Miqo’te Naming Conventions

Emet laughs, then groans as she grants his other nipple the same treatment. “Hmm, perhaps a little. But not enough, my dear.” With his hand wrapped around his cock, he presses the tip against her, nudging between her folds. It feels far too big to fit, but somehow with the roll of his hips and how wet she is, the tip pops inside of her. Cerise snaps awake to the feeling of him looming over her, rubbing against her between her thighs.

When speaking Common, your pronunciation of “r” sounds are sometimes extended with a purr. Miqo’te who live within a traditional tribal setting lean towards tim rosaforte health a lawful alignment, adhering to the laws of their people. Those who are born or live in more diverse settings tend to lean in no particular direction.

Despite almost dying because of it, W’skhol was relieved to be reunited with those he cared for on the First. Including one Crystal Exarch that turned out to be none other than his own sleeping beauty, G’raha Tia. It had been a shock, finally catching wise to who he was in Kholusia, just before they had made the climb of Mt. Gulg.

The grind and press of them both thrusting in and out rubbing against his prostate. It is so good W’skhol cannot think to respond to their praise in kind, let alone form words. He does make plenty of noise through moans, sighs, and pleasured cries.

It made Rei excited just thinking about what other things would be bigger. The onset of her head had triggered the start of his and given her this tremendous gift. Estinien swallows hard, then heaves a shuddering sigh as he tugged her hands off his face to kiss at the back of them. Murmuring against her bare skin, “I like you, Rei.”

More than she was used to even with miqo’te heats and knots? Most definitely, but they had a large size difference to start with. Aside from the obvious stretch, it hadn’t hurt at all. In fact, it had felt incredibly, unbelievably good. The size, the knots, the scale-patterned bumps, all of it. Rei mewled, scratching down his back as the lewd sounds of their lovemaking filled the air.

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