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The South Florida twins out of Weston have spent much of their lives on the water, enjoying what’s right in their backyard. The 25-year-olds found ways to balance their love of fishing with full-time classes and pole vaulting careers at the University of Miami, studying microbiology and immunology until graduating in December 2017.

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The sisters began documenting their fishing adventures on a blog in 2018, writing stories about their findings, offering tips and letting their audience get to know them better. On an ice fishing trip that year, Emily decided she’d add a video component, not knowing how much fun she’d have filming, editing and publishing.

The sisters talked to friends who are professional YouTubers and created a job for themselves filming and editing videos. This summer, before publishing a video of them docking a 35-foot boat in a 40-foot canal, the Gale twins had about 10,000 YouTube subscribers.

The twins natural ability to connect with viewers on the joys of fishing is clear. The twins taught themselves how to use Final Cut Pro, an Apple-based video editing software program, and they film their adventures on a GoPro or an iPhone 12, which features the wide lens they need to capture their footage.

Because of their vlogging, the Gale twins don’t have to charter any more outside their fishing camps and events, which started in August with an overnight trip to Yankee Capt's Pulley Ridge. Roughly 40 percent of Idaho is covered in National Forest; that translates into 20.4 million acres that are crisscrossed by creeks and rivers full of healthy fish.

Originally explored by Lewis and Clark more than two hundred years ago, Idaho is home to some of the finest dry fly fisheries in the world. Whether you are looking to catch a 24-inch rainbow trout on a salmon fly or prefer exploring remote freestone rivers full of native cutthroat, Idaho has it all.

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The upper Eton River is a meandering river that offers exceptional dry fly-fishing, while the lower section runs through a wild canyon and is home to some monster cutthroat trout. The relatively steady water temps on the upper stretch of the river result in consistent hatches and big healthy fish.

You can wade the Eton River, but floating it in a drift boat or even from a stand up paddle board is usually more effective. The upper stretch of the Eton River is mellow enough that it can be fished from drift boats and paddle boards.

There is great access along the Eton River, but my favorite place to start my float is from Packsaddle/Cache Bridge. There are plenty of large terrestrials flying around on the Eton River, it is all about trying different color combinations until you find one they can’t resist.

The water temps on the upper Eton River provide great habitat for insect life, and there are a lot of stoneflies around. Although you don’t need to drop a nymph behind your dry fly, it usually results in a couple more fish throughout the day.

Henry's Lake also supports an incredible variety of birds including swans, herons, and pelicans. Although there is a lot of private water surrounding the lake, there are a couple good access points.

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Fish scuds with a floating line and try a series of short, quick strips followed by a pause. Silver Creek is located about 30 miles south of Sun Valley, and it is home to massive fish and epic hatches.

The average fish is around 15 inches, but brown trout that tip the scales at 9 pounds are caught here every year. The reason to visit Silver Creek is to witness and fish the incredible mayfly hatches that regularly pop off.

During these hatches, even the big fish leave their haunts to feed on the surface. The Nature Conservancy manages a preserve on Silver Creek just west of Piano, and this is a fly-fishing only section.

Once you cross the creek you will see the parking areas on the west and east side of the road. There is a lot of private land along Silver Creek, so make sure you plan your float accordingly.

Fishing terrestrials like grasshoppers or beetles can be very productive during breezy days in August and September. There is a lot of vegetation on the bottom, so try and sight fish so that you don’t spend your precious afternoon picking weeds off your fly.

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Setting up a Dry Dropper Rig This setup doubles the amount of water your flies cover. I usually fish a Stimulator or small terrestrial pattern on top, and then drop a Pheasant Tail or Bloody Mary behind it.

The North Fork of the Coeur d’Alene River is a remote dry fly-fishing paradise. The fish in the North Fork are opportunistic hunters and will eat just about anything buggy that is presented correctly.

Fluorocarbon tippet and 9ft leaders are a must when fishing this gin-clear water, but a good drift is just as important. If you know where a fish is holding, cast above them and make the necessary mends until you know your fly is going to drift perfectly through the danger zone.

Fish your favorite terrestrial like a Super Beetle and tie a red or black Copper John off the back of it. The Henry’s Fork is one of the finest dry fly-fishing destinations in the world.

Watching one of these monsters sip a salmon fly out of a riffle is the stuff dreams are made of. If you go in the fall, make sure to bring plenty of Bros and a half dozen of your favorite streamers.

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The Henry’s Fork is best fished from a drift boat with a five or six weight rods. During the summer, fly-fishing on the Salmon River for small mouth bass and resident brown trout can be very productive.

Hayden Lake is located in Kootenai County and is roughly 3,800 acres and it has over 40 miles of coastline. Hayden Lake is a great fishery with a wide array of fishing opportunities.

Fly fisherman can chase everything from rainbow trout to northern pike to large mouth bass. If you are fishing for Knee, a couple bonehead marabou leech patterns wouldn’t hurt.

The Boise River is located in southwestern Idaho, and it offers countless miles of access. The South Fork beneath Anderson Ranch Reservoir is tailgater fishery that supports fantastic bug life and the fish are huge.

Regulations on the South Fork require anglers to use one barbless hook and artificial lures are the only legal method of take. This river is only 26 miles long, but it offers virtually unlimited access because most of it is located within the Tar ghee National Forest.

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The access on this river is virtually unlimited, and the fishing usually gets better the farther you are willing to walk. A 9ft 4wt rod is perfect for this river, and I usually fish a terrestrial pattern with a flashback pheasant tail behind it.

The section above Little Wood Reservoir is a small freestone river that offers great fly-fishing for beginners. Bros, tailgater midges, big terrestrials, and streamers are all great on this stretch, it just depends on what is coming off the water.

Idaho is home to towering mountain ranges, high deserts, and lush lowlands. The bottom line is that the weather can change quickly in the Rockies, so planning ahead with a rain jacket and extra layer is always important.

In terms of dry flies, you always want to have a good selection of Bros, stoneflies, Pads and a caddis or two. Like most rivers in the Rockies, a hopper-dropper rig is usually pretty deadly during the summer and fall months.

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