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Some people use plastic hand reels but having an actual fishing pole is a much better option. However, adding a high-end reel to a telescopic fishing rod will enable the pole to catch large hard fighting fish.

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I have seen people in Florida on vacation that literally saw the base off two-piece fishing poles, so they can fit them in there luggage. Telescopic fishing poles are great to take hiking and camping to catch bass, crappie, walleye, and trout in lakes and streams.

It is also great to take on vacations near the ocean to catch sharks, tarpon, and salmon. When collapsing the pole twist and pull down each section also starting near the tip.

Casting models are for bait casting reels that are primarily used for bass fishing. For large ocean fish like tarpon, the inshore spinning high power would be a good option.

The Black hawk II uses a graphite constructed rod with floating line guides and a high-density EVA foam handle. It has similar line performance, full-length power transition, and extremely high sensitivity levels.

The review showed that this rod works well for surf and shore fishing. Even when using high-end spinning reels the rod was able the handle heavy dray and was stiff enough to cast large weights.

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The rod is constructed from high-density carbon fiber that allows it to have much better sensitivity than the fiberglass competitors and is extremely lightweight. All the hardware is stainless steel to ensure it is saltwater safe and you get the traditional EVA foam handle.

The carbon fiber shell of the rod allows it to be lightweight and balanced when casting. Guides on the rod are made with a durable titanium oxide material.

There rod’s actions are rated based on the casting weight of the lures. The heavier actions allow for a durable, stiff and strong rod that can cast heavyweights from the shore.

If you are a serious fisherman and plan to use a telescoping rod frequently, this is a great option. They also come with different levels of flex and since they’re all carbon fiber, they have excellent sensitivity.

The telescopic fishing rod offered by Future has length options for just about every type of fishing. E-glass is a type of glass that softens instead of melts and acts similarly to fiberglass.

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This rod is primarily made of carbon fiber with fiberglass reinforcement for extra strength and durability. Furthering its durability is triple welded stainless steel line guides with ceramic rings.

These are a bit heavier than other ceramic guides, but they do seem to be extremely durable and capable of withstanding heavy lines. With all the emphasis on extra durability, this rod is a bit heavier than most on this list.

They also used a bunch of corrosion-resistant hardware such as the aluminum reel seat, making this rod great for beach fishing in the ocean. The good thing about this rod is that it is lightweight and great when backpacking long distances.

It is constructed of durable fiberglass with a graphite reel seat and EVA foam handle. The rod is constructed of a mixture between carbon fiber and fiberglass and encompasses an EVA foam handle and porcelain guide rings.

It pretty much has everything you need to get started including the rod, a spinning reel, some lures, 300 feet of line, hooks, and a nice Leo carry bag to stuff it all into. The carry bag is a great way to transport the rod and reel and stay organized with lots of tackle.

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The rod is constructed of a very nice looking high-density carbon fiber and fiberglass mixture. These types of rods are purpose-built to provide a happy medium between durability, flexibility, and sensitivity.

This is a nice small combo for catching fish like bass and crappie. My Review: The Fib link offshore heavy trolling rod is 6 feet in length and breaks into two pieces.

Hand and fore grips are made with EVA foam and the butt of the rod gimbals. Having a rod that can hold a large conventional reel is needed when trolling offshore a when targeting big fish.

If you want to catch big sharks, Goliath grouper, mahi-mahi, tuna, Yahoo etc you are going to need a conventional rod and reel setup. Even if you are trolling for walleye, striped bass, or salmon you are going to want to be using convention fishing reels and poles.

Designed to protect the gear during airline travel the case is made of a hard-sided plastic. The case has three tiers so it does not need to be fully extended when holding short fishing rods.

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I always like having the least one 50 class reels on the boat spooled up to catch whatever big fish might be found. The two-speed system easily shifts from high to low speed by pressing in the large gold button.

I only use low speed when cranking up large bottom fish like halibut. Also, it is common for these fishermen to hike long-distance in search of remote streams full of trout or salmon.

The Wild Rater is a 5/6 weight rod that is 9 feet in length and breaks down into 4 sections that are each 28 inches. It comes spooled with backing line and leader which means that it comes ready to fish.

These files include 3 winged black ant, 3 gold ribbed hare’s ear, and 3 parachute Adams. A 5/6 flyweight rod is best suited for trout, graying, pan fish, and bass.

When targeting big game fish like tarpon a flyweight of 10-14 is typically used. Constructed from high-density carbon fiber with an EVA handle and ceramic guide rings.

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This is an excellent choice for the frequent traveler as you can pack it all up in the carry case they give you and throw it in your backpack. These ACX rods are super tiny and perfect for some casual fishing fun and the package they offer has everything you need to get started immediately.

This is a nice kit for new fisherman that want to buy one quick package and get started fishing right away. Most youth fishing rods are very short which makes sense because casting distance is not typically important to catch bluegill and pan fish.

It is often surprising how far it can be cast which is made possible by having a light fishing line on these types of reels. This kit has great reviews and is one of the best rod and reel combos for kids on the market.

It is humorous and fun when the Mickey pole catches large fish that are too big for kids to reel in. Although not technically telescopic at 2 feet 6-inches it meets the criteria of a fishing rod that is easy to transport and travel with.

Also included is a size 20 Voyager reel and custom travel case. The rod is light action and has a cork grips and durable ceramic eye inserts.

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The reel is made my Obama, has a ball bearing drive system and a one-piece anodized aluminum spool. This setup is not technically telescopic but does serve the same purpose of being compact and used when traveling.

This is a great setup to use for most types of freshwater fish like trout, bass, pickerel, crappie, etc. The Waksman Ultra series is an excellent 7 feet 2-inch carbon fiber rod and collapses into roughly 18 inches.

This package includes the rod, spinning reel, and a carry case with foam cutouts. Constructed of fiberglass with an EVA foam handle and is available in three different color schemes.

Also included is a convenient carry case with molded foam packaging. The reel probably will not last for years but this package is nice because it stores easily in the travel back for easy transport.

This is a good setup for catching typically freshwater fish like bass, pan fish, and perch. Color options include purple, pink, blue, orange, and silver.

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Telescopic fishing rods are also popular among surfers and paddleboarders as they allow easy transport out into the depths for some quick fishing. Telescopic rods can be easily collapsed and taken just about anywhere, with easier storage and more options to carry them.

Furthermore, traditional rods generally have much better quality and/or larger eyelets and more feature-rich handles. Due to the multi-piece construction of a telescopic rod, you’ll lose a great amount of sensitivity and some claim this may result in missed sets.

These makes sense, as you’re basically compounding the strength of each section when you push them inside each other. Since pretty much anything with moving parts is bound to incur degradation over time, telescopic rods can become damaged in a way that ruins their collapsing ability.

Lastly, if a piece starts to corrode and rust, that will also lower its ability to collapse properly. Many people straight up ask me whether they should buy a telescopic fishing rod and to be frank, I don’t have a “one size fits all” type of answer.

There are many factors and attributes you would need to consider and I think whether a specific style of fishing rod fits you am really up to you and your personal preference. At the end of the day, there are trade offs as we spoke about in the previous section, however, an experienced angler, even with the lower level of sensitivity should be able to catch roughly the same amount of fish with any rod.

I think if you’re someone who needs the telescopic portability of a rod you should give it a fair chance. If you have to have the absolute best of everything because being a fishing enthusiast with the best gear is your thing, then you should probably stay away from telescopic fishing rods.

I know people who usually fish 90% of the time with their full size 10’ rod but now and then they simply don’t feel like jamming that pole into their vehicle, and they just quickly grab the telescopic rig instead. My recommendation here isn’t to live or die by a specific type of fishing rod but rather try and use multiple different setups to find the one that’s right for you.

Remember, there are many options among all styles of rods, so don’t make your judgment based on just one rod in that category but rather try and use a wide range of options to make sure you like or dislike that specific style. What to Look For When Shopping For a Telescopic Rod Just like pretty much everything in life, you get what you pay for, so before setting out with specific expectations, you’ll need to figure out a budget.

You can get your hands on a telescopic fishing rod for as little as $12 if that’s what you want to do and you can also spend several hundred bucks. On the flip side, yes, you can get a telescoping rod for under twenty bucks, but those are hit or miss and usually give up a lot to be offered at that price range, whether it be in quality, durability, experience, or all three.

You can find telescopic fishing rods primarily in either fiberglass, carbon (graphite), or perhaps a mix of the two. Either one isn’t exactly better, but more so just different and you can usually find each of those at every price range, so it really comes down to personal preference.

Cheap aluminum and thin steel rod materials are not worth buying and once they bend, they are damaged forever. Carbon fiber rods are usually lighter and more sensitive due to its enhanced ability to flex.

This also translates into better vibrations and overall better user experience when it comes to fishing species such as crappie and bluegill since you’d likely be using soft bait, and they hit rather lightly. As a general rule of thumb, but not always, fiberglass takes the cake when it comes to durability and heavier species.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some pretty tough carbon fiber rods on the market that can handle some good fights, but the consensus is that fiberglass is stronger and better suited for larger fish such as walleye or pike. Rod guides constructed of ceramic are usually the best as they are both lightweight, low-profile, and decently durable.

So long as the handle isn’t going to get damaged easily by the sun or by being wet, it comes down to what you personally prefer. Cork falls apart, regular plastic is just cheap, and aluminum gets hot and slippery.

Since we’re buying a telescopic fishing rod for its convenience and small form factor, it makes sense to go with a cork handle. TelescopicFishing Rods Versus TelescopicFishing Poles Many people use the term “rod” and pole” interchangeably, and although in a normal conversation this may not matter too much when it comes to buying something to fish with, it matters a lot.

This guide is focused on telescopic fishing rods, so I won’t talk about poles too much but I want to make sure you know the difference because if you shop around, you’ll likely see both and sometimes the marketing copy used for them is incorrect, leading you to buy the wrong one. Since I don’t want to go too deep into this, I’ll give you a very quick rundown of the differences.

A fishing rod is constructed out of non-natural materials such as fiberglass, graphite, carbon fiber, etc. A fishing pole is constructed out of something natural, such as bamboo, reed, cane, wood, etc.

There are more differences the deeper you get into this topic, but for the most part, that’s a basic explanation that should help guide you through muddy waters so to speak in commerce. At the end of the day, stick to searching for telescopic fishing rods, as almost all of these will be constructed from something that poles are not.

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The expertise that tens of thousands of reports contain strive to offer tailor-made solutions to meet your emerging needs. Fishing locations hard to access or with very limited space is always a problem.

While saltwater fishing will seldom need smaller rods, fresh water lakes and ponds often pose a problem. Of course, a 2 piece rod makes it easy for transportation, and even for access sometimes, however, when space is limited, and branches, weeds are all around you, you will need something even smaller to fish with.

This is an excellent choice for its portability, and even though it is small enough to carry to most places, it may still give you the length you may need to cast as far as possible. Asking’s Castle Today 24-Ton Carbon Matrix blank and solid glass tip deliver durability, sensitivity and performance.

A smooth taper helps to “eliminate” flat or dead spots in the blank. Asking travel rods feature amazing design and perfect balance.

Stainless steel line guides, graphite reel seats and comfortable EVA handles are used in the construction of the new and improved, Asking Blackhawks II telescopic rods. Aluminum alloy reel includes forward and reverse ratchet stop and drag control.

This is the obvious reason for purchasing a small fishing rod, either for yourself or as a gift for the fisherman in your family / life, or yourself of course. Action or flex rate is measured by how quickly a rod returns to its original position after a fish has been hooked.

Mostly, like the Power or weight, you cannot expect the same as one or 2 piece rods, but you can get very good results by choosing the right gear. Always wash rod and reel after usage in saltwater, in special the individual blank connections.

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