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Mr. Charlie Ingram led the effort to raise funds from local counties to stock approximately 300,000 young Florida strain bass obtained from the American Sport fish Hatchery in Alabama. The objective of this project is to increase the presence of Florida genes in the population to produce larger bass.

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The success of the project relies on the creation of hybrids when the Florida and native strains spawn. The Agency will be evaluating the genetic status of the large mouth bass population over time to track project progress which will inform future stocking decisions.

I'm planning on passing through Kentucky this year, and I have a day available to toss a fly. Being a northern boy, I thought it might be tough to find some cold-water to hunt trout in Kentucky.

The Wolf Creek Dam rehabilitation project is far enough in the past to let the fishery bounce back with a vengeance. Below I’ve detailed two launches with access, below the dam you can wade, but streamer fishing is recommended.

On might even think about taking a two handed spa fly rod to really get a stream out into the river. Look for bait fish breaking the surface if you're targeting stripes on a fly rod.

Combine a 16 inch Sallie with a current and you’ll know why I’m excited about this water. Where to Fly Fish on the Green River Pack a canoe and a lunch and float from Rockville Ford Rd down to Russel take out.

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Size 4 is a great representation, because sallies tend to be territorial a fly that are white/red/silver are good. Wading is easy and it’s always easier to cast a fly with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

The Elk horn is another river that’s best fished from a canoe or even a small pontoon boat. Wear saddles to wet wade and be careful some bend pools are deep.

The best fishing is in those fishy deep water runs that small mouth favor and just below the rapids. Years ago the state of Kentucky commissioned the creation of Hatchery Creek.

This is a man-made creek is over a mile long and is designated a catch and release fishery. Being man-made I wondered if people could create a fishery that is better than what mother nature could offer.

To really get the inside scoop I spoke to Brad Redmond who worked on the design of the creek and guides fly fishermen. Hatchery Creek holds true trophies, the fish are there catching them is the tough part.

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Quoting Brad Redmond (Link to Facebook to contact him) “Slow down take your time and make every cast count. The absolute best way to fish this water is with Brad Redmond (LINK to his contact information).

Tight line humphing is his specialty and Brad has intimate knowledge of this water. Fly fish the pocket water with a dry dropper setup.

Otter Creek is actively stocked with trout by the state of Kentucky and the Derby City Fly Fishers. It is a recreation area and has limited daylight access so you should check the states' website for hours.

Winter is a great time to explore Otter Creek with a fly rod. A boat is needed, this lake has little shoreside development so a canoe or kayak is perfect.

For the fly fisher, you’re going to be challenged to work hard for the trophy fish. This lake does get significant fishing pressure so the bass learn quick to avoid poor presentations.

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Recommended Flies for Kentucky Lake Small Streamers, I’m going to suggest a Black Nose Dace size 10 or a Micky Finn. A little of rain can make this water muddy and even crest its banks.

Check the regulations when fishing Floyd’s Fork, slot and creel limits are usually in effect. Downstream from the dam is surrounded by private land so it isn’t possible to get direct access unless you get a property owners permission.

You can access this area via a shallow draft boat that can handle a small motor. Motoring or paddling upstream is a 4-mile trip, so plan for a full day when power generation is minimal.

The rewards are great though, limited access means the small mouth bass leading up to the dam haven’t seen much fishing pressure and as you get closer to the dam tail-waters the rainbow and brown trout show up. Here you’ll discover hard-fighting small mouth bass (Kentucky is home to the world record small mouth), striped bass, blue catfish, shell crackers, muskellunge, crappie and more.

Start exploring all that Kentucky has to offer on this page, with links to lake, river and stream information that you need to have a great day on the water. If you want to learn about top spots for trout fishing in Kentucky, you’ve come to the right place.

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When you think about the top locations for trout fishing in the United States, nowhere on the list would probably include anywhere in Kentucky. The state of Kentucky is home to countless lakes, streams, and rivers that the department of wildlife keeps stocked full of trout.

As long as you know some basic rules and regulations, you should have no problem finding a great place to fish and catching some trout. This 75 mile river runs below Cumberland Lake and is a popular fly-fishing destination.

A boat will help navigate the long stretches of the river and make it possible to fish hard to reach water that other anglers stuck on shore cannot access. There are some excellent bank and wade fishing found at this stream, and it is a great place in particular for fly fishermen to get some casts in.

Another great, medium quality trout stream that can produce the occasional giant, Peter Creek is found in Barren County. There are no special regulations on Peter Creek, so any angler who wants to experience stream trout fishing is encouraged to come to try their luck here.

With plenty of deep pools and shallower water, anglers will find a variety of fishing challenges to up their skill level. Probably one of the best trout fishing streams in the state, Rock Creek is found in McCready County.

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Because of its cold water and favorable conditions, this stream gets stocked more often and holds large numbers of trout. While no special regulations are in place on Trammel Fork, it is one of the 13 Kentucky streams where brown trout are also released once a year.

Depending on the waters, Kentucky offers many trout fishing opportunities year round for anglers to enjoy. While Kentucky does offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to its trout seasons, there are still some special regulation waters to be aware of.

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