Genus: Epimetheus Species: Binomial name Epimetheus lanceolatus Synonyms Holocentrus lanceolatus Bloch, 1790 Promiscuous lanceolatus (Bloch, 1790) Serra nus lanceolatus (Bloch, 1790) Serra nus geographic us Valentines, 1828 Serra nus abdominal is Peters, 1855 Barracks gigs Gunther, 1869 Rigorous Goliath DE Vi's, 1882 Serra nus phaeostigmaeus Fowler, 1907 Stereolepoides Thompson Fowler, 1923 The giant grouper has a robust body which has a standard length equivalent to 2.4 to 3.4 times its depth.

The dorsal profile of the head and the intraorbital area are convex, The properly has a rounded corner and a finely serrated margin. The gill cover has a convex upper margin.

There are 11 spines and 14-16 soft rays in the dorsal fin while the anal fin has 3 spines and 8 soft rays. The adults are greyish-brown in color overlain with a mottled pattern and with darker fins.

The giant grouper can grow to huge size with the maximum recorded standard length being 270 centimeters (110 in), although they are more common around 180 centimeters (71 in). And a maximum published weight of 400 kilograms (880 lb).

The giant grouper is a species of shallow water and can be found at depths of 1 to 100 meters (3.3 to 328.1 ft). Large specimens have been caught from shore and in harbors.

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They are found in caves and in wrecks while the secretive juveniles occur in reefs and are infrequently observed. The adults are mainly solitary and hold territories on the outer reef and in lagoons.

They have also been caught in turbid water over silt or mud sea beds by prawn fishermen. The giant grouper is an opportunistic ambush predator which feeds on a variety of fishes, as well as small sharks, juvenile sea turtles, crustaceans and mollusks which are all swallowed whole.

Fish which inhabit coral reefs and rocky areas favor spiny lobsters as prey and 177 centimeters (70 in) specimen taken of Maui in Hawaii had a stomach contents of two spiny lobsters and a number of crabs. Fish living in estuaries environments in South Africa were found to be feeding almost exclusively on the crab Scylla errata.

They are, however, curious and frequently approach divers closely. They are not generally considered dangerous to humans but divers are advised to treat large specimens with caution and not to hand feed them.

They are aggregate broadcast spawners, usually with several females per male. Studies in captive populations suggest that the dominant male and female begin the spawning event as nearly the only spawners for the first day or two, but other members of the aggregation fertilize more eggs as the event progresses, with even the most recently turned males fathering offspring.

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Giant groupers are diabetic protogynous hermaphrodites, meaning that although some males develop from reproductively functional females other males start to produce sperm without ever having gone through a phase as a reproductive female. The giant grouper is a highly valued food fish and is taken by both commercial and recreational fisheries.

As well as the consumption of its flesh its skin, gall bladder and stomach are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is valued in Hong Kong as a live fish for the live reef food fish trade, especially smaller specimens.

This species is cultured in agriculture and this practice is widespread but there is a restricted supply of juveniles, although hatcheries in Taiwan have produced captive bred juveniles, exporting some for to be grown on in other parts of South-East Asia. Many of the fish produced in aquaculture are hybrids between this species and E. fuscoguttatus.

Groupers of the world (family Serranidae, subfamily Epinephrine). “A study into parental assignment of the communal spawning protogynous hermaphrodite, giant grouper (Epimetheus lanceolatus)”.

^ Peter Palma; Akihito Nakamura; Garden XYZ Libunaoa; et al. (2019). “Reproductive development of the threatened giant grouper Epimetheus lanceolatus “.

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^ Scholar, W. N.; Cricket, R. & van der Loan, R. We are looking forward to sampling lots of fresh local seafood, but have heard that eating grouper can be dangerous.

Never heard of Grouper poisoning. Ther was an outbreak of Conch poisoning some years ago, whih was caused by the storage methods-the vendors kept the catch in the harbor, once they had fresh running water the problem was corrected. You can get poisoned by eating Barracuda which is considered to be a delicacy locally, but can be risky if it has not been handled or prepared properly.p.s most of the hotels buy imported seafood from the restaurant supply companies.you will get locally caught seafood at Arawak Cay fish fry and Potters Cay dock. The grouper population throughout the northern Caribbean and Atlantic are dwindling rapidly.

I have dove around New Providence often, and in the past decade, have witnessed the Nassau Grouper population grow sparse. So, the fishermen must catch the grouper you eat farther out in the ocean, probably in deep waters.

Much different from the aging, frozen grouper eaten here in Ohio, even in plush restaurants. The grouper you eat in the Bahamas was swimming in the ocean that morning, or the day before.

As Robert points out, grouper are becoming overfished, so big ones are even more scarce. After reading j's post, I did a search for ciguatera and found that occasionally people who eat contaminated fish have numbness, tingling, vomiting, etc. We will not ask for grouper not just because of the risk for ciguatera, but because it is becoming scarce.

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)Chilean Sea BassFlounderOrange RoughyAtlantic Halibut Snapper Pacific SalmonSwordfishA great substitution I have found for the above fish is a farmed fish called Tilapia. It's plentiful, and a delicate white fish similar to Grouper and Chilean Sea Bass.

The people answering your question don't have any idea of the truth of the matter. Upon serving the platter on those occasions it has been reported that fish bites have occurred in alarming numbers.

In deference to the fishing industry, the demise of the grouper and efforts to bring back the species to high numbers again is based upon marine biology research...not the sport fishing industry. Normally solitary and territorial, during the winter full moons they travel, sometimes over great distances, and group together to spawn.

About fifty of these spawning aggregations sites have been recorded in different places throughout the Caribbean. Due to the timing and site fidelity of the spawning aggregations and the ease with which these relative loners can be caught while congregating by the hundreds and thousands to spawn, one-third to one-half of the known Caribbean aggregation sites are now inactive.

For two weeks, a team of divers that included five volunteers, staff from the Cayman Islands Department of Environment, and led by Reefs Field Operations Coordinator, Leslie Whale, visited the aggregation site and nearby reefs. Grouper Moon Collaborators and Sponsors During the Grouper Moon Project, REEF worked in cooperation with the Cayman Islands Department of Environment, the Southern Cross Club, Sam McCoy Diving Lodge, and the Coral Reef Alliance.

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There was also generous support from Peter Hillenbrand, Island Air, the Little Cayman Beach Resort, and Paradise Villas. There is no doubt that as the mysterious life of the grouper, through research studies is discovered, and critical regulations to keep its populations within healthy numbers are implemented, that long-term benefits to the fishing industry will occur.

These regulations and no-take zones have benefited other species as well; the spiny lobster in northern Extra, Bahamas has rebounded in huge numbers in an area protected aggressively by game wardens by the Bahamian Govt. Local Bahamians fish for spiny lobster around the periphery of the no-take zone, and catch GREAT numbers of them today, which disperse from the protected area.

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