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Konyo wax pen heats up concentrates at high temperatures in less than 6 seconds. It vaporizers the plant material immediately through external heating with miniuml heat escape reducing leaks. The tank ensures the coil does not burn or the pen does not overheat and burn your arms while holding it. This will ensure your protection even after long vaping hours.

Sports many of the same specs including size, weight, and battery life. It does not, however, have a six-stage heating element, only a two. You can likely pick one up at a discount, but if you can afford it, go for the newer DLX model. Because the mouth piece is shaped like a straw you will always feel like you’re smoking out of a juice box with the Crafty.

It is a dry herb vaporizer and you will have to purchase concentrates or oils separately. This gives you unlimited varieties of flavors to consider. Konyo vape is also easy to use and beginner friendly. The vape pen uses a coil to burn the materials to vapor. The coil, on the other hand, heats up the materials and distributes heat evenly within the tank.

It’s also gorgeous and available in three different colors. There’s an OLED screen for controlling the myriad of options available to you and the tank holds 4.5mL of e-juice. With every aspect of a mod vape being customizable, mod vaping has a very steep learning curve. The Topbox Mini Starter kit is by no means perfect.

The Konyo vape pen is one device that is hard to dislike, with its highly portable small size and lightweight. It is a good option for personal use considering it is discreet. This makes it easy to use your vape in any place you are. Delta 9 Vapes is the portable vaporizer company responsible for the Omicron, Persei and O-Phos vaporizers. Each one is capable of vaporizing any type of oil or concentrate within seconds.

It will not hold your hand on your journey into the hobby level electrical engineering that is mod vaping, but it will make things a little easier. hercules tank vape comes in diverse colors and skins to consider. The colors are stylish and the design is also very attractive. You can change to a substance that is convenient for your session.

Your atomizers may die down depending on how you inhale on them, the voltage settings and the kind of substance in use. Being a device that has multiple uses, the likeliness of such happening is high. The device uses an optimized coil that is found within the device. This coil is designed to be flexible to provide various conditions to burn the different substances.

Its heating levels are great and include a dual filtration system to make the vapes soft on the throat and gentle to the lungs. These accessories are high-quality and easy to use. The Konyo vape battery lasts hours to ensure quality vaping sessions.

Black is, however, the dominating color you will find in the market today. The tanks and cartridges are manufactured with durable plastic or glass. Additionally, the battery can be adjusted to heat up materials up to the preferred level. For regular users of disposable kits, Upcott has reduced the cost by almost 50% and making vaping affordable.

On Konyo’s website, you’ll get everything you need for vaporizer pens and accessories. The mouthpiece is made to protect your lips from burning regardless of heating temperature. You can enjoy vaping solutions comfortably and at ease. The vape case, on the other hand, is made to protect your hands from extreme temperatures. Also, the batteries are made from other advanced components unlike other devices.

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