New York Times Crossword Answers January 09, 2022

Daedalus created them so that they could escape from Crete and warned his son about that flying too high thing. Hubris (any that I had left was destroyed by yesterday’s puzzle). @Trey – Rex wrote, And what is GAS RING?

Like a number of people I finished by mopping up the NW corner. My GET/GIT write over was understandable but with the addition of SEISM/SCARE, MAL/ETH mechanic business cards and NASH/NAST it was as if I was making every effort to not solve that section. @okanaganer – I too was surprised to see a modern orchard.

We’re currently nursing one of our older ones through her final days. There were plenty of little stumbling blocks to deal with. NAJAF was paired up with the cleverly clued ICARUS.

The title misled me into thinking the circles would have types of food with more of a variety than just apples, but I suppose the apple did provide NEWTON with food for thought. Anyway….After that, we had 3 days of the GALA AFFAIR’s fun. That night was a cocktail party at the Four Season Hotel. Carlos Slim and his beautiful wife were are the receiving welcome line. We had to tell him where we were from and a do a little chit-chat dance. After all the howdydo’s, my pals and I went to hold up the bar.

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