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• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
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What started as an inexpensive, simple and secure way to keep small boats and PCs above water has expanded to a range of systems with options including floating plastic and air/hydraulic assisted lifts capable of accommodating vessels upwards of 50-feet in length. Prices range based on brand, size and style, but there is typically intent to save money when making the decision to go with a floating lift.

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In reality, all that needs to be done with a static lift is keeping the surfaces clean and making sure the mooring and winch lines are in good shape. Sun stream Boat Lifts (sunstreamcorp.com) is a leader in this category, with units that combine the simplicity of a static drive-on platform with the ease of use of a hydraulic system.

Sun stream’s Floodlight gives users the ability to easily drive their boat into position and with the touch of a button lift it out of the water. The newly released saltwater specific Arborist represents the latest innovation in their constant evolution.

Designed around a lifting frame constructed with aircraft grade aluminum and rugged polyethylene tanks, the unit is compatible with fixed or floating docks, and can be configured for nearly any vessel. This rugged and versatile unit lifts a boat out of the water by pumping air into the impact resistant tanks, and operates with standard AC control or optional solar/DC system.

Cleaning and inspecting the hull, fittings, underwater lights, transducers, trim tabs and props has never been easier. While there’s a wide range of manufacturers and styles available, if you do a little research you will certainly find the proper boat lift that fits your particular application and budget.

“The stealthy natural drift of the unicorn float with the Stella combo was deadly this afternoon,” Jack Vasileios wrote in his Facebook post, which shows video of him getting dragged around on the water as he struggles to fight the huge fish. Facebook After a tense battle, the tarpon eventually tires out and Jack is able to reel it in close to his unicorn float.

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Perhaps the world's highest density of professional offshore charter boats with tournament-grade captains can be found in Islamabad. Islamabad's unique location, lying between Florida Bay (the “backcountry”) and the Atlantic Ocean (the “front side”), provides an unrivaled diversity of fishing opportunities.

Every so often, especially after strong storms accompanied by long-continued onshore Westerly winds have passed through, beachcombers in Oregon, Washington and other areas have found these hollow glass balls cast up onto the beach along with driftwood and other flotsam and jetsam. (Note : small fishing floats are sometimes confused with glass target balls, which were used in trap shooting during the late Victorian era.

The first time these glass fishing floats are mentioned is in the production records for the Had elands Glassier (Glass works) of Teenager, Norway, in 1842. However, it is believed by some researchers and collectors that glass floats had already been in use in Norway and other Scandinavian countries for many years before this time.

By the 1940s, glass had evidently replaced wood or cork floats for a good percentage of deep-sea or large-scale commercial fishing operations throughout much of Japan, Europe, Russia, and North America. In the reference work Beach combing the Pacific by Amos L. Wood (published as recently as 1987), Wood writes “Blown glass floats are still the mainstay of the oriental long line tuna fishery with its hand labor operation, while plastic floats are standard with the American salmon gill net fishery that employs hydraulic-driven winch blocks to do the net hauling.

Today, the majority of glass fishing floats that are adrift on the Pacific Ocean originated in Japan because it had a large deep sea fishing industry which made extensive use of these floats ; other very similar-looking floats are/were also made by glass companies located in Taiwan, Korea and China. Most of those may have been originally clear, but have turned an amethyst color (from exposure to ultra-violet rays of the sun) if the glass contained enough manganese.

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Most authentic floats have many bubbles and impurities (specks of carbon, firebrick, etc) embedded inside the glass. Made in Korea or Japan; this measures 3 inches in diameter. Colors that have occasionally been found in authentic floats include light to medium blue (not aqua), brown, gray, shades of amber, cobalt blue, yellow, and the very rarest are believed to be in shades of red or orange.

Most floats that are in an unusual color such as cobalt blue, dark purple, bright yellow, rich bright green, orange, or red, can be safely assumed to be a modern reproduction, made especially as a “tourist gift item” unless there is strong evidence to prove otherwise (meaning, the float was actually found washed up on a beach). Most colored floats sold on internet auction sites are modern production (retros) that never saw service “in the wild”.

The majority (although certainly not all) of the reproduction / gift-shop floats (replicas, or “fakes”) tend to have thinner, weaker walls, and usually do not have as many bubbles embedded in the glass. They are often covered with weak, thin, poorly-made netting that would not stand up to actual hard use in the ocean environment.

Although most fishing floats are round (spherical), there are several scarcer types of floats known as “rolling pins” or “rollers”. Photo courtesy of Karachi Indie. In many cases, the larger floats are broken when they are cast up onto rocky shores (which is one reason why they are found so infrequently).

Their chances of being found unbroken are much better when they are cast by the surf onto a smooth, sandy, relatively level beach. Some percentage of floats are found with a dull “frosty” matte look, caused by the surf action, i.e. rolling around on a sandy beach.

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The earliest floats, including most Japanese glass fishing floats, were handmade (usually free blown) one by one, by a professional glassblower. After being blown, floats were removed from the blowpipe and sealed with a “button”, “patch”‘ or “plug” of molten glass, before being placed in a Lear (cooling oven).

The book “Beach combing for Japanese Glass Floats by Amos L. Wood (mentioned at the bottom of this article) illustrates a wide variety of markings that have been documented on these floats, including examples from Japan, Korea, the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Norway, and Portugal. At other locations around the Pacific Rim area, including Wake Island and Hawaii, floats are also found.

(Apparently, many of the older floats made in Great Britain appear in shades of dark olive green). For much more information, I would heartily recommend the classic book on the subject: Beach combing for Japanese Glass Floats, by Amos L. Wood.

Some information on this webpage is taken from that reference work, and credit must be given to Mr. Wood for his extensive research on the subject.

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