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But this month, two men from Tennessee and Florida broke that limit, according to the state Department of Natural Resources. And after a call to a poacher hotline, multiple state agencies are investigating the anglers.

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Ohio's law requires fish to be kept, so they can be easily identified and counted, unless being prepared for immediate consumption. “The fishing is phenomenal,” Brian Danbury, executive administrator of education and information for the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

According to a news release: “After witnessing the men engage in suspected over the limit activity, Ohio officers planned to contact the men on June 10, but determined that the man from Tennessee had left for home earlier in the day. The state urges witnesses of suspicious behavior involving wildlife to call 1-800-POACHER (1-800-762-2437).

Finley Lake With fishing, boating, swimming and camping, there’s no end to the family fun. Learn more about how you can identify a large mouth bass, where to catch it and what bait and lures to use.

Common Carp The common carp is a prolific survivor, and able to tolerate many conditions and bottom types, making it an ideal species for pond culture. Muskellunge It was once believed that there were at least four species of muskellunge, but these varieties are now considered to be one species Lake Trout The lake trout has considerable value both as a sport fish and a food fish.

Some lakes stand out for their large populations of fish, while others are ideal for their natural conditions, which contribute to a high success rate on the water. There is no shortage of places to fish, with more than 124,000 acres of inland water and 7,000 miles of streams in the state.

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In order to narrow your options, it is helpful to know where to fish, what lakes are stocked, and to use interactive maps to monitor water conditions and locate active species. The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (Odor) provides fishing forecasts and maps for every lake in the state that are updated regularly.

It is part of the Great Lakes system, so weather and water conditions can change quickly and catch unprepared anglers off guard. While Lake Erie can provide anglers with one of the best experiences in the state, it is wise to hire a guide or a charter service that has expertise on the water.

Odor has links to reputable guides and associations on their website to help you with quality recommendations. One of the highlights of fishing this lake is finding a local restaurant near your lodging that will cook up your catch for dinner.

You can access Lake Erie fishing points from many towns across northern Ohio, like Port Clinton and Geneva-on-the-Lake. These spots are where many fish congregate, giving you opportunities to catch a variety of species.

Many anglers fish the Ohio River by boat, but for shoreline access, head to the locks and dams. Cincinnati is another great base on the Ohio River, where you can find hotels at every price point.

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Alum Creek Lake in central Ohio is a popular fishing location in the state due to its size, the species available, and easy access points for both boats and shoreline anglers. High shale bluffs and many deep coves provide excellent habitats for a wide range of fish species.

The southern basin is the best place to target small mouth bass as there are many rocky points from which to fish. There are more than 45 miles of shoreline and a variety of species, which makes it an all-around easy lake to fish.

The most common species to target are sausage, crappie, large mouth bass, and channel catfish. Odor now stocks blue catfish in Seneca Lake, which is one of the few places to fish for this species in Ohio.

Anglers who are looking for both size and numbers of large mouth bass should plan a visit to Clear Fork Reservoir in Northwest Ohio, near Mansfield. The lake slopes at its western end, which is where you will find the best bass fishing because of the shallow water and abundance of fallen trees and stumps.

Other species common in Clear Fork Reservoir include crappie, bluegill, and channel catfish. Shoreline fishing is only allowed along the south and western banks, where you can find three public access points to the water.

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The rocky shoreline, downed trees, and docks make ideal natural habitats for crappie. It is one of the best inland lakes in the state for small mouth bass, with nearly 50 percent of the fish population being this species.

This scenic lake is angler-oriented, meaning there are several boat and shoreline access points and a 10-horsepower motor limit for watercraft. Located northeast of Columbus, the lake has healthy populations of channel catfish and Flathead.

Odor began stocking blue catfish in 2011, so those populations are beginning to expand as well. Other species at the lake include large mouth and small mouth bass, bluegill, crappie, long nose gar, sausage, and carp.

Hoover Reservoir has a 10-horsepower motor limit, making it a nice waterway to fish from both boat and shore. The large lake has many channels, rock edges, and brush shorelines that make for ideal fishing conditions.

There are seven boat ramps operated by Odor and plenty of shoreline access points around the nine-mile-long lake. You can access a lake map at the Odor website before you go to make sure you are fishing legally.

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The nearest major city to Maturing Lake is Cleveland, where you can find comfortable lodging or stay in one of the campgrounds in the area. Other species in the lake include large mouth bass, walleye, yellow perch, and catfish.

Northwest Ohio is home to one of the best yellow perch fishing lakes in the state. This lake has the unique feature of a floating fishing pier, which gives you access to deeper water without needing a boat.

It is easiest to stay in Findlay, where you can grab supplies for the day and find lodging and food. The lake has been stocked with fingerling muskies since 1998, and anglers regularly report fish longer than 42 inches.

The lake has steep shoreline drop-offs and inlets with brush and downed trees that make for terrific fishing habitats. The town of Wilmington is nearby or you can stay at the Caesar Creek State Park campground.

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Anglers catch hundreds of brawny, beautiful and delicious species in teeming estuaries, off gorgeous beaches and in the deep blue oceans surrounding the Florida peninsula. The reasons for fishing are as varied as the species and the methods of catching them.

Or, catch bass species that thrive only in North Florida rivers such as the magnificent Suwanee, where class III rapids add serious excitement to a fishing trip on the river between White Springs and the Town of Suwanee, where the river passes through the Lower Suwanee National Wildlife Refuge, pouring out into the Gulf of Mexico. Whether it’s a red snapper caught off Destiny, speckled trout from Tampa Bay, or a mess of crappie from Tallahassee ’s Lake Alcuin, there’s not much more satisfying or delicious than eating fish you caught yourself.

Most places you can find a restaurant that will cook your catch to order. Florida ’s the place to fire up a young angler’s inner fishing fanatic.

Spring break or summer vacation are both great times for feisty, delicious easy-to-catch fish. The biggest sea trout on record came from Fort Pierce.

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