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• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
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CBS News Former US attorney on Hunter Biden probe looming over AG decision © CONTRIBUTED PHOTO BY JON Lula Mike Long and daughter Sierra caught and released several big black drum from the Mosquito Lagoon while fishing with Capt.

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Seasonal reminder: Remember, shook season is closed to harvest along Florida's Atlantic Coast until Feb. 1 2021; spotted sea trout is closed to harvest until Dec. 31; shallow water grouper season will close Jan. 1 until April 30, 2021; and new flounder rules will go into effect March 1 creating a fall harvest closure from Oct. 15 through Nov 30. He is using live shrimp or cut mullet to catch the drum, fishing near channel edges and drop-offs.

Terry Wilda of Big Easy charters out of Capt Hiram's Resort and Marina in Sebastian said the fishing on the reefs this week was wonderful. His anglers caught king fish, trigger fish and mangrove snapper in 70-90 feet of water.

Melbourne Beach has been a good place to get bites from pompano, whiting and croaked during the last half of the incoming tide. Spoons fished here will catch Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jacks and blue runners, too.

Bluefish, lady fish, jacks, blue runners and Spanish mackerel are being caught on spoons and jigs. Pompano are along the beaches on both sides of the inlet taking Fish bites or sand fleas.

Inside the inlet, flounder can be caught on sliding sinker rigs with live mud minnows or shrimp. Then, as the temperature climbs above 72 degrees in the water, their feeding response turns back on again.

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Trout and redfish will be on the flats during the middle parts of the day as the fish warm up. Cast into holes or channels and cuts to find fish which are seeking more stable water temperatures on cool days.

Crappie action is pretty good in most other lakes and in parts of the St. Johns River and canals. The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council would like to gain a better understanding of what’s happening on the water.

Information: The FCC Commission listened to public testimony on and discussed the following marine fisheries' management items at the virtual Dec. 16-17 meeting. Staff will continue monitoring oyster recovery and will evaluate whether harvest opportunities may be available prior to the end of 2025.

A stock status update completed by FCC suggests that flounder on the Atlantic coast may be overfished and that there has been a general declining trend statewide. Over the past few years, staff have also heard a variety of concerns and requests for management changes in the flounder fishery.

Draft proposal (these items will be brought back to a future meeting for final decision): Western Dry Rocks : The Commission discussed a draft proposal to seasonally protect a multi-species spawning aggregation site in the lower Florida Keys.

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The proposed draft rule, if approved at a future meeting, would prohibit fishing from May through June in a 1-square-mile area near Western Dry Rocks. Diamondback terrapin/blue crab trap by catch reduction devices: The Commission approved a draft proposal and directed staff to continue looking into prohibiting the take and possession of diamondback terrapins and requiring a maximum entrance size or by catch reduction device (Birds).

The Commission also directed staff to look at potential impacts to the blue crab industry. Spiny lobster: The Commission listened to a staff presentation on this fishery, including commercial harvesting methods, capital and other topics.

Florida Today SpaceX launches NROL-108 from KSC, lands booster at Cape Canaveral © Contributed PHOTO BY MIKE Arnold The bass fishing is excellent at Headwaters Lake.

He has been using cut mullet since pinkish have been scarce, and it's working fine for the drum. In some cases, schools of black drum can be found and sight cast to.

Sea conditions may be a little sporty until Sunday, so use caution and check the latest weather advisories before leaving port. Grouper season will close Jan. 1, but snapper fishing should be steady in 70-90 feet of water.

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Porgies and trigger fish, sharp nose sharks and occasional cobra should also make trips to the reefs worthwhile. Croaked, whiting, bluefish and Spanish mackerel are other catches anglers can expect at the beach right now.

The flounder are inside along the sides of the inlet, and they are taking live mud minnows and mullet on sliding sinker rigs. In other areas, such as the western shoreline of the lagoon, and spots around the causeways, fishing is steady.

Sleepyhead are biting around bridge pilings and docks, seawalls and rocky shorelines. Bass fishing has been pretty solid with big fish being caught in the Indian River County lakes, Lake Washington and some parts of the St. Johns River.

Use lidless crank baits, spinner baits or shiners during the warming periods to get bites. When it cools down again, slow down presentations and fish deeper water.

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