How To Cheat By Editing Saves

ConcernedApe, developer of Stardew Valley and the upcoming Haunted Chocolatier has confirmed a key Stardew feature will be included in his next game – relationships. Haunted Chocolatier was announced earlier this year, and is set to feature similar graphics to ConcernedApe’s incredibly popular farming sim. The game will put players to work as chocolate makers, running a shop from a haunted castle.

Post anything you find interesting or funny with your edits. I don’t have time to post all of them, but definitely explore your save files if you want to really see what the game baffled travel trailer water tank is all about. Players can modify basic character stats and unlock features such as Skull key, Stardew hero,… It also has an auto-updater so you can keep up with new releases.

This mod by sonreirblah, builds on itsearlier versionto replace the game’s standard rural-western farmhouses with fully-animated, seasonal buildings inspired by traditional Japanese architecture. Replete with the shōji doors, paper lanterns, and ornate wooden roofs that the style is so famous for, the buildings will transform your whole town into a Japan-esque village in a flash. So you’ve been investing time and effort into the townsperson of your dreams, and are wondering when you can take it to the next level, when exactly can you start dating someone in Stardew Valley. Well, at heart level 8, you’ll receive a message from Pierre about a lovely bouquet that is now on sale. It costs 2000g, and will allow your relationship to progress. From then on, the character will be labeled as your boyfriend/girlfriend.

If no parameters are given, the movie will default to fall_movie_1 and the NPC guest will be chosen randomly. If both parameters are given, it will start the specified movie with the specified NPC as a guest. #removelightsRemoves all light sources from the current location. This is temporary and they will be restored if the location is reset or re-entered. Places the specified item on all open tiles in the current location. The first argument is the Object ID or Craftable ID. If the second argument is “true”, the ID will be interpreted as a craftable, but if it is anything else the ID will be interpreted as an object.

Changes the bloom settings to the specified parameters. Most are double-precision floats which are divided by 10. The last parameter will set the brightWhiteOnly flag to true if it is present and false if it is absent. #sprinkleShows an animation of a sprinkle effect around the farmer.

The menu can be scrolled with the mouse wheel, hovering the mouse over the object will show the tooltip for the clothing it makes, and clicking on the object will add the clothing it makes to your inventory. #dyemenuBrings up the same dyeing menu you get by interacting with the dye pots in Emily’s house. Filling all six pots with appropriate items will bring up a character customization menu with HSV sliders for dyeing both your currently-equipped shirt and pants. The object will initially be laying on the ground and will be picked up if you have room once the game regains focus.

#tossShows an animation of a spinning vial/beaker which rises and then falls. #separatewalletsImmediately switches to split money, separating all player wallets. Command descriptionchangewalletSets the game to toggle between shared or split money overnight. Starts a movie; this command is a bit complex with its parameter handling so be sure to check the examples. Note that this command can create a group with up to 3 guests instead of just the single guest allowed in normal play.

You can choose from multiple designs, change the colour, add dynamic lighting with a lantern, or even carry a backpack that gets bigger as your inventory gets fuller. There is also a selection of baubles that will float alongside you as you stroll around. It’s a little change, but considering how often you have a backpack, it’s a mod that amounts to a fun and flavourful addition. My own favorite portrait mod is DCBurger’s Portrait Mod, unlike the many, many anime-style character edits and gender swaps, DCBurger’s portraits are grittier. All of the characters have a darker style with square jaws and more masculine features.

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