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• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
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Fishing and viewing wildlife on Florida's lakes and marshes is a great way to immerse yourself in nature. I use all Shaman rods and reels, I also have the most up to date electronics and a brand new 25ft 2018 Tidewater Center console fishing boat.

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This Pontoon fishing charter is unique, it cruises along the inshore backwaters of Indian River & Mosquito lagoon, boasting an abundance of shook, redfish, tarpon, spotted sea trout, mangrove snapper, and even black drum. Take in the beautiful scenery as our expert captain leads you to the best places to land the local favorite redfish, in addition to many others.

So everyone is sure to have a blast as you fish with ease and comfort of the calm inshore never water needlessly worrying about being seasick, losing your balance are dealing with unstable conditions. THE LEGEND II Newest addition to our growing Legendary Adventures fleet is our 36' Yellow fin Center Console fishing machine.

The combination of speed, an unmatched dry ride and legendary rugged construction make the 36 Yellow fin the boat to beat no matter where you are fishing. Mix a snorkel and then head out for a run at fishing or just a long lazy sail in the deep blue.

If beaches are your thing 'Let's do that' The areas are varied, being at the end of the Fl Keys we have 3 directions we can go ... Hawk Channel with small seas or the Ocean side with reefs or the Gulf of Mexico where the dolphins play and the sting rays are friendly. Enjoy big game fishing off the Florida coast with a half-day small-group tour that costs much less than a similar private charter.

For parties of one to three people, sharing the boat allows you to save money with the same itinerary as a private charter. This tour is geared toward beginner fishers and includes the instruction and equipment you need to make your first catch.

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Fish the Fort Lauderdale waters for sailfish, Mali, Yahoo and more on a half day deep sea fishing expedition. Family owned and operated for over 25 years, we love our jobs, our customers, and taking people out for a fun filled fishing adventure every day.

Your catch is cleaned by the crew, ready to be cooked at home or prepared by a nearby restaurant. Kick back, drop your line in the water and an enjoy a relaxing day in the Florida Keys, trying your hand at a catch that may include sailfish, Yahoo, mahi, tuna, snapper, grouper, king mackerel, and shark.

This private charter includes exclusive use of a 31-foot (9.5 meter) open fishing boat with shade, instruction for beginners or advanced tips for the pros, and all the equipment you need. When you leave the Port of Miami, you will head out to the Atlantic Gulf Stream where all the major Pelagic species including Mahi-Mahi, Yahoo, King fish, Tuna and so much more are roaming the waters.

A St Augustine Inshore Fishing Charter is truly unique because it allows you to experience the Oldest City of the Nation from an on-the-water adventure. Your licensed professional guide will take care of all your fishing needs while discovering what the backwaters of St Augustine are all about.

While inshore fishing for Sea trout, Black Drum, Redfish, Shook, Tarpon, Sleepyhead and much more you can get a true feel of what this beautiful destination is all about. Your licensed professional guide will take care of all your fishing needs while discovering what the backwaters of New Smyrna Beach are all about.

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While inshore fishing for Redfish, Sea trout, Black Drum, Sleepyhead and much more you can get a true feel of what this beautiful destination is all about. As well, travelers also enjoyed a day at Smyrna Dunes Park, Apollo Beach, or the Turtle Mound National Historic Site.

Experience the beauty of the Florida Keys, gorgeous turquoise water and abundant Tarpon! Marathon the hub for fishing in the Florida Keys, great beaches, shopping, fantastic food and home to the largest Tarpon run.

View the beautiful waters, all while experiencing the thrill of a chance to catch the silver king, the myth, the legend of the sea the Florida Keys Tarpon. All the fishing rods and reels, right and left-handed and all the tackle you need, as well as all other necessities including safety equipment.

Marathon the hub for fishing in the Keys, great beaches, shopping, and fantastic food. View the beautiful scenery, while experiencing the thrill of a chance to catch species such as Yellowtail, Snapper, Permit, Tarpon, Grouper, Barracuda, and Shark.

Your tour is guided by a licensed Captain in a modern open fishing style boat with a t-top for shade. Booking with confidence on TripAdvisor, it makes this charter an easy, reliable and enjoyable decision.

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Tours are suitable for beginner and experienced anglers so everyone can have a good time catching fish and enjoying a beautiful day out on the water. With your guide's supervision and expert instruction, catch local fish such as triple tail, flounder, redfish, and trout.

Our team will also clean, ice, and bag your catches so you can enjoy the fresh flavors of the gulf at home. No worries, our neighbors at River walk Restaurant and Pitcher’s Crab Shack, located in Tin City, are more than happy to prepare your catch with a couple of sides for a small fee.

Explore the waters off the coast of south Florida during a deep sea fishing charter from Naples or Tin City. Cruise 15–20 miles (24 –32 kilometers) offshore and drop your line in the deep waters with the possibility for multiple catches.

Plus, choose from morning or afternoon departures to easily fit this half-day fishing trip into your schedule. Land always remains in site, though weather permitting there is a chance to get adventurous and head 3 miles offshore.

This 3.5-hour eco- fishing excursion targets redfish, shook, sleepyhead, mangrove snapper, lady fish, trout and pompano. Photo: Season a haphazardly built dock in May port, Florida, Tendinitis’ Ryan Burch and Paraben’s Ozzie Wright are inspecting about a half dozen, pint-sized finger mullets in a small bucket and receiving a lesson on how to properly bait a hook from Vol com East Coast Marketing Manager and North Florida native Dane Jeffery's.

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Undeterred and amused, Burch laughs, takes a sip from a can of Busch Beer, and grabs another wiggling bait fish, asking Jeffery's to rehash the hook-setting demo. Which is mainly why he’s standing on this precariously stable structure jutting out into an estuary of the Intracoastal Waterway in the Sunshine State.

Though Florida ’s vibrant surf communities are collectively known more for the absurd amount of touring surf professionals they’ve produced over the decades-Frieda Zambia, Lisa Anderson, a couple Hob goods, some Lopez es and Baseman, King Kelly and more-they’ve have also cultivated their fair share of creative characters-from Dick Capri to Sterling Spencer and Warren Smith, even Tin Opera’s from Cocoa. I imagine Burch and Wright, two of the most creative, multifaceted talents in surfing today, will be embraced with open arms.

They’re veritably excited when photographer Nate Lead points out an Osprey perched in one of the Spanish moss-draped trees above our heads. It’s a reminder that we’ll soon need to leave for a high tide session and board demo at a noted local spot called The Poles.

“Set it and forget it,” Jeffery's instructs-an assurance to Ozzie and Burch that leaving lines in the water is not just normal protocol when fishing in this part of the world, it can often be the key to snagging a keeper. Multiple cars have already stopped in the middle of the busy thoroughfare adjacent to the hotel to take in Wright’s piece-a wildly colorful mural featuring a half dozen extraterrestrials kissing, whilst riding atop a unicorn.

Wright takes a break from adding black outlines to sign a copy of 2006’s “Computer Body” a local surfer’s handed him. Clips and movie parts featuring the Australian’s aerial antics and idiosyncratic style have inspired at least two decades of surfers in Jacksonville, a place that’s long been a bastion of high performance surfing on the East Coast.

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The surf craze here kicked off in earnest during the mid-60s long board days, when cats like Bruce Cleveland and Larry Inward were seemingly plucked from obscurity to ride for the big brands of the day and invited to compete in world championship contests. And the region’s been a high performance surfing incubator since shortly after Simon Anderson introduced the thruster, churning out one international standout after another, from Sean Madison in the late-80s to Ryan Briggs in the late-90s to the current crop led by the Thompson tribe (Cody, Evan, and Tristan).

But although Tax continues to roll out kids who get all three fins loose, the region’s surf community is becoming more eclectic. With Burch rolling out roughly a dozen of his own shapes (twin fishes ranging in size from 5’3 to 6’4, an asylum, and a recently purchased foamier) and both kids and adults from the local surf community bringing their own alternative shapes, there was nary a thruster to be found in May port, FL.

Two days in a row, the small, lingering groundswell and light winds produced waist to chest high rollers-a more than decent testing ground for the batch of flat, wide, thick twin-fin designs. With a plan to either auction off or donate a majority of Burch’s boards as we make our way down the coast, the fish isn’t likely to fall out of fashion in Florida for some time.

Meanwhile, here at the hotel in AB, as a face-melting metal-riff from Ben Batsman’s guitar fills the night air, Ozzie signs his name on the bottom right of the roughly 200 square foot mural. We’re standing outside The Ice Plant in St. Augustine’s historic Lincolnville, debating whether to put a nightcap on our already busy, revelry filled day.

Local photographer Kelly Conway and local artist Ty Williams have joined us for dinner and have intrigued the group with tales of a nearby dive bar called the Giggling Gator, where area fisherman frequently partake in some kind of idiomatic compound known as either “Shrimp Dust” or “Swamp Dust.” No one can vouch for the effects of the substance, but from the looks of those entering the bar in which it’s consumed, there doesn’t appear to be much interest in temperance at the Giggling Gator.

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We got a late start on our southbound journey, due in part to Ozzy, at about 10AM, deciding to paint what might be the world’s largest Anti-Bad Vibes Shield on the exterior wall of Jacksonville Beach’s Sunrise Surf Shop. After a stop at St. Augustine’s Surf-Station, we realized we had very little time left for any of the activities we had tentatively planned the day prior.

So, with a fading swell, and relatively light winds we settled on a surf session on the north side of the Vila no Inlet, where Ozzy was surprisingly stoked enough on the shifty, less than two-foot wedges, that he surfed for nearly two hours, boosting airs and riding waves to the sand, right up until dark. Whether painting, playing music, surfing premier waves, or making the most of onshore slop in Florida, he knows how to enjoy himself.

Wright’s clearly holding the keys to eternal youth, we’d be foolish not to let him drive* our caravan for a minute. And once you hit Völuspá County-which encompasses spots like Ponce and New Smyrna Inlet-the potential for quality, consistent surf also spikes.

Unfortunately, the stubborn groundswell that brought us fun-sized surf for the first part of our road trip had all but dissipated by the time we reached the inlet at New Smyrna. With no new swell to relieve it, Smyrna-one of the most reliable wave zones on the whole east coast-did its best to muster some one-to-two foot lumps, which were enough to draw out the frothiest Syrians for a demo of Burch’s eccentric quiver.

We’d started counting somewhere between Tax and St. Augustine and by midday in NSB, we’d already heard the refrain nearly two dozen times. Now with a hundred or so of Volusia County’s finest filling the cavernous New Smyrna Beach Women’s Center for this evening’s event, we’ve lost count.

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Especially since the NSB locals seem to be operating on some residuals stoke from the previously referenced swell. We’re standing outside Surfer Blood drummer, Mike McClair’s new and well-apportioned music studio where various members of our group just finished laying down a song called “F*** Computers,” written by Wright in the Uber ride to the studio roughly two and half hours ago.

And the creative energy spread from the front of the compound to the shaping bay with Ryan Heaviside banging out a sweet little twin fish (which Wright made sure to paint all over before it was sent to be glassed), and Burch going to town on another blank, which under the hands of the Southern California shaping prodigy, became a fork-nosed, ARYM with concave entry rocker faster than anyone could say “Asymmetrical.” Especially considering Jeffery's just received a text informing the group that the Uber driver is apparently lost, and our ETA to Nomad’s has been pushed back further.

Our group considers walking the roughly one mile, but ultimately decides the idea more inconvenient than waiting for our ride. The sun is setting on a hot and humid evening in the courtyard of the very punk bar, Laser Wolf, in South Florida.

Ben Batsman is engaging the crowd with some of his renowned banter, providing the origin story for a track from his band’s 2015 album Venus in Pisces called “Pool is the Room.” “Anybody ever walked into a party where you don’t really know anyone, but everybody is just acting too cool and your scared to talk to them?” Batsman asks the crowd, rhetorically.

The band’s sets, which feature cheeky, riff-filled, and heavily Kiss-inspired anthems like “I’m too old for Retail” and “You Shred (But You’re Really Playing me) Baby” added endless energy to each evening’s event. No matter how sunburned, worn-out, or generally disinterested any of us may have felt prior to each event-even after the Atlantic Ocean went flat-we consistently found energy and inspiration in the Floridians who showed up at each stop.

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Their enthusiasm for art, music, alternative surf designs, and an old-fashioned good time added fuel to our fire. Burch has painted his own share of canvasses and bequeathed many his highly sought after handshakes to surf communities all over the east coast of Florida.

FloridaFishing Tour Fish Types Sciences cellars Known as Redfish, Channel Bass, Puppy Drum, Spottier Bass, or simply Red Robots Surinamese Known by fishermen names like flasher or steamboat.

Boat 18ft beaver tail vengeance Outboard -4 stroke Yamaha 115 Who The Vengeance was designed with families and the shallow water, live bait guide in mind.

Reserve A Trip Best inshore fishing experience on Florida ’s central east coast If you are looking for the best inshore fishing experience on Florida ’s central east coast, you’ve found it! Captain Alex Hughes will provide you with the best fishing opportunity on the space coast of Florida.

He is located in Cocoa Beach near Cape Canaveral, Orlando, Merritt Island, Titusville, and the Disney/ Universal theme parks. Captain Alex offers many opportunities of fishing styles and species.

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Captain Alex will provide you with high quality tackle along with lures and live bait. You can expect to fish the waters of the Indian River, but Captain Alex wants to put you where the fish are going to be at, so expect a nice cruise around the Banana River or Mosquito Lagoon as well.

Reserve A Trip Depending on the time of the year Tarpon Fortunately, we wouldn’t have to wake up as early the next morning since we would be spending the night far from our launching point and right in the middle of the action.

I always enjoy weaving through the channels and basins of Florida Bay, but it’s a little different in complete darkness with only a GPS and handheld spotlight to guide you. A half hour into our trek the sun began to illuminate the skies to our east and the last few spoil islands appeared, giving way to the mainland of the Everglades on the horizon.

Our plan was to throw flies at rolling tarpon in the low light, and then explore the numerous coastal creeks and shorelines for shook and redfish. After idling in toward shore we shut down, quietly grabbed fly rod and push pole, and took position on our platforms while letting the wake dissipate.

We struggled to pole to intersect them in 12- to 15-feet of water but managed to jump one out of a user-friendly daisy chain that gave us a number of shots. We cooled off for a little running north up the coast before turning into a creek that quickly shrank to the point it was barely wide enough to fit the skiff.

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After a few hundred yards of winding mangrove tunnels, we emerged into a series of mudflats that were draining the last of the tide from the interior of the Everglades. We managed a couple good hours of fishing before the heat of the day brewed up a nasty thunderstorm, at which point we pushed back out into the Gulf where we could better assess the situation.

We ran through the building surface chop, tied up along-side the 74’ Hatteras and ducked inside for some cover and a little afternoon rest. After a grilled steak, warm shower and a great night’s sleep, the morning alarm was no big deal knowing the fish were only a few minutes away.

On this trip we were focused on hunting tarpon on fly, with redfish and shook as excellent alternatives, but numerous options exist, especially if you have the luxury of spending a night or two on the mothership. Life at Sea: Over the last several years Captain Shatter has been evolving Blue Moon Expeditions to offer the best access and fishing experiences possible.

Recently, Blue Moon Expeditions (bluemoonexpeditions.com) merged with Eleven Experience (elevenexperience.com) to provide the highest level of service possible. The fully customized 74’ Hatteras mothership with brand-new Hell’s Bay Biscayne skiffs provide an unparalleled experience, and an exciting new offering of destinations not limited to the Everglades.

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