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Fishing along Florida ’s Big Bend is full of ample opportunity to catch many of the state’s famous game fish species. In the southern area of this fishing haven lies Crystal River, Florida.

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This combination of species and the length of the prime season make Crystal River one of the best places to fish, overall. Sport fisherman from all over the planet come to Crystal River for shots at their most sought after species.

When venturing into a new area for a vacation or for that bucket list opportunity, a great local Crystal Overfishing Guide will be your key to success. Kyle Messier and the professional guides of Reel FloridaFishing Charters as they take you on a journey of a lifetime through the mangrove mazes of Crystal River and Homosassa in search of some “Worlds” most sought after inshore game fish.

Reel FloridaFishing Charters is the premier fishing guide service of the Nature Coast of Florida. All anglers no matter their experience or skill level are welcome and encouraged to share a day out on the water with Reel FloridaFishing Charters.

This underwater Easter egg hunt is a family friendly activity that provides children and adults with hours of exciting fun. Crystal River is home to the “WORLDS” the largest population of the endangered West Indian Manatee.

Consider exploring the pristine waters of Florida ’s Nature Coast with a Manatee snorkel tour. Kyle Messier and the crew of Reel FloridaFishing Charters work together as a team to ensure that all of our boats and anglers catch fish.

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The Nature Coast of Florida provides visitors with a number of different outdoor options throughout the year and being able to create specifically customizable trips for all of our guests is one of the benefits of booking with Reel FloridaFishing Charters. All baits, tackle, fishing licenses, rods, reels, and coolers with ice and waters are provided.

Anglers flock to the Nature Coast from all over the World in pursuit of some of the best flats fishing found anywhere on the planet. Kyle offers specifically tailored fishing charters that cater to children’s short attention spans.

Kyle understands the importance of keeping our future anglers engaged and entertained throughout the day. In this, he offers a wide selection of fishing charter types that are sure to meet your needs for an epic day on the water.

The inshore flats and backcountry mazes are filled with some of the most sought after game fish species in the state of Florida. Crystal River is home to some amazing bottom habitat for these gag grouper to hide and ambush their prey and to house them all year long.

Redfish, shook, trout, black drum, flounder, and more call this part of Florida home, and they thrive here. Crystal River ’s unbelievably clear flats and Homosassa’s legendary mazes of islands are home to some of the most sought after game fish for fly fishermen/women.

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With an active season that lasts from Spring through Fall, it is rarely a bad time to schedule a shark fishing charter. FloridaFishing Adventures offers fishing and lodging, all-inclusive vacation packages designed to fit the experience you are dreaming about.

Fishing the Indian River is a surefire way to experience some of the best inshore angling action on the planet, with plenty of southern hospitality on the side. Visit the “Lagoon Fishing Capital of the World,” and you’ll be greeted with “old Floridian charm” in buckets, as well as miles of unspoiled backcountry scenery.

The Indian River is known for its Floridian charm, stunning scenery, and the sheer amount of fish that inhabit it. They have a fondness for shallow, grassy waters, so the Indian River checks all the boxes when it comes to this fish’s preferred habitat.

They’re attracted to pretty much anything you can attach to the end of your hook, including soft lures. Sight fishing for these species in the clear, shallow sections of the river is especially popular with local anglers.

Spotting your fish’s tail slicing through the waters as you cast your line is something that can’t be missed! It’s perfect for novice and experienced anglers alike, but don’t forget about fly-fishing, too.

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Reds of this size usually migrate to deeper, open waters, which makes the Indian River a truly special place. Packed full of grass beds and mangrove forests that attract mullet, shrimp, and other bait fish, these ambush feeders have plenty to choose from.

Local anglers tend to get their Speck action on in early mornings and late evenings, especially if the skies are overcast. Similarly to Redfish, sight fishing is a popular technique and is usually combined with spinning using light tackle.

Indian River fishermen often say that, while anyone can catch a small Trout, trying to hook yourself a “Gator” is a whole ‘other story. Although it’s fair to say that the majority of Indian River anglers visit this waterway to explore its incredible Trout and Redfish offerings, we mentioned before that it holds a huge amount of species.

Whether you’re spinning with light tackle or casting your line on the fly, bringing along your best game face is a must. This fish prefers brackish waters, meaning that the Ponce Inlet area is an especially popular place to target them.

During the summer months, you’ll find them scattered all throughout the Indian River, with nighttime excursions being especially popular with local anglers. The Indian River also boasts Jack Crevasse, Pompano, Black Drum, Triple tail, Groupers and Snappers, and even many Sharks.

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With the majority of these species inhabiting the river year-round, casting your line here provides plenty of angling opportunities! Casting off alongside a local, experienced charter captain is the best way to explore these waters.

If a flats boat isn’t your thing, you’ll also be able to explore the river from more conventional small vessels. Wade fishing is a popular way to explore the Indian River not only because it greatly reduces costs, but because it allows anglers the unique chance to enter the domain of their target species.

Rods and reels are available to rent from the many docks and bait and tackle shops that can be found around the river ’s banks, too. If you want to get up close and personal with the Indian River ’s incredible wildlife, there’s a way to do it that doesn’t involve stepping foot into its waters.

Although navigating a kayak may look simple, it actually requires a lot of strength and coordination, especially if you’re going to be wielding a rod at the same time! Luckily, for anglers who want to try this technique but have less experience, there are local captains running kayak-specific guided fishing trips all along the river.

New Smyrna Beach : Why not begin your fishing adventure at the Indian River ’s starting point? The northernmost part of the Indian River is easily accessible from this location, and it’s home to trophy-sized Redfish and Spotted Sea trout.

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Test your skills against Redfish, Specks, Tarpon, and Shook (just south of the NASA Causeway Bridge is a hotspot for these hard fighters) as rockets launch overhead! Melbourne : This location is much-loved by kayak enthusiasts, thanks to the many docks and launching spots it provides.

Head to the Sebastian Inlet Jetty during this time, and you’ll be able to hook into huge Redfish and Shook. Shook fishing is especially productive here, and chances are you’ll find some Snapper biting at the end of your line, too.

You can check out our calendar to discover the best time to cast your line for your chosen species. With a whole host of trophy-sized fish to be discovered here, as well as plenty of stunning scenery, the Indian River is truly a sparkling gem in the Treasure Coast’s crown.

Families will love introducing their little ones to the magic of casting a line within minutes of leaving the shore. Grab your rods and reels, pick your departure point, and get ready to step back in time on your Indian River fishing adventure.

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